Goodall asks MPs to stop referring Kachali as ex-Veep in Parliament

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe on Wednesday asked the second deputy speaker of Parliament, Dr Clement Chiwaya to order Members of Parliament (MPs) to stop referring MzimbaSouth West MP Khumbo Kachali as the former vice president while in Parliament.

Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje with MP Kachali

Gondwe’s remarks come after number of legislatures from both government and opposition side, including the Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume referred Kachali as former vice resident especially if they are in support of his comment in the House.

However, Gondwe who was responding  to most of the MPs’ questions as the Finance Minister, said the development was uncalled.

He said if Kachali accept that or the MPs continue referring him as a former vice president, he have a lot questions to answer.

“Mr Second Deputy Speaker Sir, through you, I want honourable members to stop referring the Mzimba south west legislature as a former vice President. He is just a mere MP here and if he accept or members continue that,  he will answer a lot of questions,” said Gondwe.

The second deputy speaker, Kachali or other MPs did not respond to Gondwe’s remarks.

Nyasa Times understand that Kachali will stop receiving the benefits of being the vice president especially if he allowed to be referred to as vice president while in Parliament.

The benefits include, free house and security guards among others.

Kachali served as the vice President of the country after the death of President Bingu Wa Mutharika in 2012 for two years .

He was hand picked by former President Joyce Banda and who later dumped him in 2014 during the tripartite elections.

But he contested as MP and won.

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Tafwa Chipalamandule

So it means this so called ‘former VP – Khumbo’ is busy requesting the house to have the road to his home Edingeni tarmaked! Kikikikikiki! Koma ma Vice nkononono the likes of former VP Malewezi.
Kikikikikikii – din! When Khumbo was VP of the country, I can only remember 2 major developments he did at his home Edingeni. (1) He bought 1 tractor for his farm and (2) He took beds and mattresses that belonged to Mponela Hospital and placed them at Edingeni clinic. Kikikikkiki – din!

clement wa chiwaya mawaya
clement wa chiwaya mawaya

iwe sunagule Phd yako bwanji??? uli ndi umboni?? ngati uli ndi umboni tiudze aise .

Leonard Chitekwe

Ai, apa GG wagasa. Ma designations a President, Vice President, Minister etc samatha ai. Joe Biden, Dan Quail etc will always be called Vice Presidents in the USA. How can KK be expected to answer questions when the honorable members are RIGHTLY calling him FORMER. Ngakhale chikwati chikatha anthu amanenabe kut aja anali akazi a Soldier Lucius Banda.
Inu ku parliament muzinena zotukula Malawi ndikulanda Chaponda katundu wakuba.

Malawians if you do not understand things do not comment. President and Vice President do not attend Parliament, this is both current and former. Now if Kachale is referred to a former vice president, while in parliament, he can be asked about things that happened while he was vice president, because he is reffered to as such in parliament. So those of you that have commented so far do not seem to do so based on fact but rather political affiliation. No one commented in parliament for a reason, they understood what Gondwe was getting at, Kachale could be taken… Read more »

Malawi has a Constitution that has to apply in all matters of law. Please, pewani kutionetsa umbuli wanu on this media platform

Kusadziwa ndi kufa komwe


No one can change Khumbo Kachali’s status… he still remain the former VP…. forgive the Oldman Goodwell Gondwe.

Analyst wamkulu

Za zii basi.Do Malawians needs this at the parliament instead of discussing real things that affects ordinary malawians on everyday basis?VP or no VP who cares and yet your are wasting our taxes arguing over useless things.When will our failed politicians learn in Malawi?

ayonzo mtsitsa



So Hon KK has never been a VP in Malawi? Why is GG trying to alter historical facts? Why can he not ask the questions now?

pleasant qisho


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