How do Malawi’s entertainment choices compare to its African neighbours?

Malawi is a fantastic place to live, with lots going for it. From the welcoming feel of daily life to fabulous scenery and attractions such as Lake Malawi, there is lots to warm to here. Malawi is also a forward-thinking country that loves sport, has a commitment to education and a desire to be one of the top African nations. Of course, it has some stiff competition in this area when you think of the other African countries vying for that honour!

Wherever you live around Africa, entertainment is a key part of life. This is just as true in Malawi as it is anywhere else. Having fun ways to stay entertained makes us happier, makes life more enjoyable and stops us getting bored. It also allows us to take a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. While you hear a lot in the news about what other bigger African nations offer in terms of entertainment, you do not always see Malawi get a mention.

But just how does it compare to some of its more famous African neighbours? 

Online casino gaming 

There is no doubt that playing casino games online is a hugely popular way to stay entertained – on a global scale. This demand for online gambling sees the whole sector predicted to be worth close to $80 billion by 2026. Africa is fast becoming a hotspot for online casino gaming and mobile casino play. This can certainly be seen in the number of awesome online gambling options in South Africa such as:, or in the way Egypt has taken to this form of entertainment.

But how does Malawi compare in this area to other African countries? As anyone from Malawi knows, it has historically been one of the leading countries in Africa in terms of its relaxed outlook on gambling. For example, the Malawi Gambling Board was set up in the late 1990’s to regulate sports betting and land-based casinos in the country. Although online casino gaming has not yet been fully regulated, it is not illegal to play at international, offshore casinos. This means that people in Malawi can enjoy this form of entertainment in the same way as many of their African neighbours can.

Social media 

Perhaps the other major form of entertainment that many people enjoy now is using social media sites. Top platforms such as Instagram attract huge numbers of users and provide a way for people to catch up with friends, access news and share their own thoughts. The use of social media is well established as a way to stave off boredom in countries like Nigeria and Ghana. But how does Malawi match up?

The truth is that most people in Malawi know what social media is and many make use of it in their daily lives, also finding it an enjoyable way of staying entertained. Recent reports show that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms to use in the country. This is great news for those in Malawi as it not only gives them the same access to modern entertainment but marks it out as an African country with a progressive attitude.

TV and music 

While social media and online casino gaming are relative newcomers to the entertainment sector, watching TV and listening to music are not. These are tried and trusted ways of staying busy and having fun across Africa. This is certainly as true in Malawi as it is in Zambia, Tanzania or Morocco.

There is no doubt that people in Malawi love watching new shows, such as Baby Drama from Africa Magic, or tuning into sports, news and chat shows on their favourite channel. When you consider how relaxing and entertaining this is, it is no surprise. The same is also true for music in Malawi, where the country has a thriving scene for locals to enjoy. Cool music is every bit as accessible here as it is in other places on the continent. With top local artists such as Phyzix to check out, kicking back with some fabulous tunes is just as popular in Malawi as anywhere else in Africa.

Malawi compares well for entertainment choices 

When you take all these factors into account, it is clear that Malawi is a country that compares well with its African neighbours when it comes to entertainment options. From online casino games to social media sites, top TV and cool music, there are plenty of ways for residents to stay busy.

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