Nyamilandu reign of terror to cling to FA Malawi presidency

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Mc Millan Walter Nyamilandu Manda has unleashed terror on his critics and challengers by resorting to violence and manipulation ahead of the December 12, 2015 elections.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu :  Going ahead to seek another term

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu : Going ahead to seek another term

Dan Kafandiya: Victim of Nyamilandu terror

Dan Kafandiya: Victim of Nyamilandu terror

Nyasa Times can report that Nyamilandu has hired roughnecks to beat up those who oppose him and those supporting other contestants in the race for the FAM presidency.

The roughnecks are being led by a rogue popularly known as Trouble from Chilomoni township and they are being assisted by Nyamilandu’s right hand man Suzgo Nyirenda, FAM General Secretary and head of Secretariat.

The first victim of Nyamilandu’s terror was an innocent sports reporter working for state run Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) who was conducting a vox pox on the eve of the Malawi Vs Tanzania match at Kamuzu Stadium when he was approached by Trouble and his crew of bandits.

They asked him why he wanted to remove Walter (Nyamilandu) and Earnest Mtawali (Flames Head Coach) from their positions but Chataza had no idea what Trouble was asking him, according to our source, privy to the incidents.

“Before he knew it Trouble and the group descended on Chataza and started beating him up and this surprised even some members of great Angels Choir who were nearby and Trouble wanted to break his neck but was disturbed by some people who came to rescue Chataza,” said the source.

Chataza told a local paper, The Daily Times that he was unconscious and woke up at his workplace and sympathizers took him to the hospital before he reported the matter to Police.

Sensing that things may get out of control, Nyamilandu is said to have sent one of his ‘boys’ Mabvuto Missi to go and cheer up the reporter with a K35,000 ‘gift’.

Chataza confirmed to have been visited by Missi and was indeed given K35,000 which he has ‘kept’ as he is ‘not sure what the money is for’.

Police are yet to make any arrests in the matter.

Another ugly incident of violence occurred soon after the Malawi-Tanzania match when Suzgo Nyirenda, who is part of the electoral body overseeing the FAM elections threatened a football fanatic Dan Kafandiya accusing him of trying to ‘destroy bwana Nyamilandu’.

Kafandiya confirmed the incident saying Nyirenda was in the company of the notorious Trouble and his gang when they tried to attack him.

“But I told him that they are small boys, they cannot threaten or intimidate me. In fact I wondered why Suzgo was saying I am trying to fight Nyamilandu when I am not even contesting in the FAM elections, I am just a football fan, that’s all,” said Kafandiya.

“But they will think twice if they want to come and beat me up. I have been waiting for them, they are yet to come to me, they know where to find me and they know that I am ready for them,” added Kafandiya.

Nyamilandu’s use of violence especially to sports journalists is well documented after he sent thugs to ‘kill’ his then fiercest critic Pilirani Kachinziri, now Assistant Editor for Malawi News a few years ago when the reporter was coming from his routine exercises at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

Kachinziri was badly stabbed and was saved by a good Samaritan who rescued him and took him to hospital where his life was saved.

News from media circles indicate that Kachinziri is now a good friend of Nyamilandu after receiving a personal apology from Nyamilandu on the incident and is now helping Walter in his fourth term bid.

  • In our next series of the FAM elections, we will reveal why Walter is clinging on to FAM seat following a financial deal gone sour!
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43 thoughts on “Nyamilandu reign of terror to cling to FA Malawi presidency”

  1. Tanya says:

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    to its neighborhood.

  2. nyezeiera says:

    Both Nyamilandu and Suzgo Nyirenda are suppose to leave the Football governing body
    because they are conducting themselves in an un ordinarily manner contrary to the spirit
    of sportsmanship and fair play. Both are not fit to govern football because they are failing to govern their lives, how can they govern others.

  3. Dausi Phiri says:

    Nyama yamilandu zero pa 10.

  4. moses says:

    walter must continue why u hate anthu abwino

  5. moses says:

    waltes must continud why u hate anthu abwino

  6. Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW) says:

    If these things are happening why haven’t you reported to police? If Walter is so evil why have you kept him in that role for 3 terms ?

  7. kulinga says:

    Ife tikamakuonani pa TVM paja mukuwanamiza anthu kuti munayamba kupemphera timadziwa kuti mukunama.Kuphiri kwanuko mumangofuna kukawabera anthu ndalama zimene amasonkhazo.Church gate.

