Powerful Ngoni chief tells CCAP church off over beer, polygamy: ‘Ngonis will continue to booze and marry’

The powerful Ngoni chief in the north, His Majesty Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa V, has minced no words but
lashed out at the Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP Church for stopping the Ngoni from taking beer and engaging in polygamy, warning the church it risks being kicked out of his kingdom.

Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa V defends Ngonis culture of beer and polygamy

Speaking in Mzimba, Chief Mbelwa said the Ngonis signed a memorandum of understanding with the first missionaries of the Free Church of Scotland, now the Livingstonia synod, to allow them drink beer and marry many wives.

“The church has no mandate whatsoever to interfere in our culture, beer and polygamy is our culture. I will not hesitate to expel you from my kingdom if you continue interfering in the culture of the Ngoni people,” said the youthful fifth Chief Mbelwa.

As he spoke, traditional leaders applauded him whilst others clapped hands in support but church officials, led by general secretary Reverend Levi Nyondo, walked out of the meeting in protest.

“This memorandum was not signed by me but by my forefathers. If you continue in interfering in our culture, I will sign another memorandum with another church and expel you from my area,” warned the chief looking undisturbed with the walk outs on him.

This is the first time that the church and the chief have fallen out as they have in the past worked closely in development and other areas.

The church has several development programs in the chief’s area in education, health, agriculture, water and others.

Church officials asked for more time before making a comment but the move by the chief is likely to draw mixed reactions from his subjects as it is a divisive issue.

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This Time Around Let the Ngonis try ISLAM that compromises their Culture by allowing Men to marry up to FOUR Wives. As for KACHASO, we will enlighten each other about it graduaaly, ni vya Nkhondo nthena yayi – SHASHA NDI MALEMBA a Uzimu but not Myths.


“Give to God what belongs to God and give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. ” You cannot serve two masters at once. If you know your culture or tradition doesn’t go with what the Bible says, then you’re free to live your circular life. Remember, there’s a judgement day and we will be judged by our actions.


Typical of the Mzimbas. Kukonda kuledzera ndinso kunyega too much.

angoni apaphata

Yalakwa….. Kodi ufumu umenewu bwanji? Bambo akenso ankangopanga zodukaa mutu paja musayiwale.


His argument is logical. After all, no woman is forced to marry a polygamous man nowadays. They get married at their on will. Thumbs up your highness. Let’s embrace our culture. Black consciousness on the move!

Old AP Munthali

Anthu masiku ano kumavutika ndi mfumu? Kuno ku town kulibe. Kumavutika ndi ngolongoliwas, lundu, lukwa? Not these days. Bola wa MRA.


Ufumu Want udze


That’s why mzimba is lagging behind in many things even nyinda zichaliko Ku mzimba kuno because the youths don’t care of themselves apart from beer drinking and having 2 wives and fail to support them as a result mwanakazi wakuwagundila waka

Real Nyondo

Rev Nyondo,pali ponse asokoneze basi….ku Boma,ku church,mu kingdom,….no doubt munyumba mwakenso

Donald Kilintoni

let those without sin cast the first stone!!

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