PP’s Msonda in a brawl with truck driver: Malawi police yet to make arrest

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) publicist, Ken Msonda was involved in a wild brawl with a truck driver that left both of them severely injured, Malawi Police confirmed of the incident and have since taken over the matter but is yet to make arrest.

Truck driver Kanyenda showing his injuries after a brawl with Msonda

Truck driver Kanyenda showing his injuries after a brawl with Msonda

Msonda: Grateful to police for saving his life

Msonda: Grateful to police for saving his life

The shirt Msonda was wearing after sustaining cuts

The shirt Msonda was wearing after sustaining cuts

Police said the incident which occurred on Monday evening will be treated as a State case whereby Msonda and the driver will be charged with fighting at a public place as well as conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Msonda and S&I Carrier truck driver, George Kanyenda got into a brawl at Liwanda trade centre in Machinjiri after a quarrel over a packed truck that blocked a road to Msonda’s residence.

Kanyenda had packed a 40 tonne truck on a road to Msonda’s house which infuriated the politician.

Tempers are said to have flared when Msonda got into the truck to remove it, and the driver instead started insulting the politician before splashing beer on him.

Kanyenda is said to have loudly called Msonda ”Wa PP uyu, mwana wa Joyce Banda (He is a PP official and Joyce Banda’s aide)”.

Msonda, according to police, retaliated to Kanyenda’s insults and attack by hacking him on the hand and forehead with a panga knife that he got from his car.

”Mr. Msonda was the one who rushed to South Lunzu police in Area 5 (Machinjiri) and the driver followed him there. They started fighting in the presence of officers. The driver hit Mr. Sonda with a glass bottle,” explained Blantyre  police publicist, Elizabeth Divala.

Divala said it was difficult to arrest the two at the time of the incident as they needed immediate medical attention.

”Both of them sustained serious injuries and were given a letter to seek medical help. They were advised to report to the same police station on Tuesday, but the driver gave an excuse that he wasnt
feeling well,” added Divala.

Divala said the two are yet to be arrested in a matter which she described as a civil case.

‘Political attack’

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Msonda who prides himself as a political foot-soldier suspected the incident to be a political attack.

”I suspect he was sent by some politicians because he recognised me as PP official. My life was in danger; he was so aggressive and my neighbours failed to cool him off. He splashed beer on me, broke the bottle and cut me on the hand, instead I had to defend myself,” explained Msonda.

He added: ”I rushed to police and he followed me there and attacked me again in full presence of three police officers. I thank the police for serving my life”.

Msonda said was waiting for police to conclude their investigations on the matter.

But in a separate interview, Kanyenda’s boss, Ben Chiwaula blamed the politician for starting the fight which he said had left his employee critically injured.

”The driver was coming from Mozambique and had stopped at Liwanda in Machinjiri to talk to a friend, a fellow driver from our company,” said Chiwaula.

Chiwaula said Kanyenda had left the truck, ferrying fertilizer, running.

”While he was talking to his colleague, he heard a sound like somebody was moving his truck. He rushed back thinking it was carjackers, but people told him it was Mr. Msonda an official of Peoples Party,”  added Chiwaula.

He claims Kanyenda did not know Msonda until the incident when people called out his name.

Chiwaula defended his junior’s failure to report to police on Tuesday as was adviced by the law-enforcers, saying he had fainted  and we rushed him to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he was discharged on the same day.

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115 thoughts on “PP’s Msonda in a brawl with truck driver: Malawi police yet to make arrest”

  1. ISHMAEL ALI says:


  2. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Koma nsonda ndi power kuchimenya chi driver choncho congrats

  3. zidana says:

    mr msonda is really a good boxer

  4. Jelbin mk says:

    Msonda was wrong to get into someone’s vehicle because a vehicle is like a house which can be accessed only with an approval of the owner but to splash a beer on him was too much to bear even if it was me I could overact trust me. And I don’t think this is a civil case as the police put it, this is a criminal case where aggravated body harm was caused.

  5. Jelbin mk says:

    A myao musatiyankhulitse pambali kodi have you ever gone to school? Does a councillor need to be standing on the road checking which vehicles compatible with which road. The rules are already there restricting heavy vehicles from entering residential areas and the it is the duties of the traffic police to make sure that those restrictions are paid the needed attention and fully abided by. Mr you seem to be too obsessed with councillors I don’t know what did they do to you therefore I can’t pass judgment on you. And the issue here is too far from councillors because I didn’t expect them to be impounding vehicles on the road all I can say is something is wrong with your IQ.