  8. Zampira says:

    mwagwanayo a Mijiga cash mumapeleka ku Wine house yapita madzi . munakati mukamangira nyumba bwezi itatha pano

  9. Mwaxy says:

    Amadalira kuthira NSEMBE ameneyo tiona ngat November yu wina sapita. Simungamutheeeeeee!

  10. Mwaxy says:

    Mwatitopesa nazo izi mwamva! Mxiiiiiiiii

  11. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Shaaah, nyama anadyamo kale muchikopa chimenechi kkkkkk, pano anthu akufuna kuphana. Zoona? Kkkkkkk

  12. Josophat Returns says:

    Some of us don’t even follow local soccer. It is full of uncommitted leaders and soccer’s fans. This country has no clear soccer strategy. It’s a hopeless environment. Even degree laden Walter can not manage to steer it to greater heights. This is because there are no servants in Malawi leadership even at football level. They are all masters. The fifa goal project is a shiny piece of stuff which Walter can’t let go. But Blatter is gone, Walter. Go go go. Follow him.

    But I really don’t care whether Walter stays or not. His potential successors could be worse. They are money hunters also, always looking for a trip to CAF or fifa headquarters and accumulate Sheba miles or khumi flyers rewards and allowances while flames dangles in the potential fall of exstinguishment due to poor funding and greed.

    You can’t even ensure that your National players access mandatory pension so that they do not later become paupers like uncle Earnest. Walter, educated as you are you need to be ashamed. The current soccer environment can’t spring up a young Messi or Kaka. It’s pure worst of one’s knee cartilages. I wouldn’t allow my talented son to play soccer in this country. I would encourage him to play socials during weekends only.

    In this country, a lot of talented players were told to concentrate on school by their parents because there is no future in the local sport. It’s an epitome of abject poverty in youths. The ones you see are those who come from poor families.

    Walter, how many of the middle class children are playing in your super league? You must be daft to think that the middle class in Malawi would not have good players because their parents are well of, would you? Their absence has everything to do with your poor soccer development agenda at FAM. Okay how may families come to watch Fodya as part of weekend entertainment? How many of those clubs have own stadiums? You can’t even operate an electronic ticketing system through FAM.

    So why cling on? Please leave. We are already at Rock bottom anyway in terms of soccer and economy. So don’t worry. Things will not be any worse than this when you are gone. We are already a stable underperformer by country and soccer standards. Maybe you should try getting the FIFA job which is vacant. You could also export the hooligans led by Nyirenda to Geneva and squeeze the balls of your opponents like you are doing here and see whether you can last.

    Consider yourself lucky that NIB (unlike FBI) under Dausi is only compiling fake dossiers for this Chakwera or Kwataine guys instead of looking at your nefarious activities which border on impunity. A poor NIB is good for shenanigans like you. Pray for Dausi.

  13. ngozo says:

    Those that support this nyamilandu bullshit guy pamtumbo panu. Even Dan Kafandiya can do better than Manda. Kodi a police why staying put when people are being harassed. Mukudya nao eti. Arrest this bustard and his guys. Panyo pakenso

  14. Spanish says:

    FAM has gone to the dogs. Did you know that Walter is trying to infest FAM with all his fellow northers. Much as am not tribalistic, Walter, not known to the other affiliates he has come up with the northern select for the entire executive as follows:
    Walter Nkhatabay
    Mwenda Likoma
    Hara Mzimba
    Even the executive members in Team Walter are all french speaking (northerners).
    The secretariat is full of Northerners too.
    Please employ Workforce diversity.

  15. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    This guy Dan Kafandiya is a savage and a rough neck who used to cause terror when his brother was team manager of BB.
    If we allow such guys to be in the forefront of football then we are losing it.This guy just loiters in Victoria Avenue around the care wash guys looking for easy pray to pounce on.The steal money from people who have cashed from the banks situated along the Victoria Avenue.Just give him money and he will do a dirty kid for you.

  16. markc says:

    nkhani zabodza sizisowa!mwasowa cholemba eti?

  17. Mgoloso says:

    Achoke Nyamilandu

  18. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    I have always hypothesised that Kachinziri is a low scum journalist capable of selling his soul for a few shekels of silver. After escaping death, there he is dining and supporting a terrible man who nearly sent him to an early grave; a man who has wound Malawi football several decades backwards . Kachinziri has always pretended to want to see Malawi football progress, yet we know it’s the progress of his pockets that matters. His wild writings exemplify an immoral and ethically bankrupt journalist in desperate pursuit of personal glory at all cost. Kachinziri’s support of a shameful fourth term for terrorist Walter Nyamilandu is utter disgrace and summarises his low moral standing in scribes circles. While some could be dismayed but Kachinziri’s despicable act, some of us expected it considering his bogus manners. Shame on you Kachinziri! Shame on your master Walter!

