Lilongwe City Council in illegal allowances: Cllr Bikoko reports to ACB

Lilongwe City Council has been embroiled into an ‘allowance gate’ where directors and other senior managers are sharing to themselves illegal allowances without doing anything.

Bikoko addressing a news conference

Bikoko addressing a news conference

Nyasa Times has a list of all members of staff who dully signed against their names while the auditors had no proof that they went to the activity mentioned for the allowances.

Officials who dipped their fingers into the illegal money include director of finance, Commerce, messengers, drivers, zone officers, controller of audit and market supervisor.

The financial plunder was discovered following the audit which took place from 12 May to 15 June 2015.

The audit revealed that the council overspent by 7.5 percent on administration against the recommended expenditure of 5 percent of Local Development Fund.

Auditors queried that some contractors were being paid twice on one job.

The audit also questioned about overpayment of key personnel in project implementation.

On Tuesday, chairperson of human resource management committee in the Lilongwe City Council, Dr Desmond Bikoko told journalists that his committee has reported the matter to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) for further investigations.

“We are doing this for the sake of the City of Lilongwe. Our friends in Blantyre are doing very well but in Lilongwe it’s the opposite,” said Bikoko who was flanked by William Ngulube from the same committee.

Bikoko highlighted that his committee cannot just watch few individuals enriching themselves at the expense of the tax payers.

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43 thoughts on “Lilongwe City Council in illegal allowances: Cllr Bikoko reports to ACB”

  1. Why having a Mayor as dull as this man in Lilongwe. He is not ashamed to see his friend in Blantyre doing. What education has he? I am sure he is DDP. Giving idiots top jobs is common in Malawi and it started from Bakali. But we thought with Bingu now his brother things will change. Peter does not care who gets the job as long as he or she is a member of of DDP.How can a man who has lived in a civilized nation not do right when it comes o career. He is only interested in stealing money to enrich himself. When black men who are educated and lived abroad have not made money to enrich themselve where they were working do is to come to their African countries to steal fromthe poor. They know many ignrant Malawians who have never lived in will believe them using their status and education.There are many young educated Malawians who can be leaders and havea dream of good Malawi. Its our fault we let this happen again. If we had listned to JB, to day things could have been little better. APM did not win. He used his brother,s stolen money. Check where is the daughter of Bingu? They are living in Europe with good life using stolen money the their father stole from poor Malawians. Some will say jealous because of their ignorant. Peter he wants to enrich his so called children who are or have never stayed in Malawi. Alhomwe says its ok, while they are poor. These Mahonas are not good for leadership. They are old. But Malawians choose their leadership according to tribe.

  2. There few who dare to say Dr Bikoko but they are afriad to come up in the air. AC is really trying tondo the right thing but afriad because their working friend was killed and nothing is done about it because the thieves in the government afriad to be caught. Malalwians are you going to vote for PETER in 2019? The problem of Malawi is majority of people have no high education they live in tradition dreams. These people are poor but their mind sett is very low. They dont even ask themselves why Malawi is the poorest in the world? I double if Malawi will ever come out of poverty. City counsel is the worste of government dept. Allowance system mustg see after. Malawians are not honest people as they were known. SHAME.

  3. asaaa says:

    Ndipo these guys and Lilongwe City Council are thieves. very very corrupt. Panopa ali busy kuba maplot ku area 17 and 49. Kupanga approve plan mpakana wina adyepo….zoona? you fools, anzanu ku blantyre ali busy kupanga zooneka mmaso inu kuzunza ma citizens anu. No wonder Richard Hara couldnt handle you idiots and moved to Mchinji. The processes ku LLC Are very corrupt.

  4. Kesuti says:

    Comment no 1, MMM, I wonder if you have ever been to school, can’t you see that what matters is that Bikoko is holding a position of influence by being a councilor, why do you think people get educated? I thought is all because we want to bring development and change? Now if he wasn’t educated and hold this position of influence do you think change was going to come in the council? Are you happy that the plunder should continue? What Bikoko is doing is what educated citizens are supposed to do for their countries, you think he is there because he wants to earn a living, you think he was not aware of councilors responsibilities prior to involving himself. Now if your expectation is that such positions should be held by abulutu who has no clue of the responsibilities expected are you surprised with the mess at LL city council then? inutu ndi magulu aja okuti mukaona mzanu walemera chifukwa chogulitsa tomato, muli ii ndiogulitsa tomatotu inu mulibe or nsapato. Kuganiza kumeneku kutithandiza pa Malawi pano?