  6. mthako wa alhomwe says:

    so the truck driver splashed beer on him….we can assume he was drunk. No further comment

  7. Chinyanga says:

    Mitima ya achinansonda ndiyowawa ndikale after kuluza kuja. No wonder they hide pangas in their cars as a security measure..Zikumawawa poti they were booted out unexpectedly komanso ndalama sakuzipeza ngati kale nthawi yomwe anali m’mboma. They feel insecure that amaganiza kuti anything negative that comes their way nde kuti ndi attack from a fellow politician. Alibe mtendere koma ali ndi manyazi. Ndiolusa kwambiri komanso nsanje….nde iwe truck driver kumaputa anthu ngati awa eeeeee kaya..ndangodusamo.

  8. Petros says:

    Msonda amagaya taonani Ebolayo

  9. wales banda says:

    Nonse munyongedwe basi

  10. Musonda anatemera mankhwala a ndeu. Ali mwana amamenya mudzi wonse chifukwa chake Kutchenatchena anamuthamangisa

  11. clement says:

    Bullshit msonda, I’ll deal with you no matter what how long it will take. You must leave machinjiri right now. Mumati a D P P amayenda ndi pangas iweyo bwanji? Nanu olemba bwanji mukuonetsa jejeti take yokha iye watani? Chitsiru msonda, uli ndi mseu iweyo? Why only you blame the driver yet others were passing by the same road? Ulira ndipo uona

  12. Druza says:

    This other day as I was coming out of the bank, I found somebody wrongly parked in front of me and I just went into my car and waited up until he came, apologised that he wasted my time and off he went and I also proceeded to do other things.

  13. Namu says:

    Blocking somebodys driveway is illegal anywhere. So this driver is to blame. I think driving schools are to blame too. Most people get their driving lessons through back doors where they can’t get all the details that they need to know apart from knowing how to stair the wheel. No wonder our roads are death zones, that most drivers can’t keep their lanes when making corners. They are always on wrong lanes just because there avoiding a sharp corner and end up in head on collussions. Hope all goes well for Mr Nsonda.

  14. 5star rated says:

    a politician with a standby panga knife in his car trunk???? wow! that’s new!

  15. Zochitsiru Basi Kumasuka Kwa Chipani Chanu Zikathele Pa Nseu? Amatani Kudikila Driver Wa Galimoyo. Galimoto Sasunthilana Wopanda Lamulo Ndiwakuba Msondayo

  16. Sangomaa says:

    Kodi nsondayu ikanakhala benz yake wina akufuna ayendetse akanamva bwanj?? driver aliense anayambapo waima kapena azaima pa malo olakwika .koma anthu tonse tztero kukwera galimoto mkuisuntha tokha? Msonda ndi munthu wopanda nzeru kwambiri .kukhala wandale sizoti anthu azkhala njenjenje nd inu.dziko ndilatonse .ife timavutika kugwira nthchito zowawa ndkumalipira nsonkho umene inu mumangoudya ngat makata nd mabanja anu plus zibwenzi zanu..Woyenera kulandra ulemu ndi ndani? A nsonda munali ndani kuchipanda cashgate..ngat mtsogoleri mmayenera kupewa…anthu mukuwakhapa ndi amene adzakuvotereni kuti muzamwe wa mkaka tsiku lina..kod traffic jam imakhala mu high way ija tzngotsika yathu nkukayendesa yapatsogolo?..

  17. gie says:

    stupid driver

  18. G .R.Chidzanja says:

    Trucks have no parking space in locations.Ask city authorities.Defend it mr msonda

  19. Umunthu says:

    Thumbs up Msonda. Politicians can fight as well

  20. sir bentby says:

    I support musonda, he is innocent, why can someone ignores peaceful advice and instead respond by pouring chibuku on his body? anatumidwa and wamchita bwino. agalu a dpp akuzolowera

  21. Zymology says:

    kena kake eti ka koma ya kamunthu kopanda nzeru ngati aka,how wud you feel if someone had blocked the road to your house?,check your comments pliz, mbuli za dpp ndi ma emty tins,dont judge a case by looking at one angle

  22. sadrido says:

