Clergy petition Malawi President, Speaker: ‘Table Electoral Reforms or face mass action’

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) on Thursday march in the Capital Lilongwe to present the petition to President Peter Mutharika  and Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya  at Parliament building demanding  the tabling and passing of Electoral Reforms Bills.

The presentation of the petition involving few members of the clergy, interests groups and civil society and individuals from within Lilongwe.

Rev Chingota, PAC chair reading the petition: This is simply the first stage of a series of activities.

The quasi-religious grouping has given government seven days to table Elector0

PAC, which is demanding commitment on the Bills after Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu pledged to table the same this month, has threatened to call for national demonstrations if government fails to honour the ultimatum.

In the petition, the governance watchdog said President Mutharika’s administration failure to table the electoral reforms bill is tantamount to be “a government characterised by lip-services.”

The petition reads: “Such deliberate disregard of tabling the reforms is bent on testing the patience of Malawians which continue to tun thin.”

PAC has remined President Mutharika that governments are given power to ensure that the pursuit of justice, rule of law and integrity are upheld and sustained.

“Failure to table the widely consulted reforms constitutes lack of integrity and respect for the will of Malawians. It is for this reason that we believe in your assertion as DPP presidential  candidate ; ‘We in the DPP believe that if a Government  does not have integrity, it has no right to govern’ (DPP manifesto, page 6),” reads the petition.

The organisation has asked President Mutharika to ensure that the Electoral Reforms Bill are completed during the current siiting of Parliament.

They appealed to Mutharika to have Electoral Reforms Bill “tabled, debated and passed now rather than later.”

They warned Mutharika: “If this is not done, it may reflect badly on your administration.”

The PAC decision to petition the President and the Speaker coincided with threats by leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera to boycott National Assembly proceedings if the proposed laws are not taken to Parliament.

Two civil society organisations—Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for the Development of People (Cedep)—are also lobbying members of Parliament to boycott the proceedings.

The Electoral Reforms Bills include an amendment of Section 80(2) of the Constitution and Section 96 (5) of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act proposing 50+1 percent majority in presidential election and an amendment of Section 81 (3) of the Constitution for swearing-in of the President and Vice-President to be done after 30 days.

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Kent you are a cheat. It is the same PAC which told Malawians in 2013-2014 that Bingu and his party is not liked by Malawians. Come 2014, people proved that PAC is a cheat by taking DPP to power. The clergy are no more fighting for people. They are doing this for their parties. Mulomole is MCP and Chingota was for PP but with this change of tone by PP Chingota ali m’madzi and might follow Mulomole to MCP But they will achieve nothing.

Tenzi Mzungu

If you think APM has no support try your nonsense

Misguided petition by PAC an organisation which is now a quasi-opposition political party. What our country (and Africa) needs is a change in political culture – away from one that is guided by patronage, autocracy and corruption. One where public instituions are professional and independent. These men in religious regalia, true to their hypocrisy, are trying to help a certain political party. The proposed electoral reforms (now in bill form) will not solve Malawi’s political problems. Rather, it will institutionalise back-door dealing between parrties in their bid to form alliances in order to win elections OR cosmetically force people to… Read more »

Ndikuti..we will go to the street and your president will listen


Tithamange basi


Nayoni musamusiye choncho we are behind you and we will match and demonstrate without fear this is our nation and we have the right to demand what we feel it its rightifull ours. These crooks have spoiled our nation nothing is moving. Time is now or never please keep the fire burning. And you Msowoya if you are bought just know that that money will take you no where. Ruther will be your down fall

Kent Y.G. Mphepo
Countrymen, it is sad that things have had to reach this stage. In his “Things Fall Apart” the legendary Chinua Achebe writes, “If you see a frog jumping in broad day light know that something is after its life.” Using the same “frog” figure the Chewas say “wadabwa chule m’madzi muli mwake.” What all this means is that there are moments when one is left with their mouth agape at seeing people do things that you have never seen them doing or expected them to do it and you ask yourself: did things have to reach this far? I few… Read more »
Nicholas Gracious Namaliya
Nicholas Gracious Namaliya
This is an interesting petition. I call it a necessary evil. Necessary because of the reasons so far advanced. Evil because of the manner in which it is handled. A petition does not contain threats but facts in regard to reason. by definition, it is a ‘formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause’ . This particular one contains threats, and so, I deem it evil. The proposed changes to the Constitution are many and significant. My proposal is for PAC, to ask its financiers, to fund a referendum on… Read more »
Pathological liar

Why is Peter Muthalika and the DPP so afraid of the Electoral Reforms Bill?
Do not play around with the wishes of the masses.

Major 12

This is how Kamuzu Banda was reduced from wamuyaya to a resident of Mudi. IN Malawi we do not have General Chiwenga but General Chingota. APM your days are numbered and do not be cheated by your wife who received a fake professorship though she has not even taught at a Sunday School. G40 is no more and BEAM will soon come to an END too


awuzeni major 12. Sakumva. Thes political gangsters do not take hid when people until they collapse in office

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