Malawi here we come, Zimbabwe players agree to travel at last

Zimbabwe national team players have agreed to fulfil their fixture against Malawi a in Africa Cup of Nations Group L and will travel by road.

Warriors ready to face Malawi -Photo courtesy of NewsDay

Warriors ready to face Malawi -Photo courtesy of NewsDay

The Warriors refused to travel to Malawi on Thursday after failing to get assurances that they will be paid their allowances and appearance fees.

But Zimbabwe FA President Cuthbert Dube promised to personally pay players and technical team allowances.

ZIFA associations spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela  said, Dube will now cover the expenses including allowances a figure of around $42 000.

With no direct flight to Malawi till Sunday the Warriors will have to use the road and will leave in the early hours of the Friday morning added Gwesela.

Malawi hosts Zimbabwe at Kamuzu Stadium on Saturday.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi here we come, Zimbabwe players agree to travel at last”

  1. Ray says:

    And we broke Millions of Malawian hearts…. despite the long bus trip. We called Warriors for a reason

  2. Malawi is winning this game. Pain for Zimbabwe, they should have paid the amount after the game.

  3. drakes says:

    Mathe If Zimbabwe are using juju yes they will run a mock but if it’s the normal soccer certain we know we have Jesus on our side and Our Lord is more than your Juju today you will know Him.

  4. d mathe says:

    woe to you the flames for the warriors are coming. Dont bank on them coming by road doesnt mean us a thing, we are the Zimbabweans . We will bring disappointment to millions of maliwians as warriors will run amok at Kamuzu Stadium and i forsee your coach being fired

  5. George phiri says:

    Young players, too many pros this and that is all rubish. We are at home and we are a good team. Lets play our game and win. The coach should be up 90mins giving instructions osati kugona ngati Harry Rednap.

  6. martin lolani says:

    Gud luck Flames

  7. observer says:

    harare blantre – about 500km- mzuzu- blantre distance

  8. gloria says:

    Flames, I am wishing you all the best, GOD BE WITH YOU AS YOU WILL BE PLAYING Zimbabwe Mawa, kuwina kwabwino FLAMES WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. Kindom ya Atumbuka says:

    Malawi mxieeeew if you lose or draw this game.

  10. magaula says:

    beware of nyasha mushekwi

  11. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    the Warriors will douse the flames tomorrow, hozahoza ma warriors

  12. George says:

    Flames Lets please ambush them with goals much as they will have muscle fatigue from long trip of road travel there is need to revenge the 4 to 1 we suffered in the friendly last time

  13. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Zimbabwe will be tired of coz bt I wld like to reiterate the danger that our warriors pose. We have a youthful team that comprises mostly of the under 23s who qualified for the African Games (battering and bruising Cameroon on the way) despite the shambolic preparations they had for the games. These same young men are on the brink of qualifying for the Under 23 games in Senegal (which will double as the Brazil Olympic qualifiers) after progressing to the final round of the qualifiers in the same fashion they did during the African games qualifiers. They travelled to Swaziland by road and arrived on the match day, despite the fatigue, they qualified and defied all odds. We also have some under 23s who are based in Europe who will give the Flames a good run for their money. So, Mongo’nyolani, scotching the warriors to ashes is no mean feat, don’t read much into chaotic occurrences characterizing our long and winding journey to the Nyasaland. We are going to show you how soccer is played, and this is pay back time, you shocked us during the 2008 qualifiers, so get prepared for a bruising encounter.

  14. ujau says:

    We need to take care, these are game tactics,The coaches must come up with a balanced team which can counter attack and defend as well.

  15. Chemjambe says:

    Pa Harare ndipafupi guys by 6pm akhala atafika awa

  16. Maynard Mtima says:

    All the best the flames but avoid conceding own goal blunders

  17. anyamata pangani zothekela poithidzimula worious

  18. Well spoken says:

    I’l support de flames as I’m a Malawian born man though my spouse xe’s frm Zim.

  19. toxic loan boy says:

    guys, anthu akubwela atatopa komanso atakwiya. zoona akophopholeni? please dont let us down.

    also, i’m now sick of ignorant people continuously calling our team FRAMES. is it so difficult for you to take a second to realise that a FRAME and a FLAME are two totally different things?

    mundiyankhulitsano pambali. machende anu mwamva? musadzachitenso

  20. Chemtukanika says:

    Azungu aku Malawi FRAMES mmalo mwa FLAMES.kuteroku muzidzaseka timuyi itati yalephera inu mutalephera kale?Na mawa Flames kuwotcha ma Warriors basi.Ine ndikagona mu sitediyamu mommo.

  21. Black and white says:

    Kkkkk why do African countries maintain national football teams when they can’t afford to support them?

  22. Ali kisi says:

    Malawi 2,zimbabwe 4.congrants anyasaland


  24. peter muthanyula says:

    Frames will once again lose to a tired team. Our national team is rubbish. By the way, would Walter cough up $42,000 if the Frames were stuck for money? $42 grand is no small money guys. Afufuzidwe mkulu ameneyu… cashgate ku Zimbabwe

  25. Please FRAMES scorch these worriors to ashes!

  26. Wayiona Bangwe says:

    Flamez Chooonde Muzayesetse Kuwachinya Anzanuwa……. Ayenda Wa Adamu Adzakhala Atatopa

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