    Madilaivawa tikamalemba tiziwaonetsetsa. Osalemba a chamba ngati Kanyendayo. Mpakana kukamenya nzake in the presence of police officers. mwikho- Ameneyo amutsekere basi ndi wautsiru. Ameneyo Kanyendayo ndikhalidwe lake kuyambira kale nthawi zina akagunda munthu samaima amati ndife eniake a mseu, anamuchita bwino. Akhala akugunda anthu a njinga za kapalafe. A police gwirani ntchito yanu basi, aone kuti dziko nchiani…… Mowa too much ameneyo….. Amauza anzake ife tikumva kuti ndikapita ku Police akanditsekera chifukwa ndachita ndeu in the presence of the Police. Ena akumulangiza kuti upite ku chipatala kuti akamakufunsa kuti bwanji sunabwere ukanene kuti ndinapita ku chipatala.

  23. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Osatengela za ndale koma kukamba mwa tchutchu,driver ameneyu ndiwolakwa ndithu ndipo tikanakhala Ana a M’nsinkhu wake tikanamuonetsa nyenyezi,komaso Madalawa Ulemu wawoooo..

  24. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    I blame the driver. He parked at the wrong place and he was not apologetic.

  25. Lottie says:

    That is sad. This whole thing could have been prevented if the aggrieved party went to report to the police before things went out of hand. Violence should at all cost be avoided.

  26. Beast Msonda says:

    Msonda is a beast. Somebody splashes bear on you and you respond by hacking him on forehead and arm with a panga knife? In Msonda we have the most dangerous beast, a life threatening to our society. Nobody gets hurt with insults or with bear splashing. I think Msonda is up to something. So he moves around with panga knives in his car? Poor pp thugs!

  27. What? says:

    The driver look youthful but why clobbered by an odd PhiPhi sympathiser like one Musonda? This driver must revenge!

  28. Dr Joyce Banda says:

    Zako zimenezo msonda ufa ngati nkhuku, ndinakuuza kuti basi zisiye za ndalezo koma iwe makani. Nchifukwa chake ine ndinathawako uko ku malawi.

  29. aurora says:

    ndinkaziwa ine kuti ken msonda nd beast just looking at his bird like face……..zopusa eti

  30. Sokosi says:

    It was in safe defense.

  31. Dr. Nyangazidana says:

    magazi amenewa simudapasanepo matenda a kanyera?



  33. MSB says:

    koma kodi chithunzi cha a msondachi ndichapanopa kapena ndi cha kalekale??

  34. Myao says:

    Aja mumati mafumu ndi ma councillors iyi ndi ntchito yao kuonetsetsa kuti vehicles beyond their capacity restriction for residential areas are not permitted in these areas/ are reported to Police, tikamati ma khansala akugona wina nkumatsutsa!

  35. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    This is provocation osandawula a Nsonda.

  36. Machendenguluwe says:

    Well done Msonda, these idiots called truck driver think they own each and every road in town. Malamulo samawadziwa agalu amenewa. Amanyada nazo ngati ali ndi degree koma amaiwala kuti aliyense amane analowa ntchito ngati driver ndi messenger and maphunziro ake saposa pa MSCE

  37. Tizione Dedza says:

    Am watching

  38. gwede says:

    Well done msonda, koma bwanji angoonetsa mayala anu okha?

  39. Gulugufe says:

    Mwana wa PiPi uyu wachepa!

  40. gwede says:

    Well done msonda, koma bwanji angoonetsa mayala any okha?

  41. ZZ Junior says:

    A Msonda ndinudi wamuna. Kuchitema chi driver cho like that, ndagoma nanu. On a serious note this truck driver is wrong and derserve sterner punishment.

  42. Mavuto Pwiya~pwiya says:

    Ife timadikira kuti yemwe ali msogoleri kaya wa chipani chanji azitionesa zitsanzo za makhalidwe a umunthu, kupilira, kulewa ziwawa, kuganiza modekha. Nanga monga asogoleri athu akayamba chonchi, nanga ife osatira titani tiziona ngati zolondola. Kutereku atiwonesa chitsanzo choipa ku mtundu wa A Malawi umene uli wokonda mtenere ndi wachikondi ku dziko lonse lapansi. Atsogoleri oterewa sayenera kukhala asogoleri abwino ku dziko la Malawi.

  43. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Was the driver tested for alcohol? Trust me,he was driving while drunk.

  44. Chris says:

    Ben Chiwaula should be arrested as well, he can not see that his driver was wrong to pack a track at a wrong place blocking others from entering their premises. He must be punished as well.

