Football legend Kennedy Malunga to inspire Malawians how to acquire worth

South Africa-based football legend Kennedy Malunga is bringing international financial experts to Malawi end of February to host a number of seminars on life changing business opportunity through an online network business, CROWD1 Marketing.

Kennedy Malunga
CROWD1 brings you possibilities of a lifetime residual cash flow
The banner advertising the event

CROWD1, which now has over 1.6 million members and boasts of millions of Euros in investment, offers shares that one can purchase and earn shares according to their package and levels.

Malunga is bringing in two experts, Peter Chawanda and Derrick Robert — both CROWD1 director — to appraise Malawians how the system works through the seminars schedule for February 27 through to March 1 at Chichiri Secondary School Hall.

Malunga says the CROWD1 Marketing model is the most powerful way of building an online network business, using the latest technology to build a business that everyone can understand.

“CROWD1 brings you possibilities of a lifetime residual cash flow, based on your teams’ growth and compensation for your work,” he said.

“One can benefit from 4 bonuses associated with CROWD1 — daily bonus payment for every member one has invited and joined on CROWD1 and dividends paid to each member according to their package and levels, paid out every quarter or annually.

“There is also matching bonus in which you earn Euro’s per match up since the system will match your members joined because of you and pay you accordingly.”

He added that there is also a Residual Bonus, which is a monthly payment, earned whenever someone uses the products and services through third party affiliates such as Affilgo — the gambling site.

One can join by filling out an online form and send with proof of payment at a cost of R1,800 (MK92,000 either via WhatsApp, email or any form) and their account gets loaded for them start their business.

All this, Malunga said, shall be very well explained during the seminars.

CROWD1 is an international business open to everyone around the world and currently operates in a 152 countries.

At present is has over 1.6 million members around the world with some from Malawi while South Africa is currently lead with majority of members.

Malunga said he is a proud member of CROWD1 and was introduced to it by friends who had prospered in this industry.

“I have earned money from inviting new members to join my team, which now is complete,” he said. “I have also earned from the other bonuses on offer.

“For every person who joined either through myself or through others in my team, I received an income in Euros, and grew.

“I’ve benefited richly in the bonuses available from CROWD1. I have used the company to expand my team and sought out those in need of financial growth.

“I have received an income from CROWD1 to sustain and made profit over the 6 months of joining from the lowest package for R1,800 (MK92,000) and I have now grown and upgraded to the final package, Titanim.”

He added that one’s business grows just by merely educating others about CROWD1 and how to make money in this business.

He assures Malawians to patronise the seminars to learn more and get the confidence of joining.

“I have ensured that my entire family joined, here in South Africa, Malawi and elsewhere,” he said. “I would not have made my family to become part of a company that is bogus and a scam.

“This company has circulated on a worldwide business platform. I  am ensuring financial stability for all those who are unemployed and even those who are employed.”

The business requires one to have a smart phone or laptop and the benefits for Malawi economy is through forex earning since everyone will be earning in Euros.

“This is also part of job creation. This is a real opportunity to win and conquer our poverty in our motherland and accomplish great things.

“This is how much I believe in CROWD1, I have witnessed its benefits and felt the rewards.

“Please, let’s join hands to improve our financial lifestyle by simply educating each other on how to join and make money,” Malunga said.

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Nsanje A. Malawi
Nsanje A. Malawi
2 years ago

Im of the view that those you of your are giving out negative comments here are envious of the other party. I mean If you arent participating, why cant you allow others do. I think during the event, there will be well schooled people than you and people will be able to ask questions and maker informed decisions. so shut up and let others try their luck. I wish this seminar comes to Lilongwe, I would participate. I have sufficient experience in Malawi, Nsanje too much. Go ahead guys, people will be there. intensify your publicity until the devil shies… Read more »

Wise one
Wise one
2 years ago

Sorry to disappoint you but this is a Ponzi scheme and yes l am a schooled individual. People work hard for their money, it doesn’t grow on trees. Anything that involves investment must be approved by the Reserve bank, l highly doubt if this is. You cant even google a traceable reference tor his company for crying out loud!!

2 years ago

tinadusamo kale zimenezo. both clowd1 and aim global are pyramid scheme. you earn by bringing in new members the more new members you bring in the more the rewards . the question is what if you are the last person to join? if you have money to invest, invest in stock market or other shares markets

nompumelelo khuzwayo
2 years ago

chizungu cha nyasatimes akuti how to acquire “worth”. koma are guys serious?? no wonder you busy bleating about the old and clueless fool mutharika and his diphwiphwi zealots!!!!

2 years ago

Mwana mbu,make mbu,kennedy mbu,green mbu

2 years ago

Scam! › is-cr…
Is Crowd1 a Scam? Read This First Before Investing – The Affiliate Doctor. It’s very clear this is a pyramid scheme, do not invest, I repeat do not invest

Mzungu Dala
Mzungu Dala
2 years ago

Be careful, Malawians! What Kennedy Malunga wants to bring to Malawi is what is called a “Pyramid Scheme “. Just search “Pyramid Scheme ” on Google or Wikipedia.

Chenjerani AMalawi Kennedy akufuna kukukawani!

When this so-called CROWD1 seminar takes place at Chichiri Secondary School, I recommend that officials from the Reserve Bank of Malawi should be there to ask some tough questions.


2 years ago

Ndiye mabodza awa mukuti chani apa zosanveka ngati izo…atha ma plan a Kennedy…wo osangobwera kumudzi kuno bwanji

Che Jika
Che Jika
2 years ago

The title: You are saying how to acquire Worth?

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