Tell us the truth Mr President, why run away from Malawi live TV debates? 

Tell us that you are both not good at debating and probably not good at public speaking.

Cartoon by Ralph Mawera, NPL

It is no longer a secret that both President Peter Mutharika and his running mate Everton Chimulirenji are not attending the much awaited debates that Malawi is expecting today and the presidential debate that is fast approaching.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Greizelder  Geoffrey in an official communication from the party said DPP find these debates useless and not important and they cannot participate  presidential running mate debate and so are the future presidential debates.

Of course everyone knows  what the DPP mean when they say they have other method of delivering their messages to Malawians.

They have a public radio which they abuse and parading anyone who choose to preach good news about the DPP for a cost.

However, they miss the fact that this radio is now popular among themselves. That way it’s like they spend a lot of resources campaigning to themselves which is useless.’

Reading the press release from DPP, I said wow these guys are a piece of work, cause the only thing different in the memo is the date and the signature but it’s the very same content that was released in 2014.

But what they are missing is that they won with 37% of the total votes and Chilima was on their side. UTM was just a myth.

What bothers me is a question on, what is the real reason APM and his deputy decides to shun the debates which could have at least be used to their advantage to prove others wrong?

For two weeks now the Zodiak radio together with other stakeholders has been holding debates where parties send their representatives. Ironically DPP field their representatives in all these SDGs debates.

If they have other ways of sending their messages to the voters, why do they find these other debates important that they patronise all the debates that are set. So why not with the Chimulirenji guy?

I think the main reason for the DPP refusal to these debates is that the President can’t stand for over a period of  two  hours in one place without being attended to.

While for Chimulirenji the problem is that he cannot stand the heat with his poor English language, incompetence and  lack of composure which can throw the DPP into the bottomless pit.

The DPP perhaps is party on the verge of collapsing many people are clinging to it to make sure that they milk it dry and and leave it stinking empty.

Mr President I would love if you and your party, stop taking us for granted. We have questions  that needs your answers. We have seen foreign leaders attending debates, attending parliament and attending to people’s calls. How special is our president to refuse any of these important calls?

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gwenenthe mwale
gwenenthe mwale

vuma wasakala by the late oliver ‘tuku’ mtukudzi


Zigonani agogo ku state house ko………..anthu asakukakamizeni debate yo, za achinyamata izizi. Mukayankhako chani? You have miserably failed us Malawians, its ok, wokamuvotera ife tikumudziwa kale.

Poverty die die

Stupid president ans his vice. Empty tins


indeed he cant stand for 2 hours


Surely a Professor of Law should be sufficiently able and confident enough to take part in a debate. What is the President afraid of? His command of English should be good enough, so it can only be that he is afraid of the questions. He is at a loss as to how he would set about defending his record after five years in office. The country is in a mess, and he knows it. His tank is empty and he has no answers.


this is true Mr president is not showing us the hope that they can withstand the heat from poor people who have more question to ask them

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