  45. CHIPAPWICHE says:

    Leaving politics aside, lets critically look into the issue with sober minds. One the truck driver had parked at a wrong place, .Mr Msonda is furious and gets into the truck to drive it off without finding the where abouts of the driver, now the driver comes and finds a stranger on the drivers seat trying to drive off the car, assaults the stranger, and the stranger, Msonda goes to get a panga knife from his car and assaults the the driver then runs to the police. Apa palibe wabwino coz Ma driver ama truck they don’t care where they park their vehicles and they don’t mind anybody. now, much that zimapsesa mtima Msonda being a leader, would have looked for the driver and reason with him other than drive the truck himself. look now driver akuti amaonangati akufuna kubeledwa galimoto, who can dispute his claim?N ayenso msonda akuti anakatenga chida chimene amayenda nadcho, chikwanje kuti aziteteze. In this issue aliyense was taking the law into own hands and both have cases to answer

  46. JOBUUUUUS says:


  47. JOMO says:


  48. Moses Makoko says:

    Well done Ken Msonda!
    To be honest, truck drivers are a nuisance! They are parking in residential areas and they don’t mind blocking others’ gates. If only the city councils woke up from their sleep and invoke the laws that bar trucks in residential places!!!
    Job well done Ken Msonda! !

  49. mwanamulanje says:

    I do smell a rat here. Listen, Ken Msonda from Karonga and George Kanyenda from Karonga. All of them are Tumbukas. This is likely to be a collusion just to implicate somebody.All of them are DPP members. All them are Tumbukas. Watch out guys.How possible the driver forgetting keys on the ignition bay? How Ken Msonda gatherd the courage of entering into someone’s truck driving the car away.? They agreed. Or they are all mad people.

  50. Jelbin mk says:

    When federalism debates were in motion in Mzuzu the DPP cadets were making noise in the presence of the police and when the police wanted to quell the noise the cadets told them they were government themselves and and the police should not fight against government which means the cadets were sent by some ruling party officials and in this Msonda case the driver assaulted Msonda in the presence of the police not fearing any arrest meaning he might have known that the police could not fight against government so political assault can not be ruled out here,if it was not political then the public is in for a big security crisis. Are the police seriously to say that they take this case as a civil case? Do they know what a civil case is like? A civil case is when someone will have to pay for damages only while where blood in shaded a criminal case is not ruled out. Is this claim that they treating the case as a civil one not enough evidence that some people in authority are behind this provocation towards Msonda? Now is JB’s reluctance to return not valid if her party officials are being targeted indirectly? We all know how the DPP works when it comes to Mafioso they can wave pangas in the streets without fear they can do anything I mean anything without being held accountable by the police anyway are we going back to muluzi era when thugs could rob us when we got at wenera depot from SA in presence and full view of the law enforcement agents

  51. GRM says:

    How can this young man fight with the elderly man? How can he live his keys in the vehicle? How can he be drinking beer yet is driving the big vehicle in a residential area? Is he normal human being? I could have dismissed him should he be my driver. But since i am not stupid and careless Ben Chiwaula he will have his job

  52. GRM says:

    The picture of the driver Is beautiful. I could have done worse than that. The driver is wrong and cannot go back to Police. AKAMUMANGA.

  53. mwahana says:


  54. #Msonda amuuze #Mwenefumbu kut driver yooo azamuonese VIMWEKUMWEKU!

  55. Sosols says:

    What do you think Nsonda would have done if he had a gun?

  56. Yusuf Hofmally says:

    Munthu kuputidwa uli koyenda, bola. Koma kudzakuyamba utatambalala pakhomo pako
    ana ali pompo ndamumvela chisoni Msonda. Chisankho kuluza anthu kubwelanso pakhomo kudzakusokonezani, pepani, pepani kwambiri. Mowa anakuthirani chonsecho mowa simunamwepo. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  57. Akatswiri says:

    The driver was wrong, coz what he did was Criminal tresspass contrary to section 314(a) of the Penal code.

  58. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Has the Road Traffic stopped teaching people not to block entrances? I think this truck driver was wrong….

