‘Backbencher’ goes to town on ‘lie about generators’ and Malawi exploitation

A newspaper column has hit at the Peter Mutharika administration over rlling power cuts  that have hit homes and businesses across the country in the just ending year, saying  25-hour electricity load-shedding is a new reality that made 2017 conspicuous.

Writting in the Weekend Nation , a columnist that goes by the name of ‘Backbencher’,  says the electricity crisis  has never been this bad in Malawi ever since the nation became an independent sovereign State in 1964.

The columnist argue that despite the Mutharika government giving hope for  “respite in 2018”, his administration has  a reputation “for flying kites in our faces. They just might be taking us for fools.”

He writes: “Already they have pulled a fast one on generators meant to add 50 megawatts (MW) to the national grid. They were to be here this month, where are they?”

Backbencher says  “the lie about generators as a short-term solution to power crisis” started either in the first or second quarter of the year. Ministers, technocrats and even President Peter Mutharika himself “all pretended to care a about our plight.”

In the column’s review of 2017, Backbencher also tackled the issue of food security.

The writer argues that Mutharika’s administration “ exaggerated the magnitude of hunger of the yesteryear”, claiming that nearly half the population was so badly hit by a combination of floods and drought that they needed food relief.

“Donors came in with massive support. Corrupt folks in government capitalised on the frenzy, flouting laid down procurement procedures on the pretext of fast tracking the procurement of the much needed maize in order to save life.

“In the end, there was so much maize on the market that farmers had no choice but to sell their surplus for this year at below production costs,” reads the column in part.

The article says while  the small farmer was crying over the exploitation, government was all smiles because, thanks to the abundance of maize, inflation has been brought to single digit and in its” Machiavellian reason, the end justifies the means.”

On whether 2018 will be any different, the columnist say “No!”.

Reads the columnist argument: “Exploitation is the reason why the poor are getting poorer when the rich few are getting richer. Exploitation is also the reason why our leaders are enjoying expensive lives at the expense of a nation ranked the poorest by GDP per capita.

“Exploitation is also the reason why our human development index (HDI) rating is among the lowest in the world. The rich politicians are oblivious to the fact that more and more Malawians are tripping into the cycle of abject poverty.”

For Malawi  to get out of this mess, the columnist says Malawi  leaders must know that “stepping on our toes is crossing the red line and we’ll meet on the street. Our Constitution allows it.”

In conclusion, the column calls for prayers lfor Public Affairs Committee (PAC) “before it’s leaders are all bought with lucrative positions in parastatal boards.”

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3 years ago

ndithe ndithe siizi bliji ya ku nkhotakota ya mwezi umodzi yapita gutting the citizens- imprisonment adzera kutiko. magetsi kuyambila nkuja sasiyaso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwanji kumapanga zinthu ngati kuti ife sizotiyenera kukhala nazo ,mmene wagumukila ulalowu ,mseuwu ndengati anangozila no cumber koma madzi kudikha mmiseu. taonani mmene mlambawu unamuyankhila mwana atafusiya za kuzimazima kwa magetsi. iiiiiiiiiiiiiii kaya mwana uja anavapo khayanditi kuyamba waseka then nkumabwebweta zza nyale plafin kandulo- no sense at all nde mwana atolaponji?koma ta amwangeyi ankadzationetsa kuti ndi ana ake tija ntakedi? tate osatha kulankhula kwa ana. ngati mmene ankatiuzila kale lija kuti akuluakulu saaphwisa let alone kunya kumene fullstop.mudzaleka… Read more »

Che Wanimiliyoni
Che Wanimiliyoni
3 years ago

I was against the diesel powered electricity generation plant from the word go. And I am also sure the govt was against it but knowing Malawians are easily convinced govt mentioned end December and January as deadlines to have the plants up and running knowing fully well rains will have started hence no need for them. I don’t know about other areas but where I stay Chinsapo we have hardly any blackouts since 23rd Dec. So what’s the use of those generators? We Malawians we should understand that some problems are natural while others are manmade. If we had the… Read more »

3 years ago

Mr man. Don’t be fooled that in your area there I’d no black out since 23 December. The fact is that most companies are closed by now and their ratio is been distributed among the lesser elite
Just wait after January and you will vendicate me. Their will be total darkness

3 years ago

Ndizimenezo zilumanani dzana litali lija mmati joyce abiti ntila ndi big fish ya cash get lelo nsomba ya bombe yaikulu ndindani pakati pa petulo,chaponda,nankhumwa,nduna zija 7 zilinso mgululo abiti ntila mpaka lelo simukuwapezabe olakwa pompano mmati a interpol akumusaka abiti ntila wo akubisala pati makamaka? magetsi samazimazima 80hrs! Alleluyah!! sopano palimdima pamenepo!!

M Sizini
M Sizini
3 years ago

It is better to light a candle than to curse the DPP.

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