MP Kalindo says ‘don’t tolerate amwenye to punish poor Malawians’: Irked with ‘State capture’

Mulanje South lawmaker Bon Kalindo  for the governing  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has said Malawi Parliament should be vigilant against Asian business community from abusing local citizens.

Kalindo: One day we will wake up as if we are watching a movies that Malawi has been taken by Indians

Kalindo, who is also a comedian popularly known by his stage name Winiko, said this in the House regarding the court order that Transglobe Limited issued to Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Irrigation chairperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga.

“As Parliament, we should not tolerate this. We should not allow amwenye to punish poor Malawians. This is dangerous, Mr Speaker, Sir,” said Kalindo and attracted applause from the backbenchers.

Parliamentary proceedings were suspended last week, following a request by MPs to have the Business Committee discuss the way forward on the court order.

“If we are to allow this to continue, one day we will wake up as if we are watching a movie. As if we are watching Zee World or as if we are watching trailers that this country has been taken by those Indians. This is our country and that behaviour must be stopped immediately,” he said.

Speaker of Palriament Richard Msowoya ordered Kalindo to remove the word ‘Indians’ in his speech.

But Kalindo wondered: “Is this not true? “

He then bowed down to remove the word “Indians”.

Continued Kalindo: “We should not allow some business people to punish poor Malawians. This is uncalled for. This is our country and the ones who are supposed to enjoy in this country are Malawians.

“I am looking for a day when someone is going to wake up and have a motion that all Malawian business people should benefit from the FISP (Farm Input Subisdy Programme) and not anyone else. This must be stopped and not be tolerated. “

The comedian-cum-politician said: “I am angry!” And wondered why the  Speaker was  looking at him while smiling.

Msowoya said Kalindo was contravening a Standing Order.

“You do not reflect on the Chair,” he said.

The case between Transglobe Export Produce and Malunga was expected to be heard last Friday, but Msowoya told the House that it was adjourned because the applicant approached Parliament with a view of exploring ways of resolving the matter amicably.

He said  the House will be informed of any further developments concerning this case.

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Eagle Eyed
Let’s not fool anyone here please. It would be a blessing in disguise if what iddi ameen did in Uganda were to happen in Malawi. Let me share a story with you. A former ambassador to the U.N in Kamuzu’s time walked in to a office a few years ago. He said “we are discussing and talking in parliament on how to get rid of you Indians from Malawi” In which the reply was short and simple “sir if you succeeded it would be a blessing in disguise” The boasting former ambassador asked “how?” The reply he got would stick… Read more »

This is a very racialist comment by an MP.
Most of us asians, are honest, hardworking and extremely tolerant people. Born in Malawi, we also consider this as our country.
If our workers cry for us, when we are sick. How could they do so if we are not keeping them nicely.
Not all of us “mwenyes” are the same.
The colonialist ill treated not only you, we asians were also ill treated.
If I as an asian, spoke like him, I would be in jail. Is this fair treatment?


Winiko is right amene ananyengapo mwenye apa ndi ndani? Am surprised
akuti nawo ndi aMalawi


Anthu achimwenyewa ndi pofunika kuchenjera nao, akunena Honorable Kalindo ndizoona. Anthuwa akuti user kwambiri komaso dziko lanthu la Malawi. Kuno ku Malawi sakupanga zitukuko, ma 5 star Hotel akumanga mayiko a kwao ngati ku India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lebanon. Pomwe kuno akumanga ma factory ndi ma shop kuti azitolera. Ndikumawalipila Amalawi ndalama yochepa. Ndi pofunika tipange kathu

Bristone Mabichi

It is just unfortunate that Idi Amin crossed the line but when dealing with Asians he was right on the spot. These greedy politicians are destroying the future of our children. What are we investing for the next generation? The other is the Chinese which are being off loaded to Malawi. What type of a future are we preparing for our children? Viva!! Viva Kalindo. Continue the noble task and may be we may salvage a thing for the future. Kalindo, go go go!!!!


Ndipofunika kuunika bwino za anthu amenewa, zitukuko zambiri amapanga kunja. Kuno ndi ma factory basi ndikumatilipila tima change. Ma 5 star hotel akumanga kwao ku Pakistan, India, Lebanon and UK. Malawi akungomugwilitsa ntchito basi. Rise up Malawi. Honorable Kalindo you’re a God giving creature.


Kodi xeno paja timatani!!???


KUYANKHULA MWA NZERU UKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simeon Mkwembe

Zoona Wolemekezeka anthu tikuvutika ndi Amwenye.


Some very few individuals in DPP who are for Malawi. Bon this is your calling and keep it up and God is on your side.


aMalawi ndi anthu aulesi kwambiri

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