Trapence earns ‘Julius Malema’ title in Malawi for fearlessness

Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) executive director, Gift Trapence, earned a heroic stint and was christened the ‘Julius Malema of Malawi’ for relentlessly showcasing courage throughout the nationwide demonstrations over the K4 billion scam on Friday.

Right activist Gift Trapence with the petition on his way to deliver at Capital Hill as Deputy Inspector of General of Police Duncan Mwapasa walks with him

Malema is a Member of Parliament and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a far-left and racial nationalist South African political party, which he founded in July 2013.

He is known for his courage and fearlessness in fighting for the voiceless and the underprivileged

CEDEP collaboratively organized the protests, that among others want Ministers Kondwani Nankhumwa and Goodall Gondwe to step down immediately for their dubious involvement in the scam, with Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Youth and Society (YAS).

At Mchesi, where the protests began from, Trapence was a hero among the youths who formed a large number of the protesters for speaking boldly about issues affecting the youth included in the 10-point petition.

“We’re tired of joblessness! We must be heard and that will be done today! We must show them that we are frustrated and we want them to look into our issues with seriousness or they must go,” a determined Trapence amidst great handclapping.

Trapence, who comes from the southern region himself, spoke boldly against nepotism and ‘Lhomwelisation of Malawi.’

Lhomwe is President Peter Mutharika tribe which enjoys most of the national cake.

According to Trapence, Malawi “should belong to us all” and not just some tribe or region.

Detained by police?

At around Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) where the protesters faced police intimidation and resistance, Trapence spent close to an hour in a closed meeting with members of the police service led by deputy inspector general of police, Duncan Mwapasa, and some government officials at Lilongwe Civic Offices.

Protesters feared that Trapence had been arrested, based on earlier speculations.

Joseph Gondwe, a human rights defender, staff from CHRR and Rodgers Newa, a rights activist tried to force their way in but could not because of heavy police absence.

But a smiling and focused Trapence came out of the meeting—after about an hour—to the excitement of all the protesters.

He walked down from the Civic Offices a hero with Mwapasa on his left, petition and letter of clearance to get to Capital Hill in hand.

Almost everyone wanted to touch his hand or hug him, but Trapence was well protected by protesters that had volunteered to provide his security detail.

“I think he has done a great job. They have done a great job. I can only describe them as our Julius Malemas of Malawi,” said Gilbert Botha, a businessman and entrepreneur in the city.

Trapence told Nyasa Times after the petition was delivered that he was glad that Malawians had turned up in large numbers.

“Our role is to sensitize and mobilize. It is up to the citizens to take it up or not; and, I am happy that Malawians have noticed for themselves that things are not on in this country,” said Trapence.

Clad in red and black attire, scores of marchers started off from the high density area of Mchesi, passed along Kamuzu Central Hospital and proceeded into the City Centre.


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winston msowoya

I would like to apologise to our readers for the typographic error I have made.Instead of 600 M Rands i have put 600 Rands.

winston msowoya
Kanundu,please get educated.Malema is not a man of the people.Why Malawians are easily carried out by unsubstantiated occurances? Malema,in the first place,never went to school,he was just among the roaming TSOTSIS in the precincts of Soweto doing all sorts of brutal things.He is a rogue of rogues,he does not know politics,what he knows is violence and deceipt.He has been fired from the ANC because of his untrustworthy.He stole 600 Rands that he used to build a personal bungalow.Right now,he has completely lost trust from South Africans when he declared that Nelson Mandela betrayed South Africa and Africa as a whole.For… Read more »

Mwasuta kanundu eti? Trapence cannot match Julius Malema. Malema is a man of the people.

Mas ter

Chindele Trapezi pala uli.namahala kimile kwanyoko u president tione.pala ungawina mahala ulije iwe namunyako Timothy Mtambo vi nkunku .l

which malema ? is malema a gay rights activist ? csos may tell u that the demostrations were a success just to cover the evil plans they had . by insisting to enter capital hil they wanted to trickly take over government . u wil agree that by advertising vigorously on one of the local radios for almost the whole month they thought the whole nation would join them in this useless . amaona ngati a times akamapanganso live coverage anthu aledzera ndi mzimu waziwawa kepanako mdziko muno nkuyambika ziwawa . inutu mungolimbana ndi campaign 2019 ndipomwe zidzadziwike ngati boma… Read more »
“Our role is to sensitize and mobilize. It is up to citizens to take it or not,” well said Mr Trapence. Now I think umunthu wabwereramo. Now let me give you a piece of advice. 1. Don’t take these issues personal coz you are not the only people who are experiencing the same. Find better ways to express your concerns. 2. If you are a true activist, you should have known about conflict management. Wars do not solve problems. They only aggravate the situation. Contact and dialogue is the key. Learn from what is happening with South and North Korea.… Read more »
Chriss Phiri

DiPiPiiiii Manyazani bwanji …pamenepa Koma Trapence ndi deal you even convinced the whole police to join and demonstrate….. Dausi and the team plese fire the police officers who fearlessly joined the demonstration.. hahah Mwapasa umakhwana ….


Well done Malawi!!!! Power is too sweet to let go hence we must commit to give up something of substance to get it back. See Genesis 27 verse 40.

Presidents, political parties and councilors are elected into power through the ballot box. 10 million eligible voters (or 7.5 million registered voters), will determine who the president of Malawi will be, which party rules Malawi and who the councillors will be. Unfortunately for us is that the 7.5 million registered voters, who will seal the fate of the rest of Malawians, have been social- engineered to obey and therefore manipulatable…..these are not critical thinkers. The colonialists and then post- independence political parties have bred children whose development is highly impaired. It started from hospitals, where we all were born, to… Read more »

Another wrong comparison. Julius Malema is an ideologue with strong views and clear goals. Trapeze is a confused opportunist who does not have a cause.

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