Seek Him for who He is and not what He can do

I have noticed that most people are not seeking a relationship with our heavenly father but instead desire to receive from Him. Yes, it is true that our God is a blessing God, but he desires that relationship with you. This is what is making most people end up following mere people instead of seeking our Heavenly Father.jesus bible

If you look in the Bible, the times that the children of Israel had gone away from God, the result was famine, diseases, and defeat at wars. On the opposite side, when they had repented and gone back to God, God always blessed them and they never lacked anything. If you look at most of the prayers that were prayed to repent their sins so that God could forgive them, you will notice that they never asked for anything to be provided to them. Look at Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9; Daniel included himself in his confession of wrongdoing. It was actually admitting that they had sinned, and seek God to forgive their sins, and get close to them again.

Why has it become so had these days to just pray to God, and worship Him for Who He is without asking for anything. Of course the bible tells us to ask but this should not be our focus. Our focus should be to know and get close to God as the Bible tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto us.

If we start looking for miracles more than seeking Him, then it is going to be very had and we may not even receive but we will eventually keep moving from one preacher to another as these preachers will look like a solution to your problems with their false prophesies about your life. I have read the bible from Genesis to Revelation but I have never seen where Jesus had to tell people even the positions of furniture in their houses.

A prophecy should build those that are receiving it. What does furniture have to do with the Spiritual lives of children of God. If Jesus told the woman at the well that she had many men and even the man that she was living with was not hers, He was trying to correct the woman not just telling the woman things that will not build her up.

People understand that these are the last days and so many preachers are out there but very few are saving the true God. That is why you see that there is an increase in prosperity messages than there is on helping people grow and build their relationship with God. Jesus said in Mathew 25:5 that many shall come in my Name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

There are many claiming to be doing the work of God, but very few are actually saving our true God. If you have the Spirit of God inside of you, it is so easy to know whether you are following a preacher sent by God all one of those preachers that trying to just weaken the body of Christ to an extent that people can no longer pray.

Remember that the devil is also very busy at this time working to destroy the church. You will not see a devil coming to you with a laud voice that;”NOW I GOT YOU”. It is through the same people that we have trusted our lives with us pastors, bishops, papas, or whatever name you are calling them that the enemy is fighting at God’s children.

Learn to seek God yourself for He has promised that He will answer the prayers of those that seek Him day and night. It does not exclude anybody; neither does it select certain people. The only condition is to seek Him with all your heart and not dwell much on what He is able to do.

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5 years ago

Amen Cindy..A word in season!!!

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