  59. The driver is wrong
    1. first offence wrong packing .
    2. Splashing beer on Mr Msonda and injuring him with a bottle.
    3. He followed him to police and started beating Mr Msonda on presence of the policemen who wittinest the fight at police stationot
    He failed to show up himself to police

  60. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    The conclusion is as follows
    1nsonda sanalakwe
    2driver analakwa
    3the driver drove into a residential area which is not allowed by traffic laws
    4the driver was drunk
    5the driver packed at nsonda’s house and blocked pathway
    6 the driver said nsonda is pp
    7he broke nsondas glasses
    8 the driver was generally rude and aggressive
    9 the driver would have packed at his friend’s house not nsonda’s
    9 he followed nsonda upto police station and beat him right there saopa
    10 driver has two cases of driving a truck into a residential area a nd causing assault and nsonda was acting in self defence
    11 a police malizani nkhani apa

  61. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Mapwevupwevu government. Koma Kamlepo is creative.

  62. Nkozombwe says:

    Rude truck drivers ungopezako matsoka, look at msondas body osamva chisoni iyayi. Akanati msonda blocked the way ukanavuta, silly truck driver!

  63. kwende says:

    Ngati anapanga park truck near his residence, the only way to do is to report to police than start driving the vehicle or fighting. Zinalakwika pangono a msonda anathamanga blood. To ashame these truck drivers its better to inform police basi than fighting, cos they are savages.

    Everybody knows msonda so the drivers boss lied to pple that his driver doesnt know msonda. Msonda is public figura, mwana wa amayi chapaphewa.

  64. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    If the road belongs to Mr. Msonda, personally, then he should have put up a gate at the beginning, or a “no trespass” sign. There was no such. And so anyone can drive on that road. Furthermore, when someone or a vehicle blocks your way, you simply do not take an aggressive stance like that, and say to hell with it. You first try to reason with the offender. Not so? Mr. Msonda cannot claim defense here, as there was no action to defend himself from.
    He’s clearly the instigator, and in the wrong. Zausaveji baasi (backward and uncivilized PP thinking). Meanwhile, he’s waiting for his “mom”, JB, to bail him out. Won’t happen anytime soon.

  65. chefourpence says:

    a Msonda amayanda ndi chikwanje?

  66. Namisako. says:

    Nkhano zopanda pake izi,onse awiriwa ndi opanda nzeru.Zinali zovuta kukambirana zimemezi?Fotseki!

  67. Bm says:

    Arrest the driver for several counts; wrong parking, truck in residential areas, drink n drive, causing breach of peace, left truck in idling with ignition key on, splashing beer on msonda’s face, blocking road, fighting msonda, failing to report to police same day, drinking beer on duty.

  68. Mphangela says:

    Kunena zoona truck driver analakwitsa,potchinga podutsa anzake chifukwa nkutheka msonda anayimba horn koma ma truck driver timawadziwa amakhala a mwano pa mseu nthawi zambili,i hope thus why msondaa anatopa nuganiza zokasuntha yekha.

  69. wakale says:

    pay yalowa.mawa pa ATM

  70. Nyau ya Nzeru says:

    Let us be peaceful Malawians as usual. At least Ken Msonda shouldn’t have gone to the extent of going into the truck to remove it. Already there was tressipasing there? The driver was drunk, splushed on Ken, wrong packing. Police watch, nanga anaka phana mukuona?
    Palibe nkhani APA! Washouti!

  71. Walila Mvula says:

    FUNSO: “kodi a Msonda wa m’mene mumawatenga photo ndimkuti akudya BWEMBAAAAAA?

  72. Rich nduna says:

    Truck driver ameneyo ndiwa mcp..amutuma ………

  73. chatonda says:

    My question is: suppose the driver did not block the road to Nsonda’s house, could these people fought/ Who caused the fight then? That person is wrong and should be guilt of the law and should be punished heavily for the breach of peace.

  74. Nkhedu says:

    koma nkhani zake za upwevupwevu bwanji!!! aaah

  75. BigMan says:

    Phuma anthu a PP, why not just ask the driver calmly to move the truck?

  76. The real Ujeni says:

    Inu a Jessica and your Maphwevuphwevu analysis, the driver started the fiight, he poured beer on Msonda and before that he blocked Msonda’s path to his house, ala muthu wanu utoyenda.

  77. Vimavee says:

    mankhwala aja ndi amphamvu paja..nde umakhala wamakani kobasi otate

  78. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Anthu amaudindo andale zimafunika kupewa zoterezi akakumangani ndiye muziti it is politically motivated zausiru izi zimatimvetsa chisoni zimafunika ma lebala akachasu izi

  79. Kaya says:

    Msonda Was Wrong as aleader must be examplary.Amene mkubakila Sizandale ai.

