Mutharika resignation calls groundless – Catholic Commission

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) national secretary Chris Chisoni has discouraged calls for President Peter Mutharika to resign, saying there are no plausible grounds compelling a Head of State to step down.

Chisoni: No grave mistake warranting Mutharika to resign

Chisoni: No grave mistake warranting Mutharika to resign

Last week, some civil society organisations (CSOs) called for Mutharika’s resignation, accusing him of failing to manage the country’s economy .

But Chisoni, who heads CCJP – a social justice and advocacy arm of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi – in a published interview said the CSOs were abusing the freedom of expression in their demands.

“ Whilst we acknowledge freedom of expression to be the birth right of all, it must be utilised responsibly. Calling for an incumbent President to resign has become an empty threat trend from some CSOs and opposition parties since 1994,” said Chisoni as quoted in The Nation.

“ Presidents may resign if there are grounds necessitating this action. However, before there is any contact and dialogue, before there is even a single attempt to engage, it seems, it is fashionable to call for presidents to resign.

“Sometimes, it feigns ignorance of systems, laws and procedures from those making such calls; sometimes it symbolises lack of seriousness from the protagonists of such calls to embark on a genuine path of dialogue based on facts and principles. Often times it smacks of emotional outbursts that only satisfy the egos of the protagonists-probably a needed peaceful-sleeping dosage when there is a paralysis of analysis,” said Chisoni.

Chisoni said the challenges the country faces require a united front to come out of it.

“ In our journey as a country, all stakeholders—CSOs, religious bodies, traditional institutions, the private sector and more seriously political parties—we must reconsider our destiny. We must truly ask painful questions whose pain is necessary for transforming Malawi’s poverty, politics and the pervasive development puzzle.

“We must develop the spirit of concern, care, interest and love for our country as most of the challenges we are facing today are man-made and they have for sure man-made solutions,” Chisoni said in the interview.

In their recommendations, the CSOs urged President Mutharika to reduce local as well as international travels and revise the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme budget and adjust downward the newly introduced fees in schools.

They have also urged Mutharika to respect and protect media freedom, by among others, signing the much-awaited Table Mountain Declaration, and fully supporting the enactment of the Access to Information Bill (ATI).

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Harry Macheza

wise people have spoken,there’s no need our president to call it quit.Let him free do what we voted him till 2019.

Rodgers Banda

Mr. Chsoni are you saying that if we are suffering that is freedom of expression? How much are you dished? Ther is NO sense in your article. Elucidate fact that make the president to resign. I don’t think you have any. You are just excited to see pple suffer.

chidongo John

Moto uwo kuti mbuu, Mkatolika nthawi zonse amayankhula zogwira moyo. Palibedi chifukwa choti pulesident atulire udido apa. Ndipo ananekale pulesident kuti ngati mukuona kuti pena pake sipali bwino perekani maganizo, nzeru zanu kuti tithandizane kuyendetsa dziko. Na ngati Mkatolika wayankhula chonchi aaa! A Chakwera ndi enani palibe chanu muzingodikira mavoti. Ndipo akanavomerezana nanu bwezi atalemba kale pastal letter. Chauta wakukanirani apa kuzera kwa a katoka. Tsopano pezani zina zochita.

chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa
chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa

Those who have ears have heard and will take a different course of approach on issues affecting Malawi. We are in democracy meaning ‘the government of the people for the people by the people’ Standard eight Civics book at primary school. This means all of us we should strive to work hard and boost our own economy. Lets not play a blame game for anyone.

Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila
Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila

Akatolika Adyetsedwa mabanzi a blue kikikikikikikiki

tain kutala

He should have highlighted the grounds which necessitates a president to resign otherwise his arguments are invalid. But when there is lack of leadership to tackle economic woes such that basic commodities become expensive, poor health service etc then its enough to call for resignation of the leadership in place.
Sometimes when someone holds a position in some organization does not mean that they are the hub of wishes of ordinary people. In Malawi we have tolerated mediocrity for some time and that’s why we are the poorest on earth.

Simple j

Ndiumbuli chabe ppo r sufering out their thumba lachimanga mpaka k9000 pomwe iwo akugulila speaker galimoto worthy k300m amayenda wapansi? Alibiletu galimoto?anakakhala mankhwala bwenzi ali ochuluka bwanji sanakathandiza ovutikafe akapume A P M


A chisoni mawu ngati ambuzi kkkkkkkkk

Truth shall prevail

What else can this big-headed fool called chisoni say apart from supporting his fellow mulomwe? Chisoni must be leaving in another world not malawi? If he’s in mlw I wonder how he can not appreciate the grounds for the calls for pitala’s resignation. Things have fallen apart in mlw.

Mmalawi Weniweni

nonse mukulemba zonyoza Mr, Chisoni ndinu a nyapapi!

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