Prophet Bushiri comments on trending ipad video: Announces Mzuzu crusade

Leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering prophet Shepherd Bushiri has finally spoken out on the recent iPad video making rounds on social media in which it is alleged that he faked a miracle of “Capturing in the spirit realm.”

Prophet Bushiri: To hold Mzuzu miracle crusade

Prophet Bushiri: To hold Mzuzu miracle crusade

Speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times, Bushiri explained that he indeed performed the miracle before his congregation and millions of Prophetic Channel viewers.

“I have watched the video in mention and I must say I was not surprised when I saw this because to my understanding, this is happening when I have announced my conference in Mzuzu after years of absence for the fact that I have been ministering in South Africa.

“There are some people in Malawi who have never liked what I do and have always looked for a simple mistake out of all the great miracles that God is doing in our ministry. The bible makes it clear that a prophet is never honoured in the place of his origin,” said Bushiri.

Bushiri went on to say that he has all reason to announce that the video has been “tempered” just to discredit his name, saying it’s not a true reflection of what happened during the said service.

“Technology has advanced these days and people can do anything,” Bushiri said, adding: “If you do not know this fact, then you are underestimating the speed through which man is advancing. I conducted that service about three months ago. People watched it Live on Prophetic Channel and the service has been constantly rebroadcasted, there was no issue like what is being spread now.”

He continued: “I truly understand. These are battles of the spirit and not the fresh. At least those who understand the bible can relate to the issue at hand.”

Bushiri said: “The funny thing is that, this is happening now when I have just planned my biggest home coming. “

Quizzed to explain what critics have argued in the video which is viral on social media, Bushiri said he is not responsible for the material that is “tampered” but the original video is clear.

“We have the original video that we keep showing on Prophetic Channel which our media department will make available to you. If you compare the two, you will realise that the recent video going viral has been tempered with. I believe in God and He is elevating me. I have a position hence the opposition,” said the Man of God.

Nyasa Times’ quick observation on both videos showed a slight difference but asked for copies from Bushiri’s ministry so they can be uploaded and let people make their own judgement.

However, Bushiri went on to say he will not be distracted on his prophetic mission, stressing he will go deeper.

“As I said, this is not news to me. If you know very well, I have never had peace in Malawi and I have been fought from the beginning. There is nothing that I can do now because the people who made the video did not and cannot come forward to challenge the allegation with real identity, why? They know that they are fighting a lost battle.

“Am praying for them and my concern is not on my image, but that person who is weak in faith and has been affected by the video. I believe its high time for real Christians to show their loyalty to God by standing firm against the enemy. On Ephesians 6:12 the bible makes it clear that ‘For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places,” he said.

Bushiri continued: “The scripture makes it certain for us to understand that the power of the devil is so extensive that it is over all the nations of the earth. He can influence men in such a way that they are not even aware that they are being influenced towards evil. The devil relies on misinformation and stirs up our spirit. He can alter people’s attitudes by moving their reasoning processes towards satisfaction of the self. Am praying for everyone. That is what God called me to do and it’s the same God that will always see me through and keep on expanding our reach. The enemies of the kingdom are in trouble.

“ We will not give up and we will continue to preach the gospel and do miracles that the world has not seen or heard of.”

Meanwhile, Bushiri said he coming back to Malawi and will hold a miracle weekend in Mzuzu this month end.

“You have watched the video, now it’s your chance to watch me live and am geared up to uplift the name of the Lord through miracles that will transform your lives,” said Bushiri.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a Malawian born prophet ministering in South Africa under the Enlightened Christian Gathering. He is one of the first African prophets to perform great miracles.

Despite his alarming rise as a prophet in the world, he has constantly been fought and discredited especially in Malawi, a case that forced him to relocate to South Africa.


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nayang machobo

true man of god i dont doubt anything coz i believe

nayang machobo

major one is indeed a genuine man of god no doubt about that……..

keneilwe motshabi

Bushiri is truely the man of God.


Why is the emphasis on miracles?Can you not just save souls without performing miracles?

Elder francis kafumbwe
Elder francis kafumbwe
brothers n sisters if you limit God , u ll end up judging those who strong faith ! God said to those who believe they shall perform wonders more than what Jesus did!! So stay where u are with your little faith ! The same bible says it is difficult to please God if you dont have faith. You think God thinks the way you think , does things the way you do ???? I believe that God is a miracle worker , infact everything God does is a miracle! for you to be alive its a miracle from God.… Read more »
Amantle Brown
I do not not believe this because major 1 is not de first person to be critised and did bad things unto,i believe u r a man of God n sent to do de work of God into dis world…dey did it to many,but my prophet never give up..continue wit al de gud work…let who blv u blv u n those who dnt..we pray for dem for dey r still lost n cnt undrstnd how God do things….I was planning to visit the prophet n dis wnt change my mind…I pray dat God protect u n ur family as for… Read more »

Heeey,people leave Major One alone.If you don’t like what he does,stop watching his channel.Is that not simple?Just concentrate on your own prophets,churches or men of God you trust.We love him,after all you critisize all true men of God.Live it all to God.This man has made a major impact in people’s lives here and tha’swhat we need here


south Africa,africa and the whole world pls wake up, PROPHET SHERPHERD BUSHIRI is a true man of God


even he can temper with his own vedio


and he runs away from home cause of critics and seeks refuge were no one knows his real back ground


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