Mwenifumbo runs for Aford leader going head to head with Chihana on Dec 16

Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) member of Parliament (MP) for Karonga central constituency, Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo,   poster boy of party modernisers  and revival, on Thursday presented his letter for the presidential race in AFORD at the leadership convention slated for December 16, 2017.

Mwenifumbo: Aford will reclaim its lost glory in the stronghold Northern region

Mwenifumbo presents himself to Aford as candifdate for party president at December 16 convention

Mwenifumbo presented himself to Aford at a news conference which was broadcasted live from Tuntufye radio, one of the community radio station in Karonga, at  Peacock hotel in Lilongwe.

The event was attended by Aford excutive members  that included  secretary general Christopher Ritchie, district chairpersons and regional governors.

“Alliance for Democracy believes that we are all equal under the law, as such I would like to invoke the tenet of equity . In exercising both my constitutional and birth right , I would like to announce that in response to the overwhelming request from members of AFORD to stand as a presidential candidate of the forth coming convention , I hereby humbly announce that I have accepted the request to contest as party president in the up coming  Elective national convention ,” said Mwenefumbo.

Speaking after presenting the letter to the party’s Secretary General, Mwenifumbo said  he  is fully focused on making Aford stronger again  and influential party.

Mwenifumbo said with his team he shall initiate a reconciliation process across the board , intra party and to all those who love Aford.

“ We shall initiate broad based constitutional review process to give meaning to grassroots democracy within the party and initiate policy and ideology development by re reinforcing the constitutionality of the party,” said Mwenifumbo .

He said Aford shall embark on membership and recruitment drive to put in place viable fund raising process .

“ As you know currently AFORD does not have any offices at District, Regional and National level . We shall therefore establish party secretariat to oversee the establishment and opening of offices at the Regional and district levels,” he said.

Mwenifumbo also said he is ready to initiate the political and economic strategy in preparation for the General Elections of 2019.

He promised to the r eturn of Aford to its “rightful owners , through grassroot democracy” as enshrined in the party constitution.

“Crucially , we hope for the return of Aford into constitutionality through stakeholder alignment and emphasis on participatory democracy through membership .

“Our party image will be enhanced through and progressive party constitution in the republic of Malawi [and] we shall abolish dynastic tendencies in the party  through prerequisite provisions in the constitution,” said Mwenifumbo .

He said “proper benchmarks” will be put in place in order to check and measure the performance of the party president as regards to the party objective and its performance.

“Our vision is to build a party which will guarantee all Malawians observance of pillars of democracy in order to create on enabling environment for social and economic development of our country ,” he said.

“I promise members of our party and indeed the entire nation , that I shall observe mutual respect to all my would be contestors in the race and I guarantee a peaceful campaign , I therefore urge you all our district chairmen present here and those in their respective districts  to welcome me and may team with an open heart ,” he said.

Mwenifumbo’s feet are firmly on the ground and he doesn’t get distracted by party’s president Enoch Chihana who wants a postponement of the convention to next April,

“The decision to hold the convention in December was resolved by the full NEC members. I and all NEC members around here are not aware of the change and we believe that what you heard was just suggestions,” said Mwenifumbo.

Secretary General  Ritchie said as far as the party is concerned, the convention will take place in December. He said the party will have to engage Chihana to support the December indaba because the party cannot afford to postpone it.

According to him, no one can stop the convention but full NEC members who constitutionally came up with the decision.

“We are geared for the December convention. As I am talking, a number of members are contributing the cash and we believe that before 16 December, we shall reach our budget,” he said.

Ritchie claimed the party already paid K60 000 part payment for the venue.

“I expect the party to have enough money by December 16, and the last time I checked, the party had raised K3.5 million,” he said.

The party needs K30 million for the convention.

However, Chihana insisted that the convention will be in April next .

In his speech on Tuesday in Karonga, Chihana vowed to fire any member bringing confusion in the party.

According to him, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before the indaba.

He said the party is expecting more Members of Parliament (MPs) and other influential people to join it in a few months to allow more contestants for positions in the party and holding the convention in December would leave out potential people who can help finance the party.

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A mwenefumbo kumpoto pano takwera DEPECO Zaninge tampokelerani don’t west time wellcome to DEPECO the wining party 2019 Boma!!!!!!! Even don’t dare to join these two useless party they have the same problems which you have in Aford fighting for position insulting one another killers and thieves who have made our beautfull country to be like this today DEPECO want to change the life of all Malawian in to better future.


We are used to confusion from these people, tiye nazoni.


Ndiye atumbuka, wherever they congregate, pamakhala chipwirikiti, eish!


Why don’t you better keep your observations to yourself?

Simeon Mkwembe

Mwenefumbo please tagobwerani ku Mcp. Musatayeko nthawi ku Aford.ndiwe nyamata wochejera bwino .why you want to full yourself?


Mwenifumbo zileke za Ennock. Siwithana naye. Joina MCP basi.


Why should Mwenefumbo join the losing team?

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