Malawi is now the hell of Africa not warm heart, says MCP MP

Mchinji North East member of Parliament (MP) Alex Chitete  (Malawi Congress Party –MCP) courted controversy in Parliament when he referred Malawi as  “hell” and not its  standing as the Warm Heart of Africa.

MP Chitete:  Malawi is now a hell of Africa

The country markets itself as the Warm Heart of Africa but it has been subject of depressing news such as  rampant corruption; attacks on people with albinism; indifferent public protectors; worsening poverty electricity blackouts; and numerous girls marrying too young.

Chitete told the House that Malawi is now “a hell” of a country.

“I want to ask this august House if Malawi is still the Warm Heart of Africa? I suppose this House will say no, Malawi is now a hell of Africa,” said Chitete.

But  Karonga North MP  Vincent Ghambi stood on a point of order to querry the statement.

First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka-Chilenje said the legislator should take note that “Malawi is the Warm Heart of Africa.  Malawi is not a hell of Africa.”

Chitete, however, insisted to give a definition of a hell.

“A  hell by definition is unholy place where persistent darkness is perpetually normal.  (So, what is the difference between Malawi and hell?,” he said attracting laugher from members.

The First Deputy Speaker: I already made a ruling on that one. Point of order, Honourable Member for Blantyre West.

Blantyre West MP Peter Kumpalume  added his voice to the issues , he said: “We have grown up as Christians and what we know is that those people that do bad things will burn in hell.

“Now the Honourable Member for Mchinji North East is bringing in new teachings in this House, saying that there is darkness and not fire in hell.  Madam First Deputy Speaker, which is which?”

In her comment, Chilenje said that is “biblical and spiritual” and she had ruled Chitete out of order.

“Everybody knows that Malawi is a peaceful country and it is the Warm Heart of Africa.  That is what we are known by everywhere on earth. So we cannot change the slogan for Malawi in this House. Malawi is the Warm Heart of Africa,” said the first deputy speaker.


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Mudzi abibi ku Area 18
Mudzi abibi ku Area 18

Malawi ndi ng’anjo ya Moto. Palibe chikuyenda, it’s hell on earth!


Cheap politics where are you? Can you stay in hell? If u dont have business just close your mouth the better! We all as Malawians need concerted efforts to develop our country.


Mukakhala ndi business ndi timasiliver ndiyrme mukumadziva kt mwafikapo. Munthu wopanda nzeru, you will lose double.stupid


Malawi was warm heart of africa during Kamuzu era not anthu opanda manowa ayi…this is hell of Africa…

Douglas Ndindi
A place does not qualify to be warm just because someone or some people say it is warm. It is the atmosphere that makes a place warm, cold or hot. Those who are saying that our country has been known as the Warm Heart of Africa for a long time are right. But then, is that a good reason for continuing to call it so? Let’s face it, the situation has changed, life is now very hard and unbearable, and this is the basis for the honourable MP saying that it is no longer warm. Is that difficult to understand?… Read more »

He’s right: with long powercuts, warmth has gone. With expensive visas, Malawi is not welcoming tourists and their spending power with warmth.

Binnwell Kachikopa

Truth pains, mmalo moti a Mcheka Chilenje avomereze kuti now now Malawi is hell of Africa, afuna asangalatse mabwana awo those poor thinking dull dpp leaders who are cashgated and infested with subjective poverty. Let Mcheka Chilenje know DPP IS A WALKING DEVIL THAT NEEDS TOTAL DESTRUCTION,

Simeon Mkwembe

Kumpalume nanu nokha simukuona kt Malawi yafika pa hell.munthu wanzeru angabe ndalama za Chimanga choti kwathu ku Chikuli tigure mosavutikora? Tiyeni munthu akamanena Chilungamo kumavomereza.Chitete ulemu wako talandira mwapandera.

Nganiza Muthulika

To be warm heart is to be kind, humanity that we are not. Killing albinos have sent a bad sign to the world. Rapes are very high in Malawi. Christianity is just plastic. Corruption is now know everywhere that Malawi is most corrupted poor nation. How can we call warm heart. Those values were there during Kamuzu. We are cheating ourselves that we are warm heart of Africa. Travel within Africa and say u are a Malawian u will hear What they will say.


DPP has made Malawi to become ‘the hell’ of Africa, poverty all over, no electricity – anthu akumadabwa kuti magetsi ayaka, corruption etc countries that have been at war like Luanda are better off than us, DPP woye!!!!

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