We need to get rid of those infected with China killer virus

I just saw BBC news reporting that China is asking Chinese court to grant an injunction for the government to kill over 20,000 infected people of CoronaVirus. I have been contemplating and my internal conflict is based on either moral or religious grounds.

Malawian student returning American citizens potentially at risk will be quarantined.

Morally or religiously, one would be considered a heartless or an agent of the devil to node to a killing of people which in this case amounts to genocide. This article however argues Chinese court and other affected countries to slaughter the victims of this pandemic to save the world.

According to reports, it is said that the spread of this infection is at an alarming rate like never before in the history of the world. It is also reported that the death rate is shocking and the treatment to the disease is up to date in vain.

This invites the world attention, for the infection has already reached more than 20 countries across the world according to BBC report.

Here is the question of urgency: should we embrace moral or religious values to see the human race into extinction or we justify the killing of not more than 40,000 victims to save billions of people?

This is not for the faint hearted individuals. This demands Bold hearts and allow the killing of the victims to curtail the pandemic.

Good people, it should not be spoken in rhetoric that we are not more than mare animals who suffer similar pandemic in one time or another. Most effective preventive approaches, so far, I remember we use to deal with such problems is to slaughter and burry the infected animals to save non-infected ones.

This approach may sound weird when discussing human fatal outbreaks for we value human life above anything else plus the fundamental human rights that every individual is entitled to enjoy, which among others, include right to life.

I am however of the liberal view that we support the killing of all infected individuals to save the human race from this deadly Coronavirus.

Such scenarios have for so many times happened in our history. When someone is facing unjustified attack, the law grants remedy that everyone has a right to act in self-defense. Self-defense is a legal justification to cause harm or death to someone who creates a threat to your life or property without proper justification.

I understand that this thinking being on a large mass of people will be difficult to be comprehended by many people on either moral or religious values as I have already alluded above.

Although there can be a commotion of reactions from the above thinking, we should however be aware that even if these victims are allowed to enjoy their right to life, the chances for survival from this infection is unpredictable. They will however die anyway but having infected another dosen of thousands of innocent people.

It is of this reason that I see merit in the call for justified killing of the victims wherever possible as Chinese government is demanding from their judiciary.

Just as it was in the case of conjoint twins where one weaker child was surviving on the circulatory system of the stronger twin. It came to be known that leaving both of them to co-exist would lead into dual death. The court held that the stronger twin was facing unjustified attack from the weaker twin. It was on this basis that the court ordered the death of a weaker twin to save the stronger one.

In our case, it is evident from the medical experts that the pathogen has no cure at present. It’s infectious rate is however pausing unjustified threat to the human race on this universe. It is of this reason that I find reasonable stand to call for mass destruction of all infected people to curtail the pandemic

It’s either the infected people are dealt with and buried or we risk going extinct as a human race.

  • The writer is a second year law student at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

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2 years ago

The writer of this article and those who proposed the killing of people already infected with the coronavirus are a people without humanity, full of selfishness. Would you kill yourself if you find out that the virus is already in you? Do you think they are guilty by the fact that they are infected with the virus? Think as humans for once. Instead focus your energies on researching for treatment.

2 years ago

It is a very debatable subject . You have put a strong case for why basically execution of the people with corona virus should go ahead in your liberal stand. But most people will look at it a a moral and humane eye of thinking. Would you say the same for people infected with Ebola though? Is this because the mainly infected are Chinese and not Africans that you stand with a liberal view point of mass extermination of a said people with corona virus? A vaccine has been found for the corona virus it is in its earliest stage… Read more »

H E Nyaphapi One
2 years ago

The human race does not need jane ansah. I totally agree with you.

2 years ago

Much as there could be good motive behind this mass killing, we should understand that the disease is airborne. Has Chinese government considered what it will do to the viruses that may still be floating in the air?

That aside, if this is implemented, I believe the virus will spread even faster because it will make infected people afraid to go to hospitals, thereby spreading the lethal virus back home where quarantine may not be in place.

Stephen Mbalule
2 years ago

God says thou shalt not kill. Killing people will not save the situation because the virus emerged from animals. Are we going to kill all animals too? I don’t think so.

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