SA-based law professor Danwood Chirwa humbled by Chakwera’s positive acknowledgement

Just when Malawians thought their Head of State is kept in the dark of public criticisms of his administration or that he deliberately chooses to just blatantly ignore, President Lazarus Chakwera has taken aback one of his fierce critic, South Africa- based law professor, Danwood Chirwa.
Prof. Chirwa wrote on Facebook where he usually posts — with vehement passion — matters of Malawian public interest that he was deeply appreciative of Chakwera’s “generosity and kind words” after the President noted and agreed with a comment he made recently.
“Someone wise has told me that it is rare in Africa for a President to acknowledge and agree with a critic,” he said. “And so I must note my profound appreciation without qualification.

Prof. Danwood Chirwa, a South Africa-based law expert
“We must continue to contribute in our respective roles. That’s the only way we can make our country better.”
In his speech in Mangochi, after handing over staff houses to Malawi Police Service officers to ensure decent accommodation to the men and women in uniform, Chakwera made special mention of Prof. Chirwa following a media interview he had.
He said: “The other day, one of Malawi’s finest minds, Prof. Danwood Chirwa, who head the faculty of Law at Africa’s top university, was asked in an interview to name one thing that has hundred Malawi from making progress over the years.
“And without hesitation, the Professor said that Malawi’s biggest obstacle is too many people who simply do not do their jobs, or who are given jobs they fail to do, and who face no consequences for failing to do their jobs
“I agree with this diagnosis. That is why I recently appointed a new Secretary to the President and Cabinet to lay a strong foundation of public service excellence based on performance and results.
“Even at Cabinet level, or in public institutions, or at statutory corporations, or in foreign missions, or in my own office, no one who is directly appointed by me should think that they will keep their job simply because of their tribe or religion of origin, or because they are popular on social media, or because they belong to MCP or a Tonse Alliance party, or because of their gender, or because they hold a seat in Parliament with a vocal constituency.
“My only mission is to serve Malawians, and so I will not keep anyone I have appointed to a position of service when it becomes clear that they are failing to do their job and failing to produce the results I promised to deliver to Malawians.
“So if you have been appointed to any public office by me, ask yourself this question today and every day: Is there someone who can do my job better than I am doing it now?”
Followers of Prof. Chirwa swiftly responded to his statement, applauding him for his constant voicing out of the main social ills the country faces on daily basis
One commentator said: “Constructive criticism should be taken for what it is — ‘constructive’ with Richard Mbewe agreeing, saying: “Constructive and well meaning criticism is easily noticed by the subject. And indeed without qualification, let’s build Malawi.”
Jones Mawerenga applauded Prof. Chirwa by asking him to “keep on doing the great work to the benefit of Malawi and to the chagrin of some praise singers” while Gaopalelwe Mathiba said: “Talk about IMPACT! Your forever constructive critic on Malawian government on this platform reaches the ears you’d never imagine, Prof.”
Chimwemwe Kamanga opined that “it is good that the President can listen to voices of reason. Keep up the work, Prof.” with Malumbo Chirwa asserting that “Chakwera is a rare breed of President”.
The consensus is that “Malawi is blessed to have a listening leader” and one of our sources, who declined to be named said true to that the President has a listening ear, “there are several occasions that Chakwera had made some decisions following some fierce debate on social media that sought for his decisive action”.
“This reflects that Chakwera might indeed be following up what’s being said on the ground on his own and not what his inner circle would love him to see or read.
“Indeed, kudos to Chakwera for acknowledging that he does listen to the constructive criticism from Prof. Danwood Chirwa — and indeed from many other voices, whose intention is to have a better Malawi — ‘Malawi okomera aliyense’ as the President says all the time,” said our source.

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