Young politicians and the frustrated laughs!

Ha ha ha ha ha, I almost forgot  my laugh lines – this damning silence. But am back. And what a way to find my way back?

Was busy in the cyber world, reading and learning more about the goofs and stinks of this world, when all of a sudden I landed on a rather interesting article. It read, and I quote:

Uganda: Teenage Girl Becomes Africa’s Youngest MP

Proscovia Alengot Oromait has become Africa’s youngest Member of Parliament (MP) at the age of 19,

after she won the Usuk county election with 11,059 votes. The outspoken youngster replaces her father who died earlier this year.


Alengot is a member of National Resistance Movement, headed by President Yoweri Museveni. Other people who stood for the post included, Charles Ojok Oleny with 5,329 votes, Charles Okure from FDC with 2,725 votes and Cecilia Anyakoit of UPC with 554 votes.” (End of quote).

Sure thing. Brought me tumbling with thoughts back to dear sweet home Malawi, where just a few weeks ago one of its young vibratos, Allan Ntata, sounded that he would beat for the Secretary General’s office in the former ruling blue Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). And again, just weeks or days back, another super youngster, Atupele Muluzi, was elected leader of another former (or form-est?) ruling party, the yellow United Democratic Front (UDF).

Another check into the Uganda article revealed one interesting thing. Like Atupele, Alengot is also young, but very very young, and she is a ‘politician-brat’ – yest born and raised of an active political parent. After all, both are replacing their dad’s, Alengot’s having died earlier this year paving way for his daughter onto the political pedestal, and Atupele’s having retired to nurse an ailing back.

Both, unlike Allan, all showing meek and seeming strength to handle the hot seats they have been entrusted with, but both yet-to-prove if their age will hold on to the pressures of their offices.

For my fellow lass Alengot, who may have perhaps unwittingly posted her name for the Guinness Book of Records as Africa’s youngest and girl law-maker, the reports from Kampala indicate she is a darling of the people, many coming out to wish her well. But for Atupele, there are people that seem not to trust the young man’s discourse. Already they are baying for his blood from cabinet.

They feel he cannot adequately put out a presidential race fight against brooding JB come 2014, as he has to answer to her whims and calls as minister of Economic Planning in her orange Peoples Party (PP). That is a discussion for another day, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Note this far I have not bothered yet to think aloud on Allan’s political ‘overtures’. If time allows, I may do that with just a few words befitting that Afro-hair, dazed-eyes look of his. Is this man serious?

Alengot’s challenges are hers, bust suffice to say they remain similar to those in most areas of Malawi. Clean water, electricity and poor roads among others. Same stuff Atupele as a lawmaker is currently facing aside his ministerial programmes, but definitely not Allan, a law interpreter (lawyer) whose best of time is being spent writing near falsehoods in failing efforts to cult-praise his departed former master. MHSRIP.

So why are the three A’s – Alengot, Atupele, and Allan, coming forth with their names before the public, hearkening them to trust their call to service?

I am not here to answer that nor can I claim I have a better idea behind this. But for Alengot, if it is not just about filling her departed father’s constituency shoes, it must be that she has a heart for people and want to help through parliament. With her party leader, Yoweri Museveni calling the shots, she may soon be made probably the continent’s youngest and female minister. Pray for that, lass! I do not think she is there just to make some name. Whatever, ha ha ha ha hah!

For Atupele, well, we all know how daddy Muluzi (Mules if you check your spell check on PC) always wanted his son to take over leadership of mother Malawi. It is now fast dawning on a good number of Malawians and foreigners that this might be the biggest reason the oldie tried to stick to power, long enough to wait for his son to become a political master of his own game for easy succession.

Khwauli Msiska bought into that line of thinking but miserably failed with his infamous Third Term or was it Open Term bid (what money can do to non-God believers!) and the choir that never won any prize in the political cacophony. So Atupele may also just be gunning for it – “…if uneducated dad could lead this nation, I as a lawyer can do it better…” Trying to think in to the young lad’s brains – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Crap it… And again, daddy must be proud now that his crooked political thinking has still managed to get his son to his ‘former’ party’s top post.

As UDF’s presidential candidate in the next one year and some months, Muluzi can well enjoy the medication in South Africa knowing he has done the best for his son. Which father would not be proud at this stage? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And for Allan? He reminds me of a pot-snuffling child bred wrongly. He might have read his law to earn a spot at State House besides a man who considered himself Africa’s wisest leader, a demigod of all and kind, but Allan still have a lot to be desired. He started with that unkempt hair on Mutharika Broadcasting Corporation radio and television (MBC – as some kid christened it the other day). He rambled and rattled and made a fool of himself – knowing pretty well what he was doing was no better than one Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba lying through his nose, but that whatever trash he made the deceased Bingu hear – would soften his brains to offer him an advisory role at Plot Number 1.

Ntata makes many wonder if he has brains at all. He disappears as his master dies, and resurfaces with promises of books and more revelations, only to end up not paying for his home bills and running away – a lawsuit hot in his tracks. That is one young politician in the making – DPP style!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. If you asked me what I think of young politicians who are bringing hope to the African continent replacing the old and tired – I will say, let Alengot, Atupele, and not Allan, play their game to my satisfaction first. Otherwise, would it not be so nice to experience a totally new young girl/boy on the seen taking politics hurdle after hurdle to promising ends?

Obama never had a politician father to send him chances to the White House. I do not know about Romney, that loud stray mouth, but Allan would have done, only had he had his sights trained on the right targets. If I don’t make any sense here, wait till you hear Ntata present his ‘credentials’!

For now, may he remain a noise maker with no direction but a crazy hairdo to think of! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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