  19. Benson T Phiri says:

    Bwiye tangozitula izi zikupanse ULEMU wako ndiwe wolimbika kapena mukuopa matchgate .

  20. koma ada says:

    what apoorly written article this seems like apersonal attack on mr nyamilandu

  21. Mbiri says:

    Koma mwalimbana naye Walter a Mijiga ndi gulu lanu. We said it on the onset that your motivation was misplaced and so was your campaign. The only reason you wanted to attempt to try was because Nyamilandu has eaten enough and you believe it is now your turn. Otherwise there is really no reason why anyone should vote for you. By the way, Do you even watch let alone follow local football? Coz if you did you would know who to campaign to. Now the writing is on the wall. Mwagwa nayo! Concentrate on other things. Better luck next time but come prepared.

  22. Ndaipalero says:

    Zako zada basi no matter how u clean with threatening innocent pipo bt know kuti after election waku maula basi walter is another cashgate in sports along side Nyerenda musolve kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  23. rasta says:

    these tongas are full of themselves bolanso atumbuka. its time for this idiot to go

  24. stephen says:

    my God!

  25. Sir Bentby says:

    Nthawi yake yatha basi,

  26. redeemed says:

    Shocking that at this day and age there are still people who resort to violence in bid to settle there differences. Frankly, school did not profit them and one could safely suggest that they seek a refund from there school fees portion.

  27. Mbuya says:

    Akuti Born again za zii umbanda stop showing pipo as if u pray but ur hands r dirty ,lf u r indeed a born again y r u queit?

  28. nyando says:

    Pitanitu kwa kafandiya akuti akuchita kukudikilani. Vayani mukaone chomwe chinapangitsa nkhanga kuti ikhale ndi mutu wopanda tsitsi

  29. Titus scot says:

    Sport politics. Vanity, vanity, vanity! All is vanity. Anatero Solomon. Kunali ambiri kunja kuno omwe anaumilira mpando and leashed terror komabe eventually time overtook them. Time will tell! Asiyeni a Nyamilandu achite zomwe akuchitazo kuti apambane koma nzakutha izi. No one is indispensable! Enafe last year tinadziwa when he announced that he would not fun. We knew he was testing the waters. So his parasites started campaign to ensure that he runs again, amadyera momwemo! Tidzafa eeh, tidzafa eeh, tidzafa naye, tiri pambuyo pa……..!

  30. bobiyo says:

    how can a graduate behave like a savage? shame on u Walter!

  31. Miccateez says:

    Kwavutatu, FAM presidet simaseweratu, g0 but musafike mpaka ku Duwitsa aiiiii,

  32. Ma says:

    If those who don’t want him have facts go ahead campaign and compete with him. Koma ambiri ma candidate want to come in to FAM for stealing not love of soccer NO NO NO!
    GOOD thing is Walter has a stable job and so stealing is far from him unlike mafana anawa simply put poverty striken Dimwits!

  33. cadet 1 says:

    Walter we love you but its time to quit, blatter is suffering coz of the same thing

  34. brighton says:

    That’s why I don’t lyk going 2 de stadium….

  35. joshua vs bonke vs sheperd vs angel vs salanje vs...... says:

    mu mpila mulidi money eti? muphelane ziti amalawi? no wonder FAM is a mzuzu corner….

  36. chipie says:

    Manda awaits his double if not tripple fate right on a day of vote. She (Mc millan) will be beaten up with thugs of votesplus along with (her royalties)

  37. Kingster Bella says:


  38. chikutumbwe nyanianthu says:

    Ndiye a police mukutani mangani munthu uyu mukuti nyama ya milandu oh Nyamilandu.

  39. chikutumbwe nyanianthu says:

    Ndiye a police mukutani mangani munthu.

  40. Anabanda says:

    Fuck u walter don’t play around peoples wishes or u will end up loosing your life

  41. PADAMBO says:

    Za alomwe zinenezi


    Kukhwimira chani ??

  42. chefourpence says:

    Kodi akuluwa siakuuti amapemphera masiku ano? Ndidzabodza eti? Ali ngati amake! Hazel Manda! Mai wokuba! Hule!

  43. Kangaroo says:

    Mr. Man, don’t force matters otherwise matters will force you. You ve done ur part give chance to ur friends. What else do you want to do which you did not in the last 12 years of office. We are tied of, we don’t like you.

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