  80. ingigo says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! a Msonda amayendaso ndi PANGA KNIFE?????? anabwereka kwa ma CADET mwina kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  81. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Apa baba nsonda salakwe the driver packed his vehicle at nsonda’s house, the driver was drunk the driver therefore proved the situation

  82. nicholas says:

    So Mr Chiwaula u are not ashamed of defending ur stupid driver. To begin with, dont u know there is a law prohibiting trucks to go into residential areas? Why did he not pack at the friends plot? Doesn’t the friend have a phone number where they could talk instead of packing at Msondas place? Where did he get the beer fromif it was just talking to a friend? Police please,despite Msonda being PP,handle the issue fairly,the law is there concerning trucks

  83. wez says:

    I blame traffic police why here in malawi the arrow the dead car or truck standing in the midle of the road for some days without removing them? Look there’s a lot of unroad worth cars, truck, that need proper service and police r doing nothing on this matter. The driver is wrong why he decide to park truck at someones house and living the truck hydring making huge noise. Later on talking about thew party he berong ist if u berong to pp then ur useless? This man need to be arrested.

  84. Chisanzo Ngozo says:

    Politics or no politics hearing what the Police are saying the truck driver provoked musonda.
    Why block the way to his house, splash him with beer and then break his eye glasses. Guys this was too much!
    Besides these truck drivers are a nuisance when it comes to careless parking. I once had a very bad experience with these truck drivers, he blocked the road to my house.
    Ali Kaka shot dead a truck driver in the same manner. This truck driver is lucky musonda didn’t have a gun am sure he could have killed him. Opposition politicians fear for their lives when provoked by unknown people.

  85. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Kodi a city council alibe may by-laws? We don’t want these trucks in our residential areas zikutigumulira misewu. These roads in residential areas are meant for smaller vehicles. City councils, you could generate revenue by charging these truck drivers who take their trucks to residential areas. They want tizibwenzi tawo tiziwaona kuti ayendetsa truck. Mufa ndi Edzi.

    A Msonda sanalakwe inenso ndikanachita chimodzi modzi kundibulokera njira ndiye ndidutse kuti?

  86. Phwado says:

    Don’t drink and drive.The law says.And beating someone in the presence of police officera right in their back yard!Inu a police mukumva bwanji mthupimo?

  87. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Kodi a city council alibe may by-laws? We don’t want these trucks in our residential areas zikutigumulira misewu. These roads in residential areas are meant for smaller vehicles. City councils, you could generate revenue by charging these truck drivers who take their trucks to residential areas. They want tizibwenzi tawo tiziwaona kuti ayendetsa truck. Mufa ndi Edzi.

  88. Mr Msonda kutha ngati Makatani

  89. Jessica says:

    Three things I got from this story: (1)Msonda started the fight, (2)Msonda attacked the driver by hacking him on the hand and forehead with a panga knife, (3)After hacking his fellow human being Msonda ran away to seek refuge at the police station.

    Let the law take its course regardless of who Msonda is. Police please be fair and just on this issue. Do not listen to these PP hand clappers on this forum defending this dangerous animal called Msonda. He is a beast to the community. Let him go and rot at Maula prison.

  90. Wa ku Mchinji says says:

    M’malo molipila anthu a m’boma salary mukulipila driver kuti amenye Msonda. Pali nzeru pamenepa… Goodall Gondwe Plus APM is equal to Nkhalamba.

  91. A Muthyapa says:

    Tikukuonani.Tsiku ndi limodzi u gonna pay for all these nosense.

  92. Junnie Chauluka says:

    3l sorry 4 dem!!!

  93. MAKOLO says:

    amana zake ife phe

  94. Monseriwa says:

    Put the fight aside. These truck drivers are rude. They like blocking roads the way they. Most trucks when are on breakdown are left on the middle of the roads. I also blame the law enforcers on our roads for doing nothing when they find anthu ozikondawa.

  95. Curious Cat says:

    Kodi mukufuna amayi atani?Msonda was the only trusted guy in the failed pp and the only hope for amayi when she steps in Malawi as the imminent danger ends as she claims to Malawian.Amusonda paka kukatenga khwangwa ili fulasi yokha yokha yoluza.Koma pp yawona maloza ulendo uno.Muti atakawalandire amayi Ku airport ndi ndani mukamanga the loyal boy msonda?

