Ha ha ha! Nothing about everything in Malawi

The last time I checked, Malawi had a president, APM. Also when I checked, there were 20m ministers, and a jungle of advisers. One more check shows me our MPs are much alive and happy, and kicking for some MK25 million each in loans.

Advisers of peace, whatever, strategy whatever, NGOs whatever, motherhood whatever, and blah blah blah. All under the very taxes that we struggle to pay.

I also checked that, last time, the Varsity of Malawi was pitting for a 400% fees hike, somewhere from MK55,000 to MK27,000 for them government-sponsored students.

It also dawned on me that the bickering is still going on, that there are plentiful of defaulters in the students loan scheme to a credit reference bureau. And we also heard that our beloved MPs some time back threw away a MK20 billion loan authorization bill where government intended to borrow money from the World Bank to finance increasing access to higher education in public universities and collages.

Ow, man!Masinga HA  HA HA

And again, my easy check revealed there is to be a life-long take home for Speakers of the National Assembly. I don’t care how much they get now, but the figures that were presented in one of the media sheets was so blinding I would never remember how much we, the wananchi, poor tax-payers, would have to withstand with.

And hey, yes, I also checked that Mayors, now that we have the Local Government’s back into swing, will be taking home a paltry MK80,000 called a ward allowance, plus a monthly honorarium of MK30,000.

Hey, my peep also showed these Mafumu a Mzinda will drive an executive saloon car and the Council, on our taxes again, will provide the office bearer with a 4 x 4 car when time demands. There will be any form of airtime, medical aid and their welfare will be the responsibility of the Councils.

Them Mayors will also have a chauffeur and a Council house, furnished by our taxes and hawked over by a security guard, with flowers neatly snipped by a gardener. Ground telephone, water and electricity bills will not be his problem either, but ours.

And that vehicle, if you thought all was done, will be fueled by you and me on a monthly basis. These people will be living up there. And somebody said there are no salaries or payments to Mayors and Councillors? Hey, we have one more headache to our taxes – and who said democracy is cheap?

Am not saying anything is right with these figures and so too am not saying anything is wrong with these figures.

All am saying is, will the civil servant, that teacher nd that nurse and that police officer and that government printer ever get close to such luxurious payments and allowances, whatever you may call them?

It is sickening to see how our MPs are gluttonously enriching themselves, and all they discuss are laws on bad air passing, and the like.

As for the varsity, are we serious we want to improve our education system with such prohibitive fees?

And for the Mayors, prove us wrong and do our cities great – we shall happily pay your honorariums.

This is 21st July, just a day after the historic 20th July where we took to the streets. Reforms may be there, but some of these ‘gravy train’ counter-reforms are slowly driving Malawians back to demand that APM and Tchilima and team go the Bingu way. This is the true reality on the street, in pubs, salons, and markets.

Ask Dausi to do an honest run for his pay and report back to Plot Number One. The pot is starting to boil over…

Beats me – this is nothing about everything!


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