DPP obsessed with gagging Joyce Banda – Malawi News editorial

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been accused of being so obsessed in gagging former president Joyce Banda, who is on a self-imposed exile abroad, after Secretary to the President and Cabinet Lyold Muhara has written her withing three months  on the same subject , warning and reminding Banda about the oath of secrecy he claims she took to keep government secrets.

Joyce Banda:  Malawi News says DPP so obessed in shutting up her mouth

Muhara says the letter requesting Banda to observe the oath of secrecy was written to another former heads of state  Bakili Muluzi nd former vice presidents Justin Malewezi, Cassim Chilumpha and Khumbo Kachali.

But Malawi News in an editorial comment on Saturday said Banda is the target.

“We do not need to study rocket science for us to fathom that the main target of the vile warning is Joyce Banda and the explanation that Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi is proffering to the effect that the target is not her does not make sense to us,” reads the comment in part.

It continued: “The question that the minister should have addressed so that Malawians make heads or tail out of this is; why is the DPP government so obsessed with shutting up the mouth of Joyce Banda?

What is it that the DPP government thinks Joyce Banda has in her head that it is so afraid it must not come out?”

Muhara in the new letter  with similar message to the first letter said:“I have the honour to refer to my letter of even reference dated 21st June 2017 to Your Excellency regarding the oath of secrecy. Firstly, I wish to inform Your Excellency that the same letter was written to all former presidents and former vice presidents to simply remind them of the importance of observing confidentiality and secrecy in their day to day conduct. As such the letter did not in any way single you out,” said “I wish to highlight that the oath of secrecy that Your Excellency undertook when in office is still binding after Your Excellency relinquished your duties as president of the Republic of Malawi. In view of this, I would like to respectfully remind Your Excellency to refrain from commenting or divulging any information that Your Excellency were privileged to know while serving as president of the Republic of Malawi.”

It adds: “Avoid sharing with the general public any information that Your Excellency acquired while serving in the Office of the President. It should be noted that it is a misdemeanour to share privileged information for the benefit of any foreign power, person or institution in any other manner prejudicial to the interests of state.”

Chancellor College law professor Edge Kanyongolo said the Constitution of Malawi does not prescribe oath of secrecy for heads of state.

“The Constitution certainly does not prescribe oath of secrecy. So if there is an oath of secrecy that is administered to the head of state, I am not immediately aware of what the legal basis of such an oath is,” he said in quotes reported by Malawi News.

The paper concluded that “DPP obsession with Joyce Banda is just too much and unhealthy for our democracy.”

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Why is anybody worried about a woman who is running from her own shadow we have more pressing uses to deal with

Binnwell Kachikopa

DPP is the one that is under heavy panic, inu a santana kaya satana mulibe fundo, cashgate idakuchititsani misala. DPP is scared, ndi yakuba and most Malawians have realised dpp is a walking devil that needs total destruction. Joyce Banda is better off than this your old brainy thinking man whose many are stealing in his name but he cant see because he is a coward too. So mr santana; the truth is DPP IS OBSESSED WITH JOYCE BANDA, IT IS AFRAID. SALIM BAGUS NDIYE WAYITAYA DZULO DIPWIPWI YANUYO, WAYIWONERA PATALI GAME.


Who is Joyce banda? Is she a musician? I want to listen to one of her songs

I see revenge but who is surprised? Banda and APM have been at loggerheads since she was booted out of DPP. When she became President, she also targeted APM not to become Presidential candidate. Now with APM being President, she is busy castigating his government ensuring that no investor sets foot on Malawi. Through her meetings, speeches and interviews, she exposes every secrete that would descourage Donors to assist Malawi. Would that be a good citizen to be left unwarned? Who suffers as a result of her behaviour ultimately;APM or we Malawians? I have no sympathy for people who have… Read more »

Malawians in Area 18 are drinking fecal contaminated water ( akumwa bibi ) This should be a priority one public health disaster and yet we are worried about Joyce Banda who is in self-imposed exiled dining and wining and caring less about Malawians. What I’m trying to say here is that as a nation we have bigger issues to worry about than Joyce Banda

Fraser Moyo

Where is the access of informatin


Well said santana. He who has ears hear hear!


People are so stupid. If Joyce Banda is innocent, why is she not respecting herself to clear her name instead of remote controlling her comments??
If someone accuses me of theft, while I haven’t stolen anything, I would care less but face them before any court of law. Why does she not account for herself?? Worse still, husband was a Chief Justice. To me this woman is idiotic and seeking public sympathy. She must have stolen the money through her minions.

Let us hear from the recipient of the letter whether this Oath of Secrecy exists or not. If this is a third letter and there is no such a thing like Oath of Secrecy, Joyce should just say it in black and white. But if there is such a thing then she should observe the rule. The DPP is doing this because the woman looks too timid and can do anything just to frustrate government. The woman was wounded in 2014. As that is not enough she is also implicated in cashgate cases so she has no free mind. It… Read more »

Santana, u must b jocking. With 50+1, ur prof is dead n buried. A minority govt. with 36% n ur proud, really?



It surprises me how this 50+1 will benefit somebody who cannot get 30% of the votes. What makes you think that the voters of presidential candidates number three downwards will vote for number 2 and not number 1 in the event of a rerun for the 50+1 contest. Rulers are put in their places by God and not man. If God has not favored your candidate of choice, even all votes from Mars cannot put him/her there. We can only have one president at a time. Can this Chakwera boy learn to respect that fact? And you, truth, who told… Read more »
I think you have forgotten what the legal expert said in this same. Mind you, he is a professor in constitutional law. He is a consultant on legal matters in Malawi. He has been training lawyers for three decades. Rather than just bending on one side, have you considered his comment about this oath of secrecy? By the way, you know like everyone else that DPP robbed MCP of the 2014 victory. Proof : their mercenaries ran to court to stop a vote recount ; the judge agreed with the observations that the process had serious anomalies warranting a recount… Read more »

100% correct!!!!!

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