Chiumia confirms deep divisions in DPP

Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Grace Chiumia has conceded that there are deep divisions within the e governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying she is one of the targeted politicians to pull her down.

Chiumia: Claims sharp divisions in DPP

In trying to put a positive spin to what she said recently that President Peter Mutharika’s administration is not in support of the proposed electoral reforms, especially the proposal to have 50 percent-plus-one majority in the presidential election, Chiumia said some members of DPP are taking advantage of her remarks to fight her.

She revealed that all was not well in the ruling party, saying there were “sharp divisions”.

Chiumia said: “I know the people who are fighting me. I feel sorry that instead of us strengthening the party in readiness for 2019 polls there is internal fight.”

She did not mention the names.

During the rally she held at Mpherembe in Mzimba West Constituency last week, Chiumia said Malawi was not ready for change in elections management, as it will be a waste of resources.

She said: “There is this clergy group called PAC which wants to confuse people on elections as they are advocating for the 50 percent plus one system in electing the President. We have seen how problematic this system has been in other countries because every time a candidate doesn’t get the required votes, then a rerun takes place, which is expensive.

“Money meant for reruns should be used in constructing roads, buying medicine in hospitals and many other things. I beg you people of Mzimba West, let us all reject this proposal. Join the President so that these people don’t confuse you. Reject this. As government, we don’t support this. We don’t want it.”

Ironically, two other Cabinet ministers who attended the rally— Jappie Mhango (Transport and Public Works) and Goodall Gondwe (Finance, Economic Planning and Development)—did not comment on Chiume’s remarks in their addresses to the meeting.

But Chiumia said Malawians “misinterpreted”her remarks.

“What I meant is, it is my responsibility to outline the disadvantages of such reforms so that Malawians  can properly make a decision afre comparing the advantages which PAC  and other stakeholders  are advocating,” she said.

Chiumia said she has written PAC to clarify her remarks, saying her ministry ‘s mandate is to civic educate the people.

PAC has organised nationwide marches on December 13 2017 to demonstrate dissatisfaction with how government has handled electoral and local government reforms.

The Electoral Reforms Bills include an amendment of Section 80(2) of the Constitution and Section 96 (5) of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act proposing 50 percent+1 percent majority in presidential election and an amendment of Section 81 (3) of the Constitution for swearing-in of the President and Vice-President to be done after 30 days.

Proposals to have the reforms date back to 2004 and the subsequent Constitutional Review Conference in 2007.

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It’s high time the president revisited his criteria when choosing the cabinet. Malawi needs the calibre of ministers who are star performers like Chilima and Atupele. The dead wood must be chopped off asap. Wake up !


Star perfomers like Atu-what? If that is what star performance means in our country then let’s forget about Malawi. Close nyasatimes and lets just keep talking about chibuku and witchcraft stories.

Santana wa Satana

When did you know that there’s division in DPP? Mmaso ngati amunamizira chiwerewere. Ulendo ulipo basi.


Be like Nankumwa, very powerful in the ruling party but he does not use his previlaged position to castigate others on the podium. Very wise young man who understands the dynamics of Malawian politics.


My prophesy doesn’t change,I don’t see u in cabinet by January 10. Malawians never misinterpreted you. Tame your tongue

Incompetent Professor
Incompetent Professor

Youre no longer fit to be called ‘Obama’ in the political cycles, but rather ‘DisGrace’ from former Zibwabwean first lady. Because thats what fits your conducts


This Chiumia woman is a fool. She says money for election re-run would be waste, as such money would be used for road development, etc. How come DPP is now failing to develop roads, except in Thyolo and Mulanje, failing to resolve electricity blackouts, and yet there was no re-election. For how long will Malawians listen to these fools lying to the people? Regardless of these lies, Malawians will this time teach DPP a lesson. DPP will lose in 2019, this is a fact!!!


Stupid woman. Your spin will not work


“Ironically, two other Cabinet ministers who attended the rally— Jappie Mhango (Transport and Public Works) and Goodall Gondwe (Finance, Economic Planning and Development)—did not comment on Chiume’s remarks in their addresses to the meeting”

Did they say they were going to comment? So every time someone says something, another person should comment.

This is gutter journalism, always trying to make people think something that is not there. Use your talent for good.


“Talking of let me finish, let me finish Nanthambwe took it upon himself” or “Kunena kwa ndinthendinthe Nanthambwe anadzitengera”. Mutu uwu suukuonekadi ngati Nanthambwe?

Don’t cheat us Grace, just speak the truth that because you are loosing it, when did this division started in your Government? There is no division in your party you can ask Hatton and Santana and or you can ask Jamax and pathfinder they will tell you that there is no division as you are saying here, mind you my dear Grace if they will know that you are saying this to us, they will fire you, that will be your journey to malekwete. You see now? they have used you to tarnish your good picture to your home chiefs… Read more »

Kaitano, don’t you know that Santana and Hatton is the same or one-headless -chicken?

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