  5. ACB, pliz pliz, also probe DA who is wallowing, stealing commencial plots everywhere in the city without folowing procedures.Anakagamulitsa ma building a a Malawi ku area 49, kenako iye akumangapo ma shop, munthu wa nkhaza ndi wodzikonda uyu.Milazi adachotsetsa CEo Mmangitsa yemwe anayesetsa kutukula Department yathu ya Administration.Munthu msilamu uyu walemba ntchito a silamu ambirimbiri including his nephew komanso wa kweza pa ntchito a silamu ndi abale ake okha mu Department ya Administration.Munthu wokonda azimai uyu, pano akulilira u CEO.Chonde inu a DPP musamupatse u CEo uyu atoonongeratu mzindawu, bola Vitto yemweyo.He was suspended for aiding and benefiting from ghost workers but koma adabwerera mwachinyengo.Kodi a ACB mumawopako chani ku City Council kapena nanunso mukudya nawo?????? Mukufuna kuti Department yathu ya Administration pano ikhale ya banja limodzi??? Kodi mdziko muno mulibedi a President, bwanji mukuonerera zinthu zionongeke pa CIty osabweretsa CEO wasopano mpaka lero???Kodi tonse ku Department tingalowe chisilamu?????

  6. CHAPONDERA says:


  7. Wawa says:

    Please dont stop here Bikoko. probe ma plot of these theaves including the ones they have trasnfered to abale awo.

  8. Gowelo says:

    Big up Dr Bikoko! Similar Case Happened In Nkhotakota Whereby Dc And Other council officials Misappropiated Mk46,000,000. Surprisingly min of local govt is just watching.its high tym mr GOWELO as minister of local govt may humbly step down for being inefficient.shame on minister n ps!

  9. Kodi dzitsilu inu mukutanikoku Lilongwe kwathuko osadzaba zanu za angulu amzanuwa bwanjikupusatu kumeneko kukamwa kwanu mwamva muchokeko kumeneko muzidzalima nandolo kuno agalu

  10. Xander Jimmy says:

    Dr Bikoko you a saying these were from Audit? And yet controller of audit function is culprit…………really? Was the access to these so called illegal allowance obtained before attaining such a position?……..according to corporate governance procedures……..I thought this controller of audit is the one who is supposed to report/present audit findings to audit committee at council level…..consisting of competent councellors?………I am really puzzled here……….ndiye controller of audit kupanga report ali wina ndidatapapo ndine?………am afraid this might be usual data analysis, obtained illegally……..hence still audit query level, hence not appropriate information for council to base its decision…….like reporting people to ACB……..malizani ma investigations wo and make a decision on complete information……otherwise ngati chitukuko chikuvuta ndi bwana mayor anu osayamba kunamizila staff and muwaphepo ndi ma bp and later to realize you based on faulty n incomplete information……

  11. mweyeye 1 says:

    Uyu ndi woti sanamugayire nthawi zina aMalawife timaulula chifukwa sitinadye nawo koma tikadya nawo ndiye timangokhala this is what leads Malawi to a failed state though it is a failed state since.

  12. kalitendere says:


  13. mjiba says:

    These stupid fools at Lilongwe City Council have also corruptly awarded themselves all plots in the city: find out how many plots these staff at the Council own???????Our sleeping ACB zzzzz

  14. Kamuzu Banda says:

    Dr Bikoko, PhD sikusiyana ndi ya Dr Ben Phiri…., we can reveal this.

  15. maphwiya says:

    The most corrupt city council in Malawi,buying substandard electric cement poles,fake allowances,direçtors manipulating the plots only few staff were allocated,failing to buy refuse (waste)collection vehicles & etc…..

  16. brave nyanyaluwa says:

    This is a vote of no confidence for Chapondera. We need another major not this idiot who proposed the Lilongwe Community Ground to be turned into a market so that vendors can occupy a place. Dr.Bikoko u’re one of those who can turn Lilongwe into a city. Look at what his fellow Major Noel is doing in Blantyre. Shame! Shame on u. Anthu ku city akupempha malipilo kuti akwere iye akuti” tikakupatsani ndalama zambiri mumwalira koma mubalandira zomwezi.” Umafuna anthu adziba in thjs way? Eh!
    Wake up Councillors please, when do you intend to start perfoming here in Lilongwe? Do u remember ur tenure of office? it is not five years as mps.

  17. Lord Mansfield says:

    The Issue Is About Some LL City Officials Who Store Public Money And Not About Mayor, Some Of These Coments R Retarded And Inrelevant, Pliz Kp Them 4 Yoself Not To This Forum, We Need Progrssive Contributions Here Not These Other Factless Coments Kodi Simuvetsa Nkhani Kapena Mumadya Kaye Khanundu Musanawenge Nkhanizi

  18. maphwiya says:

    thumb up Dr Bikoķo,this isn’t de first tym last time we praised hounobĺe Bisnowat for foiling Lcc directors to swindle millions of local fund,something is wrong with these directors;instead of developing the council deŕe are undeveloping it.NB,FIRE THEM ALL AND ALL DIREÇTORS SHOULD BE PROBED otherwise mmmmmm anyway !!.

  19. ngerengere says:

    I will never agree that Malawi is poor but rather it’s people are not patriotic.gvt also should look into the issue of salaries.

