China, Malawi ink deal on mobile solar power for hospitals in rural areas

The Governments of Malawi and the Peoples Republic of China on Friday signed an agreement for the provision of mobile solar power systems worth about K5 billion to be used in the health sector in the country.

Minister of Finance Goodaal Gondwe and Chinese envoy Zhang during the signing ceremony of Malawi Government and the Peoples Republic of China.

Minister of Finance Goodaal Gondwe and Chinese envoy Zhang during the signing ceremony of Malawi
Government and the Peoples Republic of China.

Speaking during the signing ceremony at the Ministry of Finance in Lilongwe, the Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Zhang Qingyang said the mobile solar power units will ease power shortage in health facilities in rural areas in the country.

Qingyang noted that Malawi’s power grid only covers about 9 percent of the country’s population and as a result, most development activities are affected because of power shortage.

He observed that Malawi has abundant sunshine that would make it suitable for the use of the solar systems.

“I believe these mobile solar systems will play an important role in improving the lives of the local people,” said Qingyang.

The Chinese Ambassador disclosed that last year his government also donated 250 solar street lights and 533 sets of mobile solar systems which were installed at Capital Hill and some were distributed to some of the country’s hospitals.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe thanked the Chinese government for the donation of the mobile solar power systems which he said would go a long way in addressing electricity challenges the country is facing.

“On behalf of government and people of Malawi, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for this donation which will go a long way in alleviating electricity challenges currently being faced by our rural health facilities,” said Gondwe.

The minister said the mobile solar power systems would be used to provide power to the rural health facilities that have not yet been connected to the main power grid.

Gondwe  noted that rural health centres played a very critical role in the provision of basic health care hence the mobile solar power systems would be very easy to use.

He therefore advised beneficiaries to take care of the solar power units and use them for the intended purpose.-Mana

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17 thoughts on “China, Malawi ink deal on mobile solar power for hospitals in rural areas”

  1. mbuya says:

    Musathamange magazi ….ndati nzosalimba aMalawi…..

  2. mbuya says:


  3. Penu says says:

    Very sorry poor Malawians for being pipo who depends on donors only.Sorry Sorry indeed.AMALAWI KODI TIKUPITA KUTI? ZACHISONI AMALAWI

  4. Chonde amalawi a chinawa muwaonetsetse kuti abweletse solar zamphavu osati kabwele mawa watchout MALAWI.

  5. Thomas says:

    Please Mr Finance pls don’t forget at Kamteteka Health Centre at Wajingo VG TA M’mbelwa Mzimba west

  6. Alufeyo says:

    The private sector doesnt need govt to tell them what to do. The truth is that our private sector is moribund. We shall always depend on foreigners to bail us out because we dont have brains. 50 years of independence no invention. Fotseki

  7. Please think of Ruarwe, Tcharo and other bush Health centres in the country, not always your homes.

  8. kamfana says:

    Do it quickly so that people can have power without struggling like what we does with this cruel,molesting pompus & annoying company of ESCOM.Please CHINA,the pple of Malawi are in great problems indeed,only 9% of the whole population!Open Govt’s eyes & some who do not SEE this problem.Iam saying this becoz ESCOM is in the ARMPIT OF Govt,but Govt does not know that pple are in DIRE NEED OF ELECTRICITY,that is why it cannot PRESS ESCOM TO SPEED UP ITS DUTIES SO THAT THE MAJORITY CAN BE CONNECTED.SOME APPLIED 6YRS,5,& SO ON,BUT UPTO NOW THEY ARE STILL IN DARKNESS.ANATOPA NDIKUYENDERA KU ESCOM.OKHAWO OPEREKA ZIPHUPHU AMAWALUMIKIZIRA MSANGA.APO BIII,BASI PALIBE CHOPHULAPO.AKALUMIKIZA CHINGWE,PAMADUTSA ZAKA MYEZI,CHAKA KAPENA ZAKA KUTI ABWERE KUYIKIRA MITA.ESCOM;MOST CORRUPT COMPANY.

  9. Masoambeta says:

    This is the problem with Malawi. Love for begging. No continuity in public projects. A few years ago. We heard of a similar project taking place already.
    Why can we not engage our local engineering institutions to start such projects. The money is available only if you stop stealing. Sounds far fetched huh??

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      The problem will still be the same, our engineers can not sustain projects, they have a get rich quick mentality, and will abandon projects they feel are not making them money quickly in favour of new ones.

      It is not always the fault of politicians, it is in most cases a lack of understanding on the part of citizens, and not wanting to take ownership of projects, but leave ownership to Government (Ndidzaboma syndrome)

  10. Rosetta King says:

    i hope they give us quality solar panels not zhing zhong

  11. Bob Phiri says:

    Great project. Osati charcoal project nyansi za PP zija ayi.

    1. mlekeni says:

      Do really mean it or you are joking? Research or seek guidance before commenting.

  12. Paulos Banda says:

    Ku Malawi sikutamtaya. Osamabweretsa zinthu zosalimba.

  13. Think Tank says:

    Solar energy is what Malawi government should be championing from its own resources. Just relying on others to bail us out of the energy problem is henious! If Malawi can adopt Bingu’s spirit and recognise that some of thsese things, we can accomplish on our own- things like maintainging and expanding roads in the cities, solar energy etc- we can have a future! otherwise, just relying on chinese to dump thier solar systems which have been sent back from Europe because of low standards is not progress!

  14. Sino - Nyasa Friendship Association. says:

    China Woyee! Malawi Woyee! Sino – Nyasa friendship woyee!

  15. RECAPO says:

    I am worried that these types of arrangements encourage corruption if not organized and transacted in a transparent facility. I hope that this facility will be arranged in partnership with private corporations so that local companies have opportunity to partner with Chinese Corps. Anyway – let us see the details of how this MK5bn facility is implemented. I just hope the local champions of renewable energy like REIAMA, RECAPO Solar and others will be invited to make input on implementation that is more transparent, benefits local industry and is sustainable. I will hate to see a facility whereby some Chinese Corporation comes to Malawi installs the solar systems and leaves like they did in South Africa. Fewer local jobs will be created, will not be sustainable, poor serviceability as evidenced by the RDP homes project in RSA (allegedly).
    So, Mr. Minister of Finance – please contact REIAMA the organization formed to encourage renewable energy and get them involved.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays

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