Of indecent dressing in churches

Undoubtedly, it is amazing to see that some people are unwilling to dress properly at fellowship meetings or in Churches despite the weekly counselling and advice they get for dressing questionably.   We seem to be heading for a time when the Ministry of Education will have to include on its curriculum for primary schools, a subject that will teach boys and girls to dress properly.  This approach may probably help to redress the matter.

To substantiate this claim of questionable dressing, just look at the way some people dress during fellowships or Church services.  You immediately see that some people are certainly out of place by way of dressing.

Some Galileans dress as if they are going for a night party, an engagement ceremony or sporting event.  I unbelievably saw a man dressed in a T-Shirt written, I love the Devil. 

Additionally,  some male Galileans wear bare-muscle clothing which expose the un-washed armpits while some do kukhwefula thereby showing their inner cloths. I wonder why such male Galileans were not targeted by those who undressed women!  Or is it that the undressing was only meant for women?  Otherwise several men dress improperly as well in Galilee.

Just look at the ganyu boys in the Galilean towns, most of them take off their shirts due to hotness or due to sweating after carrying goods of customers.  Why were these men not targeted during the widely criticised act of undressing women?  Strangely, all this type of male improper dressing also ends up in the Galilean Churches.  Sad indeed!

Female Galileans as well have failed us in the way they dress during fellowship meetings or Church services.  Some wear very tight skirts with slits, or wear very tight trousers thereby leaving everybody wondering how it is possible to squeeze oneself in such small trousers!

No one knows how long it takes to wear such small trousers.  Some wear high-heeled shoes, enter Churches late and walk with their small skirts or trousers straight to the front pews and pass through all the congregation.  Instead of listening to the pastor preaching, one ends up looking at them and listening to their high heeled shoes.

Fellow Galileans, I agree that it is not right to impose a dress code neither on women nor on men but we are surely justified and right to point out the weakness of a bad dress code be it in a man or a woman.

This we do because we want to promote only those values that our children, grandchildren and the future Galileans can emulate as an example.  Clothing is a means of fostering decency and proper look. Whether we like it or not, fellow Galileans, it is an indisputable fact that the way one dresses shows his or her personality and convictions.  As they say, actions manifest nature.

What then is the right way to dress?  The right way is to dress modestly, Godly and in a way that does not offend other people.  We should not just uplift the right to freedom of dressing without equally promoting the responsibility to protect other people from offensive dressing.  After all every right goes with responsibility.

Conclusively, the Church is not a place for seeking self-attention through offensive dressing but is a place where our whole attention should be given to God.  Fellow Galileans, let us learn to dress modestly.

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