Lilongwe City Council in illegal allowances: Cllr Bikoko reports to ACB

Lilongwe City Council has been embroiled into an ‘allowance gate’ where directors and other senior managers are sharing to themselves illegal allowances without doing anything.

Bikoko addressing a news conference

Bikoko addressing a news conference

Nyasa Times has a list of all members of staff who dully signed against their names while the auditors had no proof that they went to the activity mentioned for the allowances.

Officials who dipped their fingers into the illegal money include director of finance, Commerce, messengers, drivers, zone officers, controller of audit and market supervisor.

The financial plunder was discovered following the audit which took place from 12 May to 15 June 2015.

The audit revealed that the council overspent by 7.5 percent on administration against the recommended expenditure of 5 percent of Local Development Fund.

Auditors queried that some contractors were being paid twice on one job.

The audit also questioned about overpayment of key personnel in project implementation.

On Tuesday, chairperson of human resource management committee in the Lilongwe City Council, Dr Desmond Bikoko told journalists that his committee has reported the matter to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) for further investigations.

“We are doing this for the sake of the City of Lilongwe. Our friends in Blantyre are doing very well but in Lilongwe it’s the opposite,” said Bikoko who was flanked by William Ngulube from the same committee.

Bikoko highlighted that his committee cannot just watch few individuals enriching themselves at the expense of the tax payers.

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Why having a Mayor as dull as this man in Lilongwe. He is not ashamed to see his friend in Blantyre doing. What education has he? I am sure he is DDP. Giving idiots top jobs is common in Malawi and it started from Bakali. But we thought with Bingu now his brother things will change. Peter does not care who gets the job as long as he or she is a member of of DDP.How can a man who has lived in a civilized nation not do right when it comes o career. He is only interested in stealing… Read more »
There few who dare to say Dr Bikoko but they are afriad to come up in the air. AC is really trying tondo the right thing but afriad because their working friend was killed and nothing is done about it because the thieves in the government afriad to be caught. Malalwians are you going to vote for PETER in 2019? The problem of Malawi is majority of people have no high education they live in tradition dreams. These people are poor but their mind sett is very low. They dont even ask themselves why Malawi is the poorest in the… Read more »

Ndipo these guys and Lilongwe City Council are thieves. very very corrupt. Panopa ali busy kuba maplot ku area 17 and 49. Kupanga approve plan mpakana wina adyepo….zoona? you fools, anzanu ku blantyre ali busy kupanga zooneka mmaso inu kuzunza ma citizens anu. No wonder Richard Hara couldnt handle you idiots and moved to Mchinji. The processes ku LLC Are very corrupt.

Comment no 1, MMM, I wonder if you have ever been to school, can’t you see that what matters is that Bikoko is holding a position of influence by being a councilor, why do you think people get educated? I thought is all because we want to bring development and change? Now if he wasn’t educated and hold this position of influence do you think change was going to come in the council? Are you happy that the plunder should continue? What Bikoko is doing is what educated citizens are supposed to do for their countries, you think he is… Read more »
Nangamtani Sauzande
ACB, pliz pliz, also probe DA who is wallowing, stealing commencial plots everywhere in the city without folowing procedures.Anakagamulitsa ma building a a Malawi ku area 49, kenako iye akumangapo ma shop, munthu wa nkhaza ndi wodzikonda uyu.Milazi adachotsetsa CEo Mmangitsa yemwe anayesetsa kutukula Department yathu ya Administration.Munthu msilamu uyu walemba ntchito a silamu ambirimbiri including his nephew komanso wa kweza pa ntchito a silamu ndi abale ake okha mu Department ya Administration.Munthu wokonda azimai uyu, pano akulilira u CEO.Chonde inu a DPP musamupatse u CEo uyu atoonongeratu mzindawu, bola Vitto yemweyo.He was suspended for aiding and benefiting from ghost… Read more »



Please dont stop here Bikoko. probe ma plot of these theaves including the ones they have trasnfered to abale awo.


Big up Dr Bikoko! Similar Case Happened In Nkhotakota Whereby Dc And Other council officials Misappropiated Mk46,000,000. Surprisingly min of local govt is just watching.its high tym mr GOWELO as minister of local govt may humbly step down for being inefficient.shame on minister n ps!

Nankhumwa Ngolongoliwa

Kodi dzitsilu inu mukutanikoku Lilongwe kwathuko osadzaba zanu za angulu amzanuwa bwanjikupusatu kumeneko kukamwa kwanu mwamva muchokeko kumeneko muzidzalima nandolo kuno agalu

Xander Jimmy
Dr Bikoko you a saying these were from Audit? And yet controller of audit function is culprit…………really? Was the access to these so called illegal allowance obtained before attaining such a position?……..according to corporate governance procedures……..I thought this controller of audit is the one who is supposed to report/present audit findings to audit committee at council level…..consisting of competent councellors?………I am really puzzled here……….ndiye controller of audit kupanga report ali wina ndidatapapo ndine?………am afraid this might be usual data analysis, obtained illegally……..hence still audit query level, hence not appropriate information for council to base its decision…….like reporting people to ACB……..malizani… Read more »

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