Ha ha ha ha – the silent weeks that were

Sipping on my gin and tonic has never been this fun, especially when I let all the jazz take place through Easter with a serenade blind eye.

And throwing in the lemon in the rocks was just as much fun – tasted great and well, made me ponder over and over again what this country is all about.

They told me, as I hit glass number two, that somewhere in some small district of Malawi APM’s motorcade was ‘arrested’. Whatever that means. And within that period, I met a cop friend who told me the police were evoking an ‘un-legislated’ piece of law that automatically also makes illegal wedding convoys and all.

That itched somewhere.

Does Abiti Mtila truly expect some crazy politician in her crazed PP party to make lwas from the political podium and she lets the law enforcement machinery bow down to such mad pronouncements without batting her eye?

And again, does a wedding convoy truly demean the ‘powers’ that be in any way? If this is about politicians trying to show who is in charge, then that is another story altogether, but what about waiting for parliament to convene and then cleverly ‘force’ or ‘fool’ the House into making that damn law a part of the Malawian Constitution?

Of course it would not be a popular piece of legislature, as was the failed ‘bad-air-passing’ and indeed the ‘quota’ and of course the damning ‘seditious publications’ laws that the blue wagon tried to gag and stink Malawians with. This type of leadership on the part of Abiti JB is so callous and lacks the God-fearing element that Abiti claims to be all about.

Since she became president, Abiti has thrown all sense to her political stature. Perhaps she still is not very sure if she truly is president, that is why she can bore Malawians, lying through her nose, that she is the only Malawian president to have been invited to the American White House.

She may be the second one to have met Barak Obama and his bird, but surely as a nation we do not give a tiny hoot whether she was invited or not by the Obamas as if the maize that went bad in the national silos will magically get alright again at the mention of that meeting.

JB has lost all sense of womanhood, as she prefers, with days going, to shower pompo all over her lame leadership over the suffering that countless Malawians are going through. Yes, the austerity measures are needed, but do we really need to celebrate her 100 days in power, and now millions of tax payers money will have to be spent when the orange league will be celebrating her assumed ground-breaking leadership now that a year has gone by?

Who wants to be reminded its been a year since late Bingu wa Mutharika kicked the bucket? And of course, who wants to be reminded she took over power due that cardiac arrest incident of April 2012? For one, am neither interested in her celebrations as I am not interested in her blowing our hard earned moneys.

Women and little babies continue to die ion hospitals in the labor wards for lack of medication and proper instruments/infrastructure. Malawians are dying to easily treatable diseases like malaria due to lack of medication, and yet here is a whole ‘God-fearing’ president, a mother, blowing that money on celebrating obnoxious days in power over procuring drugs and essential health facilities.

There is hunger right now, or its about to rock each household soonest. There is no maize at ADMARC and people are getting infected of the HIV virus as they sleep around trying to get maize favors.

Chambo fish itself has been replaced with bonya, something that has never been a pride for Malawians and all that it stands for, there are continuous blackouts, basic household commodity prices are skyrocketing, and she is busy arresting opposition convoys, globe trotting and throwing stupid parties.

Sometimes when people say women can’t be put in high power, they look at such people. Such women are a threat to fellow women because men take advantage of their under-par leadership to deny them top decision making positions.

Zoona anthu aziti chani tsopano? Amayi akanika yesani mwana koma akhale wam’muna… and if Atupele wins it will be courtesy of the woman at the helm who has lost direction and does not know how to prioritize matters over others.

Am really frustrated with this PP madness.

And hey, lucky my gin and tonic is over… stop those arrests and start to deliver Amama!Masinga column banner ha ha ha!

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