  96. Ndatero ine says:

    But malamulo amenena kuti vehicles above 10 tone asapite ku ma small roads nde uyu mwamusiyilanji bogus police ntchito kuba ndi mfuti

  97. Xeenoph says:

    Mmmmmm!!! Zinatheka bwanji kuyendesa truck a Msonda? Nde kuti Driver amasiya makey pa ignition ? AAAaaaaa!!!! Amapingana kale amenewa

  98. Hahahahaha koma guys no bho, olo kupanda chisoni mpaka kuthizimulana ndi msonda, iyayi amalawi tisamatero

  99. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp thugs, what do you expect from them? And the driver’s boss lying to the bone. This was obviously planned with evil intentions. Road accident again? We will see what comes out eventually on this.

    Having said that, I wish Ken and the driver fast recovery to their normal good health.

  100. drogba says:

    by the way, why do we allow these trucks to be packed in residential areas?? Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Local Govt, do you allow this?? In fact most truck drivers are rude and always think that the roads belong to them alone and nobody else. They block the roads as they please and don’t even mind. I’m sorry Mr Msonda and I wish You a quick recovery. I would love if police arrested this thug pretending to be a truck driver

  101. Wachikond says:

    Ndale izo plz take care

  102. Wakumuzi . says:

    Mwanyanya konweko basi osafunako kwanu kuno. Akupangeni mwina tazakusunge pa manda apamuzi kkkkkkk

  103. VYOTO says:


  104. OMalindi says:

    Koma Ndiye Msonda Zinamuderatu ameneyu

  105. chindotoli says:

    Parking for vindele vakufikilapo

  106. The real Ujeni says:

    You don’t just drive a truck full of cargo into a residential area and park it at private drive way, silly and stupid drive, lawlessness. Will see how our useless police will handle this. On top of that the driver provoked Msonda by pouring beer on him, ohh! My God, I would go mental too. You park your stupid vehicle blocking my entry home, you insult me then pour beer on m? Stupid silly driver. Arrest the driver and let him compensate Msonda.

  107. mtumbuka 1 says:

    I’m made to believe you moya when you say you were there and the truck driver had intentionally assaulted him. The problem is that ever since bingu came into power,Malawi is badly divided along regional,tribal and political lines and people are just bitter about each other. Now we have peter mutharika he does not preach unity at all. Bakili muluzi had his flaws here and there but he united Malawi as one country but today we are so divided and the funny part of it is that while we are busy fighting calling each other names, mutharika and his friends are sweeping the treasury clean and stealing everything. When we will realise we been robbed peter will be gone back to America to live and we will still have nothing to show as a nation but divions and hatred.

  108. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Truck driver, munayima kuti? Pakati pa nseu kapena pa khomo la Msonda? Ndiye kuti anzanuwo amakhala kwa Msondako kapena a Msonda ali ndi Car park ya bwino kwambiri?

    Nanga mowa munautenga kuti? Truck mphaka ku residential area parking, kuyamba kuyitanitsa umodzi umodzi!!

  109. opportunist says:

    Lack of manners for the driver

  110. njanjitate says:

    mwana uyu ithink adatumidwa ndi anthu akuzipani zina awa chifukwa chiyani kukatseka nsewu wakunyumba kwa munthu?????????nanunso eni akampani kumangolowererapo zilizonse?????amakapopa mafuta mwina.

  111. Prophet says:

    Driver ameneyu ndiwamakani kwambiri I know him…. he is a nuisance.

  112. nicolas says:

    nchito za thupi zionekela ndizo…….(agatiya 5:19-21)

  113. Moya says:

    I was there I witnessed the incident the truck driver provoked musonda.
    He recognized him as a pp spokesperson, shouted at him and splashed beer to musondas face. We tried to reason with the driver but he was so aggressive.
    In fact musondas neighbours using the same road failed to passby and used an alternative road that passes through nthawira parish.

    It was very bad. I suspect the driver had some evil intentions.

    1. Koma ya says:

      Msonda stop commenting on your own story. How could you gather courage to hack your fellow human being with a panga knife. You are a dangerous man. You need to be at Chichiri or Maula. That’s where you belong.

  114. Benford says:

    Mwana wopanda ulemu uyu, chifukwa chiyani ukumenyana ndi madala, uchire ndipo tikumanga bansi chifukwa uzamenya president wanthu chifukwa nayenso ndi dala, shaaaaaa puuuuuu

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