Despacito! Mia claims MCP ‘gaining ground’ in south Malawi

Politician Muhammed Sidik Mia has claimed the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is gaining ground in the southern region and insisted he will help give leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera a big push to get into government.

Mia (right) in an exclusive interview with Brian Banda on Times TV

The former Cabinet minister who recently joined MCP recently said he has confidence with Chakwera leadership that it is the best for Malawi.

Mia said the MCP is now a party of “hope and opportunity.”

He said in the 2019 elections MCP win is no longer an impossible dream.

“MCP has transformed from one party dictatorship and embraced democracy,” said Mia in an Exclusive interview program on Times TV hosted by Brian Banda.

He said MCP has had “proper succession” of leadership since the time of its founding president Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

“We had Gwanda Chakuamba from south who took over from Kamuzu then John Zenus Ungapake Tembo as president of MCP and now Rev Dr Lazarous Chakwera,” said Mia.

He said MCP has credible leader.

“The leadership that is there today will not be associated with evil. Chakwera has come from background from being a religious leader,” said Mia.

But when presenter Brian Banda pressed Mia on his declaration to eye for the position of vice president, he asserted that it was not wrong to aspire for positions, saying many politicians have ambitions.

“There is an existing vice president [Richard Msowoya] and structures. But when time comes it’s up to the people to deicide,” he said.

“Everybody has aspiration in life. I am here to serve at the moment, at the moment there is a vice president, there is an existing structures,” said Mia.

But when pressed to say if he will run for the post of vice president, Mia said: “Yes I will vie for vice presidency, which one I don’t know.”

He added: “People are pushing me to say things that I don’t want to say. Many people have aspirations why singling me out. Why me?”

Banda also quizzed Mia if he is a “greedy” politician having been nomadic by serving in almost all major parties, UDF, DPP, PP and now MCP.

“I don’t think so. I have what it takes to live, I don’t boast about it.
I never moved to different parties, the President took us,” said Mia.

Mia said he cut his first teeth in politics as a member of UDF and when president Bingu wa Mutharika dumped the party to form DPP, he moved along.

He said he dumped PP while Joyce Banda was in power on principle.

Mia, who is known for handouts, said he believes MCP will provide him a big network to do charitable work.

“I have a mammoth task. It’s not an easy task for me to just be there and assist people.  I believe politics being a best form of charity,” said Mia.

Mia strongly believes MCP is slowly getting to edge of power.

He said slowly [despacito] Chakwera will have the sword of governing, saying the political pendulum was swinging, and was “moving towards MCP”.

Mia said Chakwera will transform Malawi for the many and not the few.

He said MCP will form a government that will put an end to corruption and guarantee opportunity for all.

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winston msowoya
Iam not sure that your name is KUNENA MOSAPSYTILA.Anyway,Iam not in a position to waste my precious time responding to your gibberish and nonsensical narration.In fact,you don’t know what you are talking about.You mean to say that Mia is more Malawian than Peter Muthalika? You must be a deranged person and schizophrenic paranoid of the day.I really love my country wholeheartedly and that’s why I opposed Banda’s callous regime in novel history.You indicated in your story that you are doubting the Muthalikas’nationalities however,no matter where they came from,they are our fellow Africans,they are not Arabs and Muslim.By saying that DPP… Read more »
Mr Winston Msowoya before you start castigating others you need to put you thinking right. I am sure you know that MCP is not a name of a person who probably will not die. And I am very sure you know that it is possible to single out the natural person who would have done all those atrocities you are citing. Your beautiful castigation would have ended well should you have mention that person and I am sure your DPP would have loved to assist to bring this person to book. MCP is an institution with structures. People come and… Read more »
Third world

Winston msowoya, I enjoy reading your comments


Koma awaso nawo!! anakuuzani ndani kuti kumaiko ena kulibeko okhirisitu? za nzii, iwetu school inakuvuta heavy chifukwa chomwe unakatengako ndi za marilo basi kuteroko mutu wako unadzadza ndi marilo okhaokha kikkkkk mutu umenewo ofunika ukwecha ndi mwala kapena ndi petrol because i have never see you posting any comment that can show kuti really school munayimbadi.

My advise to my beloved leader Chakwela please do not be taken up if indeed u want to win in 2019 start by doing the following things first 1. Clean up the mess that is in the party and unite it. 2. Do not let camps be created in the party. 3 be always be in discussion with ur viceand those that have different views from urs so that no body will find a loop hole to distuble the party. 3 do not promise new comers positions. Which already have people on them rutherbe .neutral and let the convention dicide.… Read more »

Nana Mia did not resign from PP government on principle but he moved out quickly before many in Malawi knew that the donors demanded a reshuffle in which three ministers were given to Joyce Banda for removal and Mia was one of them. Bad fish is bad fish and the donors are still there and have the reasons until now. So MCP open your eyeswide open


Koma a mia simukuchita bwino. mpaka pa TV kumanena za MCP kummwera, nanga popeza ife a dpp timadalira kummwera komweko ndiye zitithera bwanji. komabe pa MBC TV pokha sitikuikani

Kunena Mosapsyatila
A Winston Msowoya mfundo mulibe!! Ma post anu onse mukumanena mfundo ziwiri zokha zoti; Mia ndi mu Arabu komanso MCP ndi chipani chakupha. Inetu ndinakuuzani kale kuti Mia ndi mMwalawi mwatchutchu ndi momveka bwino. Ine ndimapanga doubt kwambiri za Halmiton Thom (late Mutharika) ndi matchonawa akuba ndalamawa kuti ndi a Malawi. Anthu amenewa kaya Muluzi matolatola ake anawatenga kuti? Pajanso ndinanena kale chipani cha terror ndi kupha mu demokalase ya Malawi ndi cha DPP, umboni munapatsidwa kale. Mukulankhula zoti a Mia akufuna kudya ndalama za boma ndi family yawo ndi azinzawo. Inutu a Msowoya kukhalangati memory imakuvuti kambiritu eti? Ndalama… Read more »
winston msowoya
Mia you are misguiding who? Your MCP full of blood on its hands,is going nowhere and do not expect the people of Malawi are idiots to vote for an Arab Muslim.MCP will not put an end to corruption and guarantee opportunities for the people of Malawi.You and your friend Chakwera are corrupt champions and notorious opportunists who prey on misguided and politically dead voters.Both of you don’t have vision for our country and what you are fighting for is to enrich yourselves and members of your families,by the way,why can’t you go to your Arab land and help your suffering… Read more »
I love Malawi

Which south is he talking about?maybe in his constituency in chikwawa.but as far as I know,MCP has no room in the south. Anganditsutse ndani?

Mizwanya Phiri

hungry lion ready to devour sleepy Congress membership of central region. I am washing closely


If wishes were horses beggars would ride. A n empty drum, sounds the loudest. Ndangodutsa

Indigenous Malawian

One of the lessons politicians can learn from history is that they donot learn from history.Chakwera is making the same blunder Joyce Banda made in her choice of runningmate.She thought Gwengwe would convince people in the centre to vote for her.What happened?She flopped miserably.

Mr Mia stop living in cloud.Just as Gwengwe failed to influence the centre to vote for JB you will also not succeed in making southerners vote for Chakwera.Regionalism is deeply rooted in this country.

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