Malawi govt ‘hard to trust’, newspaper comments on World Bank not resuming aid

A leading newspaper in Malawi has said government is hard to trust in its editorial commenting on reports about the government refunding K70 million to the World Bank and the Bretton Woods institution has said it will not resume budget support to Malawi anytime soon.

Gondwe: To present another zero-aid budget

Gondwe: To present another zero-aid budget

The Weekend Nation quoted World Bank communications officer, Zeria Banda, saying there are no prospects that Malawi could start receiving budgetary aid from bank.

She said Malawi Government could not account for part of the K70 million intended for public works programmes in Dowa and Phalombe districts. The bank demanded the refund of the money which Malawi government has made.

Commenting in its editorial column, Weekend Nation said: “The question that lingers, after government has been forced to refund, is: does anyone at all in government care to learn the harsh lessons from such incidents to avert a recurrence?”

It further said: “We can talk all day about public sector reforms or public finance management systems reforms, but if government adopts a business-as-usual attitude in dealing with errant public officers, we might as well be preaching to an empty church.

“If government can abuse donor funds — which come with stringent conditions attached and are closely monitored —with such impunity, we have little trust that it handles locally generated resources, for which it is accountable to itself, with any prudence.”

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe is preparing to present the 2015/16 National Budget.

World Bank, alongside other major donors, has been withholding budget support for Malawi since the unravelling of the massive looting of public funds at the Capital Hill popularly known as Cashgate.

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Malawi’s governing system at fault. We don’t have a good system of running our government kuba mpaka wa accounts pa district! What more a PS,Minister and President? Porous policies,boaders, financial regulatory rules, constitution, everything.I believe Malawi will collapse we are just waiting for that time chifukwa a boma ndiye mkuba eeee!


Kuba ndalama kunayambila pa udf, a dpp anapitiliza kenaka zinapitilira nthawi ya pp ndi ma civil servants. Mungoona kuwaganizila amayi kuti ndiowo amaba ndalama. Anthu mu boma anayamba kale kale kuba koma kuti amayi ndi anene anazitulukila nanga matumba a ndalama amapezeka ku state house aja 92 billion zimachokela kuti? Opezeka ndi ndalama mu ma car boots kunyumba amangopitiza kuchokela kwa a bingu. The wold bank wants accountability of 70 million nde mukuti akulakwisa? Akulakwisa chiyani? Mukufuna azingovomeleza zili zonse? Boma liphunzire to account for the funds 4rom donors as well as tax payers money.


True that, becouse, not all who says, “Lord Lord” will enter Heaven,
But only those who, actually do the will of
God. Lets, listen, to the need of Donors. Becouse, they are the ones financing, helping, pumping our budget. We have to understand that, we actually have to bow down, to the need of their demand.


DPP is continuing where Daniel Phiri left. Malawi will not develop as long as we have the recyled politicians! What have the K8 billion budgeted for ironsheet and cement {subsidy} in the 2014-15 year? Its another cashgate plus the MSB sale and promisary notes for rich people, while many malawians are without houses, food due to floods and drought that followed


DPP ikupitiriza pamene analekera a Bingu, asanakhale Daniel Phiri. In the ending financial year, they set aside K8 Billion for cement and ironsheet subsidy, the question is, how many have benefitted? Where? Its another form of cash gate


Effects of 92 billion poor Malawi

serve golowa
Cashgate has its roots from Bingus dpp government, so if this gvt is shielding the culprits in 92 billion scum what should the doners think, The gvt is planning to sell msb to cover the debts by its members should that not be another cashgate. why paying credit for reach people who enjoys tax free services yet punishing a person who cannot afford k300 per day with a very high tax. There are no drugs in hospitals anthu akuvutika kuti apeze mankwala yet the goverment is planning to buy a luxury jet. we thot Apm came to uplift Malawians but… Read more »
Joseph Banda

Zelia Banda with your World bank with Malawian office full of Bigots members of staff know this. Dr Mkwezalamba was the Finance Minister in the PP government, a party that had no shame with day light stealing of government money now known as cash gate. Why don’t you ask him how his govt stole the money. He is a member of your staff at your HQs. Cash gate has brought in a number of financial problems. To prosecute these guys, needs a lot of money. SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. THEN CLOSE UP YOUR OFFICES AND GO HOME.


Ka culture ka kubera boma-anthu kaya pa company,pa school,mu community,pa msewu, wherever kapitilira ngati our leaders do not take care


The World Bank is a very Cruel institutions i the world. They are happy seeing poor people dying of hanger to advance their needs. Shame on you woooooooooo!


Zeria Banda and your so called WBank, since u no longer trust us, beta pack up ur belongings! Leave us with our poverty then. You donars! We r now becoming tired! Tindalama take titi mudzingotizunza apa? Munali kale inu panopa nanunso u r struggling

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