Of anti-God group in Malawi and constitutional rights

For a long time, I have believed that Malawi is a Christian state but I regret to say that, Malawi is not a Christian state and it has never been. In fact the constitution does not state anything as such. If Malawi was a Christian state the constitutional preamble would have clearly indicated it i.e. Zambian constitution. The only status of our state as of Chapter I.1 of our constitution is “sovereign state” and neither indicates it as a Christian nor a secular state. In this case though Christians are the majority in the country do not make it a Christian state as per constitution. The unfortunate (fortunate to others), is that we have put much faith on the constitution than on God. Everything in Malawi is about what the constitution says other than what the word of God says, so how can we call that a Christian state.

Upon observation, you will notice that Malawi has embarked on a journey of promoting evil in the name of human rights. When the word of God is against something such as abortion, homosexuality, and atheism just to mention a few and is not supported by the constitution, it is criticised.

In Malawi people are beginning to put the constitution above religious faith. I know that people who call themselves atheists, there is no God and any religious book i.e. the Bible is just like any other piece of literature intended to regulate people’s behaviour. However, I have a problem with atheism and to date, I take it as a fallacy and its proponents are what I can call Satanists working against God’s will.

I believe that these people have a sense of a super being we call God but deliberately deny his existence to attain freedom from paying allegiance to Him in order to do evil the way they want and mislead many. If God does not exist, tell us, how did what exist come to exist before anything else existed? Note that while seeking for freedom Adam and Eve sinned and brought death to humanity. Every sin has its consequences and whether we like it or not all those promoting sin awaits the day of their judgement when the constitution will not defend them. There is no neutrality in humanity, it is either you are for God or the devil.

Secular Humanism leadrr in Malawi: Dr George Thindwa
Secular Humanism leadrr in Malawi: Dr George Thindwa

To Christians, what is happening nowadays is not strange because the Bible tells us about the events surrounding the end times but woe to those who fulfil them. 2 Timothy 3:1-5, says “But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last times, people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, …, ungrateful, unholy, …brutal, not lovers of good… lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, Have nothing to do with them.” Christians, note the advice “have nothing to do with them.” As it stands now, a real Christian should accept what is happening and agree that these are signs of end times and there is little or nothing we can do to rescue the situation. The little we can do is to intensify evangelism and pray for our country so that the devil does not devour many for the benefit of his kingdom.

Human rights organisations seem to always be irked when people are against evil things they call human rights. The recent incidence is when the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and the Centre for Development of People (CEDEP) spoke in support of registering anti-God group and be legally recognised which is as the same as promoting evil and competing with God. I wonder if there is anyone who is a Christian or religious in these two organisations.

My doubt is as a result of their use of the phrase, “we at CHRR and CEDEP” which would mean that everyone working with these two organisations is in support of what was written condemning the rejection of registration of Association for Secular Humanists (Ash).

The letter also stated, “To make matters even worse, HRCC … has followed suit in this undemocratic path….” According to CHRR and CEDEP, to reject registering Ash is making matters worse in the country. The questions is, isn’t forcing a minister or a head of HRCC to recognise anti-God group against their religious conviction violating their freedom of conscience and religious faith? Have we forgotten that these ministers took oath of office using the Bible meaning, it is sovereign to them and must above all, obey it? The fact that people are involved in many other sins does not justify one’s renunciation of his/her faith forcefully. I am not against Human Right Organisations, they do a commendable work but registering Ash is like fighting God who cannot be defeated but rather provoking his wrath upon our country.

Religious leaders have spoken against the evil of legalising homosexuality, abortion, commercial sex and others but what they get is a rebuke to shut up and stay away from state matters. I wonder why. Why should they stay away? Are they not citizens and have constitutional freedom of expression? What crime is there for religious leaders to speak out their views? Have we forgotten so quickly that the democratic rights we are abusing today were fearlessly fought by the same religious leaders in 1993/4? I believe this is not what these religious leaders fought for. What they needed was to get rid of dictatorship leadership of Kamuzu Banda and allow multiple parties to exist so that people may have leaders of their choice. It is very unfortunate to tell religious leaders to shut up now and call upon them when things go out of hand. Why do we need their prayers when there is hunger, natural disasters, border dispute and other dangers?

It is uncalled for to promote evil in the name of constitutional rights. Malawi is not the only democratic country, there are many others and not all are doing what Malawi is doing. We should also note that, the evil will neither become righteous because many people are doing it nor will what is righteous become evil because few are doing it. What is right will remain right and what is wrong will forever be wrong. Malawi should slow down in its human rights advocacy and put some sense in what to promote and what to condemn.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and will not be rich by promoting evil but by hard working and doing what is right. It looks like many Malawians are so desperate of alleviating poverty  but aid that comes by promoting sin will not make Malawi develop. After all there is no country in the world which is developed as a result of aid but hard working and creativity. The abuse of human rights in this country is tossing God’s anger to make our poverty situation even worse. Countries which have abused human rights have high immorality rate and crimes. Is that what we call freedom and what we need? No!

I think it is time to call for referendum to redefine the status of our state so that we do not take advantage of undefined state’s status. I don’t believe that democracy means everything goes. There are always limits. The same two Human rights organisations mentioned above noted when condemning what Peter Mutharika said about Lake Malawi dispute by saying that freedom of expression should have sensitivity.

My advice to the faith community is that “against all odds keep your faith and pray for fellow believers and our country as a whole. We do not need to defend God because He doesn’t need human defence. It doesn’t matter whether others believe or not, God exists.

*Robert Masikamu (Public Advisor)

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