Aford says DPP ‘blindfolding’ North Malawi on cruel quota  system

Alliance for Democracy (Aford) has hit at the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of ‘blindfolding’ northerners  that it will abolish its controversial quota system.

Thindwa: Spokesman of Chihana issued the statement

The quota system, which the Malawian government refers to as Equitable Access to University Education, requires higher education institutions to admit students based on where they come from. It is aimed at discouraging a trend under the merit system that saw people from the north entering higher education in greater numbers than students from the south.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times signed by Aford president Enoch Chihana’s spokesman Saulso Thindwa said the controversial quota system  “is not only cruel to the people of the region, but also inhuman as it suppresses brilliant Northern Region students while promoting average students from other regions to have space at the University. “

The statement adds: “The quota system has become very unpopular among Northerners as most deserving students with good points, fail to have entry into the University.”

According to Aford, President Peter Mutharika wanted to make announcement of abolishing quoat system when he commissioned the Chitipa Water Supply Project.

Aford said: “DPP must be told that it is just wasting time on its plan to blindfold Northerners on the evil of the quota system of education. Let it be aware of the fact that Northerners have had enough of such harsh treatment under its leadership.”

However, Aford said  government should construct public universities in the northern region as is the case  with the Central and Southern regions.

Aford said it is “ an insult to the people of the Northern Region “on the plans that the DPP-led government to turn public  Secondary Schools in the North into Universities.

“We have witnessed the state of the art university, which stands magnificently in Thyolo, Southern Region. We also have College of Medicine, Polytechnic, and other constituents of the University of Malawi in the Southern and Central Regions; yet North has none,” reads the statement.

It further states: “It is now rumoured that DPP intends to turn Mzuzu Government Secondary School into a University structure. For once, why can’t the Government build a proper University in the North other than turning Secondary Schools into universities? This clearly shows that the DPP led-Government does not value Northerners. DPP must stop taking Northerners for granted.”

President Mutharika has said groundwork for Mombera University in Mzimba is epxetced to start.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila rubbished Aford ‘s statement as “cheap political propaganda.”

Kasaila said  quota system was introduced by Malawi Congress Party  administration and not DPP, saying the Equitable Access to University Education is a government  policy  not party matter.


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winston msowoya
Let’s agree with AFORD,there is nothing that can be told to Malawians on quota system,especially the hated Northerners.It is Banda who came with this divisive notion which still hangs in our dreams.In fact,what prompted Banda to come with this tribalistically motivated inclination? According to the UN San Fransisco Conference of 1945, which promulgated the Charter,stated that Education is the right of every human being,why does the Malawi government insists on hellish QUOTA SYSTEM which has dangerously divided our beloved fatherland? God’s talent is impossible to take it away from anybody.Quota System or no quota system,nothing will deter the people of… Read more »

Shaa! Kani Shaulots Tchinjwa alipo? Good to hear he has joined politics.

Ok! From football let’s go to soccer!!!!

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

The MCP led government silently abandoned quota system after some students studying law at Chancellor College in 1991 challenged the criteria in the High Court whose ruling was delivered in 1992, the criteria having been introduced in 1989. The matter came before Justice HM Mtegha of the High Court, as then was, who ruled in the students’ favour.

When it comes to substandard projects, the DPP throws them in the north. In fact, this nonsense of turning non-tertiary institutions into universities was also done by Muluzi. I am inclined to believe that southern leaders do not wish the north anything good, from education to economic and social development, and yet they have the audacity to go to the north and talk rubbish about development and political fairness. Mutharika was just barking in Chitipa. He should have been shown how substandard Karonga-Chitipa road is. Kasaila has never impressed me with both his looks and understanding of issues. He is… Read more »

STADIUM ; MOMBERA VERSITY which they promised your people there



Angel of Doom
I am a Northerner and very proud to be. I am also a very angry Northerner, because Northerners have become so dull, that they are content to live on past glory. It is natural, for people to want not to look stupid, that is why people from other regions claim that they were just as educated as people from the North, but the truth is, until recently, there were more educated people from the North than there were from the other two regions put together. This is why there were more Northerners in all sorts of high positions in a… Read more »
Very stupid post by this fake northerner. CHALLENGE: REMOVE YOUR QUOTA SYSTEM TODAY (27/07/2017) AND LET THESE KIDS MEET IN AN EXAM ROOM AFTER A TERM OF LEARNING. RESULTS NUMBER 1= NORTHERN REGION NUMBER 2= CENTRAL REGION NUMBER 3= SOUTHERN REGION These are facts. You can turn, fall down, jump or even snooze…….. this will be result. My son got 14 points from a rural school in the north yet he was not selected. I bought him all the books required for his school including Chanco manuals. Yet I noted with sorrow students with up to 23 points from South… Read more »
Angel of Doom
Ungwelu, My point exactly, have you made the right noise about your son having 14 points, and have you pointed at a student with 23 points who went to University and asked why? Chances are you are lying that you have a 14 point child, or that a 23 point child went to University? which is which. If both are true then you need to be talking about that, to expose the system, not just saying Quota System is evil, show it with facts. Your reply to my post also just proves my point, Northerners, are becoming dull, can you… Read more »
bwabwalala mlakho wa a lomwe
bwabwalala mlakho wa a lomwe

Your point looks foolish about quota system. You seem to be DPP sell out……

Angel of Doom

You will be talking about Quota, while your friends children are learning.

Muzamulila, when you discover the Educated North has indeed become the DULL North.


Kasaila mutu wako! Government policy ndiye kut chani? Policy yonunkhayo? To hell with your Equitable Access policy! Dont bring in MCP in this – DPP introduced this stinking policy during the second stupid term of the equally stupid Bingu wa Mutharika! Afordddddddddddddddd, Victoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
No. Analyst, hold your fire. Do not not utter insulting words, please. Quota system was introduced by the MCP in September 1988 during the graduation ceremony at Chancellor College presided over by the Chairman of the University Council, JZU Tembo who represented Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. In February 6, 1989 teachers from the north were deported back to northern Malawi. In 1990 students at the University of Malawi, notably Ambokire Salimu, Chipungu, Charles Chidongondo Mhango and others challenged the University Council in the High Court on the selection procedure of students to the university. The matter came before High Court… Read more »

Foolish and Selfish Northerners!!! Mwatha manda athu ku Chitawira apa!!!


Heeyi!!! Sheeh! Mudala Hlabezulu Ngonoonda wa hlaba kakhulu!!!!!!!!!! It would be foolish to continue debating on the Quarter System after this well articulated reasoning. Except for fools. The bottom line is that Quarter system was evil and still remain evil.

I also salute the writer who wrote that Ambokile and others took it to court. So what else do we need to prove that this is EVIL? NORTHERNERS DO NOT BE FOOLED , DPP WILL NOT ABOLISH THIS BECAUSE IT IS THEIR BABY THEY WATCHED IT GROW! NEVER ALLOW MZUZU GOVERNMENT SECONDARY SCHOOL TO BE A UNIVERSITY. AYIIIIIIH!!!!!

Give facts not fiction. Quota was started with Dr Banda, those that old enough know that when the academy started Dr Banda announced that students will go to the academy on merit. He said they will be listed from number 1, 2, 3 etc. until the Academy places are filled. These students were Standard 8 students. The first intake was listed and given to Dr Banda. All students were from the North. That is when Dr Banda decided, that merit was not a good idea, but he would take the best 10 from each District. He then extended that to… Read more »

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