When loyalty is a crime, a case of Malawi Presidential aide

There have been stories, accusations, gossip, debate you name it concerning the Presidential Aides. The accusations which are made especially on the social network and some online publications range from Presidential aides calling the shots, forming a ring fence around the Presidency, blocking others from contributing, among others. This article intends to discuss the substance or lack thereof in such stories and accusations by exploring the concept and principle of loyalty.

Mutharika being protected from a swarm of bees during voting day last May: There will be first annivesary celebration on this innit

Loyal aides shields Mutharika from a swarm of bees during voting day last May:

For a start, loyalty can be described in many ways but generally common explanations include; a state of faithfulness to commitments or obligations; faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause etc; a virtue and basic moral principle from which all other principles can be derived.

Loyalty is the willing, practical and thoroughgoing devotion of a person to a cause. It is thoroughgoing in that it is not merely a casual interest but a wholehearted commitment to a cause. This article does not intend to look at the academic dimensions of loyalty rather it explores the concept of loyalty from an application perspective, with a view to giving an insight in reference to the Presidential Aide that is Ben Phiri.

Before getting into the intricacies of the subject at hand, it would be helpful, if we can also refresh each other on the characteristics of a loyal person, as it will help the readers to relate the issues objectively.

While the article may not be exhaustive enough on the characteristics of a loyal person, the following few characteristics can do the trick. A loyal person is honest and kind; he/she defends your honour when you are not around to do it for yourself; accepts you wholeheartedly while looking past your flaws; tries to find the humour in things even when you can’t; won’t stab you in the back when you are down; won’t take advantage and exploit you for your good qualities while you are feeling defeated; does not spread rumours or share false or misleading information about you; treats you the way they like being treated; among others.

Put simply, a loyal person is always there for you, irrespective of your situation and circumstances. Now, come to think of the various accusations that have been directly or indirectly targeted at the Special Assistant to the President, Ben Phiri, that he is the one calling the shots, that he is forming a ring fence around the President, and even ridiculously labelling him the ‘Prime Minister’, and worse still even claiming that he is harbouring presidential ambitions!!

However, contrary, to these accusations, many, the author inclusive, know that Ben Phiri is a man of virtue, he is a loyal person, one who remained loyal to Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, during good, bad and tough times. He sacrificed everything including, putting his life in danger, because he believed in the cause advanced by the Professor.

He faced a lot of temptations, some so tempting that most of us would have chosen to betray the Professor, but he remained steadfast. He worked hard to ensure the Professor achieved his plans. While, the author may not claim to know Ben Phiri personally, one thing, the author is pretty sure is that Ben Phiri is a loyal person that every person, let alone every leader, would want to have around.

Besides, if readers critically look at the characteristics of a loyal person as shared in this article, Ben Phiri, scores exceptionally in those characteristics and many more that the article may not have covered.

This means if we are to objectively assess Ben Phiri, one is left wondering as to whether, it should therefore surprise anyone, that His Excellency, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, chose to maintain him as his Special Personal Assistant. One is left to wonder further, the basis of the unfounded accusations, being directed at Ben Phiri today, let alone faulting the Presidents’ leadership skills, because he has chosen to work with one of his trusted aides.

Once again, while the author, does not intend to claim knowing Ben Phiri, personally, he wishes to submit without any iota of fear of contradiction that Ben is such a loyal person, one who sacrificed a lot, one who placed his own life in danger, one who did not succumb to various temptations and carrots dangled at him to betray Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

He displayed this exceptional loyalty at the most difficult times, times which saw some people previously thought to be loyal to the Late President, crossing boarders in very suspicious ‘coincidence’, times when we saw even former cabinet ministers in the then Bingu administration proclaiming their loyalty elsewhere, even before the Late Presidents body was laid to rest, times when Professor Peter Mutharika was arrested and his late brothers family victimized, this was the time that one Ben Phiri remained steadfast and loyal to now, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika. Why then, should we be demonizing loyalty today?

  • The author is a regular political commentator on the social network and online publications
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Concerned citizen

i don’t think so


koma pamalawi inu, zoona munthu kukhala pulezdent wa dziko with 35 % of total votes? inu a PAC, sort out this issue b4 2019 otherwise, at some point, anthu adzagawanapodi dzikoli, based on a party’s stronghold. ma electoral law review anu take long indeed.

James Mwangali Phiri

James Mwangali, ukudya nawo iweeee. Tachokani apa, mudzikaputsitsa anthu ena uko? Za zii basi. Ntata ndi anthu ambiri, anagwira ntchito zotamandika, koma pamene mwatola chithumba mukungodya nokha. Tinene zoona, a Allan Ntata alipotu ambiri, ndipo posachedwapa muyaluka ananchidwe inu.

State House, yangodzadza ndi inu nokha nokha pa chibale panu. Ben Nkasala Phiri, Presidential Aide, Martin Nkasala Phiri, Deputy, L.R.M., K.R.M etc etc, tikukuonani tu. Tsopano, mwalowetsanso anthu ambiri achibale mumalo onona okha okha. Anthu wopanda mayina, mwawatayira kutali kopanda makobiri. Ndipo ena akungotuwa basi. Samalani, zizakuvutani tsiku lina, ili ndi dziko


This article is so bad that even a standard 8 chap could have done better. I don’t see the main issue or subject matter other than defending Ben Phiri for his royalty to APM. The writer himself apologises for not knowing ben Phiri and yet through out the article he repeats himself again and again as to what Ben has done. What he does not tell us is what ambitions (the writer) has now that he has sounded the drums for Ben? This is a waste of space. hand clapping will not get you any where.

ulendowu ndi watonsee
ulendowu ndi watonsee

ili ndiye bodza moti amene agwira a peter wo ndiye njuchizi sizikanawaluma njuchizi zimangofuna munthu mmodzi basi (peter)

This article is a bunch of rubbish. It does not explain why Ben Phiri is royal to the president. What’s in it for him other than haboring presidential ambitions? We all know the role Ben Phiri played in the rigging of elections. The conversation between APM and Ben to drop off voting boxes around BT with a few votes in them to make it look as if there were plans to cheat. All these things need to be brought up. Ben Phiri is not just a stooge to the president but rather a man who has advanced APM’s cause in… Read more »

What a wonderful and good article. You have made very correct observations and critical analysis of Hon. Ben Phiri. I am not a DPP supporter but I totally agree with you that he is loyal to APM. A person who is loyal can be seen when life is tough and when everybody has run away (John 6:66 – 69).


Ben Phiri and Nicholas Dausi are people who know their value when they love a person they do it with Kamuzu’s four corner stone osati zomwe atidye nawo enawa amapanga zoti munthu akamalowa mu zenje kumutaya bolani zawo ngati zili bwino


That idiot the Primeminster is not loyal his a dishonest and can’t be trusted , it’s true that his aim is at the number 1 seat , his a crook


Just look at Ntata’s hair’s sytle. It shows this guy is childish not worthy close to APM. Ntata you are too stupid. Leave Ben alone. No matter what lies you tell about Ben he will be always close to APM because he is loyal. By the way do you know that Ben was at one point elected to stand on DPP ticket in a parliamentary election, but he reliquished his candidature to pave way for APM. A person holding a presidential ambition could have not done. NDIPO NTATA WUKUNDIYASA. NTATA WUKUNDINYANDUSYA. THUPITI

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