CNN names Joyce Banda world’s most inspiring woman politician

Malawi  former president Joyce Banda is topping the list of five most inspiring women politics worldwide in 2014 published by the CNN’s Leading Women special edition of December.

Ex Malawi leader Joyce Banda

Ex Malawi leader Joyce Banda

According to the website, CNN set out on a hunt to find the women who excelled in their professions in 2014.

“We wanted to know which women you felt deserved an accolade for their achievements this year and turned to our readers, partners, and organizations we’ve worked with this year to find out,” says the web page brief

According to the Editor’s note, Leading Women” connects you to extraordinary women of our time” — remarkable professionals who have made it to the top in all areas of business, the arts, sport, culture, science and more.

The CNN says Banda has been recognized as First female President of Malawi from 2012 – 2014 and also the Founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation which empowers Malawian women and offers free education to orphans.

Other four most inspiring woman in politics worldwide are;

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf — Liberian President, Africa’s first elected female head of state, and winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. She also led her country through its first Ebola outbreak.

Aung San Suu Kyi — Burmese activist, 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner and co-founder of the National League for Democracy, a party dedicated to nonviolence.

Kathleen Wynne — First female premier of Ontario, and the first openly gay head of government in Canada. In June 2014 she was reelected with a majority government.

Helen Zille — Former campaigning activist, current Executive Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa and leader of the country’s opposition party, the Democratic Alliance.

Banda was also named Forbes’ Africa’s most powerful woman in 2014.

You can assess full details here

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honey comb Chidyauzu

I was proud to be Malawian in her reign. Now a fill a ashamed to identify myself as such. She is really a womano of substance. She knows how to speak asati za lerozi. Kaya a zungu
amkamva akamaphunzitsa. Eeeh mavuto kwabasi.

Henry Wakumpoto
What is happening now in my beloved Country is beyond shame.Imagine and remember during the time JB took over from DPP in 2012,the situation was shambolic but within a short period she managed to revive the ailing situation and behold there was enough Forex,Fuel,Medicine and she also managed to roll out new Initiatives such as Mudzi Transformation,A Cow A Family and many more.What we are witnessing now is a Government without Vision,Mission and Objectives.Also JB used her wide experience in Philanthropy to attract more Well-wishers from Europe and the US. But to prove that most of us do not know… Read more »
Petro Banda

Manyazi muzikhala nawo kumangopereka timacomments topandapake.Mzanu akutsogola iwe uzingotuwa ngati nsomba yabakhayawo nditimacomments tanu tauchitsiru.Ukudziwa komwe wamandasiyo ali?Ndikuuze pano ali ndiOffice yake kuAmerica akupanga chuma iwe kukamwa yasaa ngati nsomba yamputa munhtu wopanda nzeruwe.Iwe ukuona ngati Peter mtalika wakoyo angaliyendetse dziko,you are stupid indeed dzimbuta choncho CCN yaona choncho nanga iwe.Kuyamika nthawi zina ndikwabwino.


Ndiponso kulephera kuyendetsa dziko kwanuko inu a DPP mwaphetsa mzimayi osalakwa ku Balaka. She lost a lot of blood as she was about to be operated on. Due to an electricity blackouts – evidence of current government`s inefficiency – she could not be operated on and regrettably she passed on. To quote one Bob Marley, you will pay for the ” innocent blood that you shed”


Munthu wakuba woti anachoka chothawa kuno koma ati ” most influence this or that ” koma azungu amenewa, zausiru

Henry Wakumpoto

Why has’nt your so called Mr Ibu with his bunch of political crooks failed to find evidence to implicate her in the much touted Cashgate which according to their blindness,they thought it would be so easy for them to finish her politically.Let me warn you and your DPP,don’t mess up with JB cause you will regret,just remember the Bingu era.And don’t forget to tell Malawians where you took the 92 Billion Kwacha otherwise prepare yourselves for a Tsunami.


Chomwe samuyikila mundende joyce ndichiyani?.
Boma likusangalala anachitazo?
Aldinaly person akaba chimanga mmunda wa mwini mumamumpha…
What more with joyce waba billions ndi kuzuzutsa anthu a malawi.

Henry Wakumpoto

Zimenezo ungoyiwala mnzanga chifukwa JB alibe mlandu ngakale umodzi komanso you have to watch out cause any ill-treatment will backfire.


Good one JB , you have me proud ! Inatu amangosowa chonena apa , koma Banyinemwe !


4 sure she’s better than this NACGATE thing of a WOMAN. She makes me nauseated. Why DD he get it?


Joice banda was rejected as a failure even by her home people of Zomba and performed miserably in Malawi as a whole and what does CNN say? Does CNN know how she became president? Guys, let’s stop recruiting whites as consultants. They only come to fool us. Joice banda? Most inspiring? To whom?

Henry Wakumpoto

I don’t trust Yaos,if they even rejected Acheya’s beloved son,What more JB whom they accuse of being a Northerner?Lets wake up from tribalist politics my dear MALAWIANS.

abiti chila nabanda

a CNN mwanena zoona. Mwa azimayi onse akuba world wide wamandasiyo ali pa number one.


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