Our mission is to develop Malawi:   Read Mutharika’s full speech transcript at DPP Eastern Region Fundraising

I am delighted to be with you this afternoon. I have been looking forward to this fundraising luncheon for the Eastern Region. Finally, the day is here!

And congratulations for organising this wonderful event! Congratulations Eastern Region!

We are here because we believe in the DPP. The DPP is the Party with the best vision, and the best agenda for this country.

This is our time! The Almighty God has entrusted upon us the duty to develop this country. As a Party, we occupy a very important place in the history of our nation.

We have a very important job to do for this country. After many years, years of many Malawians suffering in poverty, it is our duty to develop this nation.

As I have said time and again, Malawi Congress Party came to end colonialism. The United Democratic Front came to bring democracy. The DPP has come to develop this country.

This is our time! This is our duty! This is our mission!

There is no question! Every reasonable Malawian agrees that we are developing the country. It is only people who choose to be blind who cannot see the development we are doing.

But let us remember! That we are in power on trust of the people. Let us serve the people well. We are in power because people trust that we can develop this country. Let us develop this country.

Therefore, I ask you all to be disciplined and responsible. We have made strides because we are a responsible and disciplined political Party!

We have delivered development. We are delivering development! And we will deliver more development. Every Malawian can see that!

But there can never be a Government without a political party. Government is delivering development because we the DPP are focused on developing Malawi. And we promised that in our manifesto.

We must make sure that the DPP continues to be united, disciplined and strong for us to deliver more development. That is what Malawians want.

I therefore want to thank all of you for your hard work to make the Party deliver development to the people of Malawi.

I want to thank you the people at branch, area, district, regional or national level for your commitment to the Party.

Everyone is important in this Party. Whether you are an ordinary member or in leadership position, we are all equal. We are all DPP.

Therefore, let us all respect one another. Let us respect the people we serve. Let us respect people of other political parties.

Above all, let us sacrifice for others. Let us sacrifice for the Party.

I therefore want to thank you all for the sacrifices you make for the Party everyday. And everyone should contribute to the Party in building the Party.

Some build the Party by sacrificing your financial resources. Others support by sacrificing your time.  We must all give what we have because we are the DPP!

Remember, it is not the President who makes the Party. I am not DPP! We are the Party! We are all the DPP. I am here because of you. And you are there because of me. We are one family.

And do not ask what the Party will do for you! Ask what you will do for the Party. Do not ask what the Party will give you because the Party is not a financial institution. The Party is not a bank. Ask what you will give to the Party!

But let us also learn to share because we are a family. Rich or poor, we all have something to share. We all have something to sacrifice!

And let us resolve to fight for each other. The failure of one is the failure of us all. The victory of one is the victory of us all.

As Elections approach, we will be attacked because they fear us. We will be castigated because we are doing better than they are doing. Stand firm with one another! Fight for one another!

Our detractors will target our leaders with smear propapanda. They want to smear us dirty because they are dirty in the heart. They want us to fail because they are failures.

They will want to destroy us because they are destructive. They can never be trusted with running any Government on earth.

They want us to stop running Government because they want to stop development. They will hate us because they hate development.

They want to destroy this Government just as they have destroyed their own political parties.

They want to fail Malawians as they have failed the governance of their own parties.

We should never be distracted by people who have no agenda for this country. Never listen to people who dislike us because they hate development.

As for us, we will hate nobody. We will wish nobody’s destruction. We have no enemy except poverty, disease and hunger!

Our war is not on any person! We declare war on hunger! We declare war on disease! We declare war on poverty! We declare war is on corruption.

They will try to make us look corrupt because they know we make every effort to run a clean Government.

They know we have turned around the economy from economic crisis to economic growth because of sound economic management. Our detractors know it well.

Whatever you will hear in the campaign to come, do not be shaken. Do not lose focus. Let us keep going.

Let us keep marching forward. Let them do their worst, and we the Mighty DPP will do our best. When everything is at its worst, we the Mighty DPP will be at our best.

Together, we will fight this war! Together, we will conquer. Together, we have come a long way. Together, we will go a long way.

They have tried to destroy us before. We proved to be indestructible.

They tried to stop us. But we are unstoppable.

They tried to break us. But we are unbreakable.

They tried to impeach us in Bingu’s time. They failed. And we survived!

They conspired against our former President. Bingu died. But DPP never died because we are the DPP.

We lost the Dreamer, but we never lost our Dream. The Dreamer died, but the Dream never died! They tried to take us out of Government. But we came back.

They tried to deny us the 2014 Election. But they failed.

We have been tried by an economic crisis. We fixed the economy!

We have been tried by floods, drought and hunger! We survived and prevailed!

For four years, they have tried to overthrow our Government by sponsoring demonstration after demonstration. But they failed. We survived every evil plot they hatched.

Traitors tried to steal the Party from us. They failed. They tried to spoil our Convention! They failed!

They will try to do everything to stop us from developing this country, but we will prevail.

We will prevail because our intentions are clean; because we mean well for this cause! And because all we want is to develop this country!

And with the Almighty God above, together, we are unshakable! We are unbreakable! We are unstoppable!

Together, we will march to the last mile victory!

I thank you!

May God Bless You All!

And God Bless Malawi!

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Andrew Molisha
Andrew Molisha
3 years ago

ok thats good

Andrew Molisha
Andrew Molisha
3 years ago

i hope sizimvekaso kuti mwatenga ndalama za mabungwe

3 years ago

No fundo. This clueless president

3 years ago

Without a regular and uninterrupted supply of electricity there can be no proper development. In this regard Mutharika is a complete failure. All his boasts about developing the country are meaningless and an insult to the intelligence of his people.

3 years ago


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