  20. Boma says:

    I have always said it. Lilongwe city council is so corrupt and I dont know how far Bikoko is willing to go koma these directors have been reported before and nothing hapened. Director of Finance has ammased unexplained wealthy and needs to be probed seriously.

    Viva Bikoko we need more people like you

  21. Kavuluvulu says:

    Sinawone Mayor watulo ngati Chapondera.Paja ndiwakuti ?

  22. KARU UNITED says:

    People hold different passions, some are educated, self centred & aloof. Then we have the likes of Dr Bikoko, well educated, but keen to serve their country in any capacity, no matter how humble, for me that is patriotism, i believe such people should be applauded, keep it up Dr Bikoko. Since multi partyism, Lilongwe hasn’t been blessed with astute mayors, i wonder where they get them from, the city also had one mayor Chimdzeka.

  23. GONANI says:

    ACB, please arrest them quickly and get rid of them from the government positions. Well done auditors.

  24. informant says:

    Even at LUANAR this is common. Kuba basi these public officers!

  25. Stupid says:

    You people are failing to repair sawage at Lumbadzi and mgona on the pretext that There is no money while u are stealing from the poor . Tsogolani shame on u.

  26. joyce Nabanda says:

    Its was a mistake to choose Chapondera to be a mayor and i dont know

  27. mwene says:

    I wished Malawi had several patriotic Dr Bikokos, this country would have progressed beyond the current status. Please patriotic Malawians come into the open and let us arrest this vice for the benefit of our nation. ACB move fast on this issue so that culprits are brought to book!!!!!!

  28. alexanda says:

    like president like mayor

  29. Andy banda says:

    the same sin is happening at central West Education Division where ALĹ secondary school Headteachers are being given 3 (thrèe) night allowances per month for apparently doing nothing. ALLOWANCEGATE or PRIVILEGES

  30. ndadabwa says:

    dzikoli likanakhala ndi a Bikoko atatu zinthu bwenzi zikuyenda bwino. aluta continua Bikoko. usaope onetsa chilungamo ndipo choonadi chidzakumasula

  31. John says:

    I understand why this country is still poor. Its people are damn poor. People are commenting about the person and not the issues raised. Shaaaaaaaaaaah

  32. Akatswiri says:

    What is the Mayor doing about it?

  33. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkkk chapondela kodi mwati amagwila ntchito ngati ndani

  34. Kaka says:

    Lilongwe has learned Coucillors but we goofed by putting a DPP dunder-head as mayor. Bikoko and Bandawe could have helped us. NEW MAYOR NOW!

  35. Malawi wa Lero says:

    The problem is that the idiot who was chosen by the useless Malawians to lead them is busy sleeping & partying. Malawi will pay for its stupidity when voting. Not everything that glitters is gold. A malawi tulo, you thought by voting for Peter azidzakubweretserani ndalama kunyumba kwanu? Kupepera bwanji. A president is, among several roles, supposed to see to it that policies that benefit all are implemented osati pumbwa mlomwe wanuyu. Musova poti munamuvotera nokha.

  36. Howard Kachipanda says:

    What Dr Bikoko is doing is servant leadership osati mukunena enanuzi. Keep it up Bikoko, councillor wathu. Ndiponsotu u Mayor paja sizaka 5. Muone mmalamulo a Citywo. A Mayor apanowa apumule ikatha term yawoyo titayesera Dr yu akhoza kumamvana ndi Chalamanda

  37. captain says:

    Iwe MMM or whoever u are, this Bikoko loves his country, he is a learned guy, he was a deputy director of corollado bank in the US , ndi mfana wa school, Ana a ma diplomat iwe aphunzila mosavutikila fees ndipo ndi big brains, ndalamanso Ali ndi chikwama pa size yake. Iwe uli mbuuu. Nanga chalamanda ndi councillor sumadziwa kuti mayor ndi councillor so? Gwape iwe eti?

  38. Let it rain says:

    Thats good before more money vanishes in thin air. Nanga ku PVHO Blantyre office?

  39. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Lets review all PhDs and all certicates obtained from the USA some of them are really doubtful nanga doctor kukhala opanda ambition kukhala cpuncillor? I agree this is aphunzitsi job

  40. john says:

    Mmm Dr Bikoko is learned and his is genuine

  41. Professor Mwanaveka-Cypress University says:

    Bikkoko yu anakakhala Mayor osati mabi a Chapondera who knows nothing apart from snoring. Thumbs Dr Bikoko. Lilongwe City Council is in serious governance problems due to dull DPP mayor at helm and the secretariat is taking advantage of that.

  42. Biswel says:

    Muziona mwakula mwatha

  43. mmm says:

    Dr. Bikoko a ward councillor?
    kkkkkk u dokotala wa pa cypress university of usa uja wa ben phiri kkkk
    I for one can’t be a phd holder and be a councillor. Leave the councillor job to primary school teachers.
    Dr. my foot. Ndi mistala ameneyo, not dr mxii

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