Peter Mutharika, DPP crucified at Goliati

In Boko Haram style, the DPP reared its ugly head again by causing the falling-out we saw at Goliati, in Thyolo.  Hopefully, this will not be a permanent fixture in the Thyolo–Mulanje enclave; irrespective of the chronic loathing the DPP gangsters who started the fray have against the Peoples Party.

People may be impassioned about their parties but let me emphasize here, that it is dangerous to capitulate to the lures and hypocrisy of calls for freedom and political tolerance by the DPP.

On one hand the DPP talks hands akimbo about peace and good fellowship and on the other; they fuel and stock the fires of political xenophobia.  There is a pattern of methodical criminality in this party beginning with the violence we are talking about, that erupted after the developmental rally that President Joyce Banda, conducted at Goliati, the home of the Mutharikas and the Sawerengeras.

Peter Mutharika: DPP leader  whose party is accusing of  thuggery
Peter Mutharika: DPP leader whose party is accusing of thuggery

The DPP proxies had no business attending that meeting if they knew that they were not going to take any criticism of their Party and its God Father sitting down.  They should have taken the cue from Peter Mutharika himself who got out of town without bidding farewell to TA Chimaliro, upon hearing that Amai was on her way to Goliati.

The failure by the DPP elders to discipline its followers by asking them not to disrupt proceedings at the rally is the main complication for the DPP leadership, to obtaining respect and nourishing the interests of the possible voters who are seating on the fence like the seven wise monkeys before they jump into the election frenzy.

By his own admission Edward Sawerengera told reporters that the Police who were also fatal victims of the skirmish are still investigating the matter.  Why he chose to jump the gun by singling out Health Minister Catherine Gotani Hara as the provocateur when she did not at any point mention the Mutharikas by name remains a mystery to anybody, PP and DPP alike. Catherine Gotani Hara was just exercising her freedom of expression.

Actually, there was a patriotic tone in Catherine Gotani Hara’s speech in which she emphasized Malawian interests in the Health Sector.  Moreover our structure of government expresses the democratic autonomy of Malawians, however hard some people may try to corrupt it and diminish that principle by promoting violence of the most savage order.

The DPP’s, dirty tactics of violence are primarily a usurpation of our authority as Malawi citizens.  Some may say that the DPP, MCP and the CSOs may or may not be buddies as they compete for the same positions of dominance in this country, but they are partners in the old-fashioned political campaigning.

The basic assertion by party contortionists that the DPP is the king of the Shire Highlands does not hold any water anymore, because the unprecedented generosity being displayed by Dr. Joyce Banda through her enviable execution of social functions that range from building houses for the poor, distributing livestock and maize to set them up for a good life has taken the whole country by storm.  This special relationship which the President has built and is nurturing and with its possible strategic political value, now a strategic disadvantage to the DPP, will go a long way to show Malawians that there is more to leadership than acquiring academic credentials and Green Cards in the diaspora.

The sickening persecution and hostility displayed by DPP mercenaries clearly demonstrates the lack of good leadership in the party which people have been harping about for the past decade or so.  I do not think that there is any moral case that the DPP can use to offset these acts of primitiveness.   Moreover, the discussion has been so widened in the media so that it is very unlikely that the DPP will come out smiling once the truth behind this incident has been uncovered by the Police.

Of course the DPP does not need a far-reaching marquee of opponents at the time when the demise of the late Bingu wa Mutharika, opened the Pandora’s Box and marked the end of the admiration the party was getting from some Malawians especially those from theThyolo-Mulanje reserve.  As of now the DPP establishment’s insider dialogue is not filtering through to the electorate thereby giving room to the Peoples’ Party to dominate the election portfolio with its economic transformation narrative.

The people enlisted to disrupt the Presidents Developmental Rally, are indeed the front guard of the Dr. Joyce Banda bashing consortium, charged with setting parameters for inciting lawlessness before and after May 20th 2014.  Now for failing to control its supporters, the DPP should take responsibility of the unnecessary deaths that occurred during and after the incident.

And for such reasons Peter Mutharika is a failure for he should have been the first to commiserate with the victims and to condemn such acts of savagery considering that they happened in his backyard.

Peter Mutharika runs the risk of rendering himself culpable of inciting violence, by using his silence and aloofness to reinforce his political idol worshippers to engage in such outrages if he does not do anything sensible about this incident.  His alliance with these people can be traced to the extensive congruency of comforts and mutual benefits they unreasonably predict if he wins the May 20 2014, Tripartite Elections.

Meanwhile, the MCP and the CSOs who align themselves with the DPP are cold on the matter.  To them it is business as usual and in their futility they think their rival, Dr. Joyce Banda has been slighted by these sordid events.  My advice to the DPP is that the MCP and the CSOs are not their allies, and they will never be; despite all of them trying to impact government policy in ways that are unfortunately damaging to Malawi and the DPP itself.

Surely, somebody in the DPP was behind the fracas at Goliati, and nobody should be using phony grounds of provocation to justify their partisan intentions to force a Peoples’ Party retreat from Thyolo—Mulanje enclave.  And it is so apparent that they effectively delegated the decision to the lawbreakers in the party to implement their unwelcome devices which they did to an anti-climax.

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