Prophet Mbewe dragged to court over sexual offences: Woman who he impregnated and baby died claims he is ‘Satanic’

Controversial Prophet David Mbewe, founder of his church Living Word Evangelist Church under Shalom Mount Valley Ministries, has been sued by a woman who claims he impregnated her after sexual assault.

Prophet Mbewe: Sued for sexual abuse

Ovixlexla Bunya: Drags Prophet Mbewe to court

The woman, Ovixlexla Bunya, has sought the legal services private practice lawyer Gift Katundu of Kita and Company law firm to claim damages for “a violation of her constitutional rights”.

According to the writs of summons served to Prophet Mbewe, the woman heard about the “spiritual wonders” of Mbewe a resident of Zomba Old Naisi near St Peters Lodge and wanted him to pray for his son.

Bunya found the Prophet who prayed for her son and took the phone contacts of her as he promised to send her “a holy candle” for her son.

The Prophet telephoned Bunya after a week asking her if they could be friends as he did not have many friends to talk to and that she accepted friendship “and nothing more.”

On 16 March 2017, Prophet Mbewe invited Bunya to Capital Hotel, where he was putting up, to assist him with a concept note on a television project to be submitted to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra).

The court documents say while on the course of discussing the concept, Prophet Mbewe “grabbed” Bunya and “threw her on the bed and forcibly had sex with her against her will.”

It has been claimed that by reason of the said sexual assault, Bunya got pregnant and on 27 September 2017 upon experiencing labour pains she reported to Kamuzu Central Hospital, Ethel Mutharika wing where she ended giving birth to a premature baby girl who eventually passed on.

According to Bunya, by having sex against her will, Prophet Mbewe violated her “right to dignity” as enshrined the Constitution of Malawi in Section 19 (1).

Her lawyers argue that Prophet Mbewe subjected the woman to “torture” and to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” contrary to Section 19 (3) of Malawi Constitution.

The summons were issues by the High Court dated 1 November 2017 and Prophet Mbewe is yet to  inform court if   he intends to contests the proceedings in a trial.

According to some witness statements seen by Nyasa Times, Bunya claims Prophet Mbewe is “Satanic” and that her sister also died mysterious because of him.

It was not independently verified if the witness statement is a sword affidavit.

Prophet Mbewe has not commented on the matter.

However, he is not new to controversy sexual offence; he was accused impregnating a wife to one of his flock which led to the breakdown of the flock’s marriage.

He was responsible for the pregnancy of one Belinda Chipala, former wife to Edwin Chipala in Blantyre.

Belinda has named her baby son ‘David’ and she held a splash baby welcoming party in the suburbs of Namiwawa which sources said was paid for by the Prophet.

When she was delivering her “miracle” boy, she was admitted at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital and the Prophet Mbewe’s mother was her guardian at the hospital where she was booked in a private room.

Bunya is a poet and a journalist who  once  worked with MBC Television as producer, presenter and reporter.

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This one was a girl. The very chizimba he has been looking for. He only bears boys. He was holding this girl at gun point. Tinamva kalekale this issues. Forced her in a marriage kumati he will wipe out her whole family. It started with her sister. I think this is why she has been quiet. Now it is the child. Akulu eh ululu was labour sipano ndikumunvetsa.


She reported in March. Immediately after the rape. Uyu has bribed people nonstop. State house nayo imamubakira akuti. From what I hear Mkazi wadutsa muzambiri and ali ndi evidence yovuta

You all should shut up. Your insults is the very same reason rape victims won’t speak out. I am sure these other women he trumped on amamusekelela. Apa Nde mwaputa olakwika. The way I know Ovie she will fight him till the end. She stands for the truth and what she believes in. Ndipo this prophet should stop with this stupid blackmailing crap. We all know Ovie has worked herself up to were she is. She makes her own money and unlike others doesn’t pretend to be who she is not. Very beautiful, humble, intelligent- very educated. Ndipo alibe chipongwe… Read more »

mukanakala inu kukanatani?

The woman is fake why waiting all this long to sue the prophet ? if it was rape the way she is stating why didn’t she report to police the same day she was raped ? was she waiting to find out if she was pregnant ? assume if the child was born could she have sued the prophet? why accepting an invitation of working on the project in a closed room just the two of them. Capital Hotel has gardens and lounges where they could have met and discussed the project or was the project all about sleeping with… Read more »

The reason might be prophet don’t want to take responsibility on any damage.


Ma Prophet angoti mbwee awa palibe wachilungamo. Azimayi osusukanu ndiye ZANU zimenezo. Ma propjet ena kumachita kukhala ndi ma body guard. Matsiku ostsirizadi eeeh.

Dan luhanga

Prophet mu court basi, malemu Izeki ananenakale kuti nayeso ndi munthu amadya. Kkkkkkkkkk David Mbewe akayankhe anadikulila pamwamba pa Ovi Bunya. Prophet opusa akapezeka olakwa amagidwe anzake atengere phunziro


This story looks very funny! Not to degrade a woman, this girl in her senses went to see a guy who had asked to be a friend and she said yes in his hotel room—za ma strings izi bodza ili—analora chibwezi! So the concept was katundu!Don’t waste time! Get to work and make real money, not this black mail business! Men will come and use you! How many will you swindle my dear sister? Osachititsa manyazi makolo! Sinthani


Please do not turnish the good image of the annoited man of God ok if this is true why did you chose to remain quiet until birth of the child? If you want money then you can just beg him with a humble heart. What you are planning to do hear is to just to steal from the man of God by using false accusessions which never happened. Now listen if this is not true then God will will punish you accordinly unless you repent.

chaione wawo

No good image here. No man of God here. the sex happened though i doubt the rape tag. It was consensual and she cant win the case I bet. But do not tell me “the man of God” crap


I think this woman was in affair with the prophet. Musamuipisire prophet dzina ku hotel ku room mumasatako chiyani.? Where were you all this time. You kept quite. Ndikanakhala prophet Mbewe ndikanapita opanda lawyer nkhani yowina kale iyi

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