How Malawians spend their weekends

Malawi is home to more than 18.5 million people. On any given day, Malawi’s biggest cities, including Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba, and Kasungu are congested with pedestrians and vehicles coming and going.

Night life in Lilongwe

During the week, Malawians do not have much downtown, but weekends are free to do whatever. When the hardworking locals are not working, they are spending their time productively. Below, you will discover a list of activities that most Malawians enjoy during their leisure time.

Watching Football

Football is important to most Malawians. When football is on, these individuals are tuned in and refuse to do anything else. Why is football important to Malawians? Well, it is partly because it is part of the Malawian culture. It is not unusual for Malawian football fans to take the sport too seriously. This could because they are attached to one or more of the players in one way or another.

Unfortunately, depression runs rampant in Malawi, especially among the male population. Watching football offers release from the many problems Malawians face on a daily basis. Whether football is utilized as a form of entertainment or to relieve stress, the Malawians tune in religiously every chance they get.

Surfing The Internet

The Internet is still foreign to many Malawians. But, those who have access to the Internet and a computer spend their downtime surfing the web. The Internet offers an outlet to many Malawians. An outlet, they never thought ever existed. When Malawians surf the web, they are looking for ways to improve their lives, build their knowledge of other cultures, and keep up with the new trends. While many Malawian families are living below the poverty level, they do not let this get them down.

The Internet offers a release for stress, anxiety, and depression. Unfortunately, there are still some Malawians who do not have access to the Internet. A report released in 2014 revealed that only 5.8 percent of Malawians had Internet access. A follow-up report was released in 2019. There was a major increase in Malawian connectivity, increasing from 5.8 to 14.2 percent over a five-year span.

Households with Internet access are known to play online casino games when the opportunity arises.

Family Time

Family is very important to most Malawians. In fact, many Malawians prefer spending time with family to other activities. During leisure times, you can find most Malawians with their families. Even if it is only to spend time sitting outdoors, family time is important on all levels.

When it comes to protecting family, Malawians are known for their resilience and dedication. There is not much that can come between families in Malawi. These people live together, work together, eat together, and spend a lot of time together.

Watching Boxing

Boxing is another sport that plays a major role in Malawian culture. Malawi Professional Boxing consists of both male and female fighters. Boxing is another outlet for the Malawians. It provides hope for the countries youngest and poorest. Malawian top boxers today are Wilson Masamba, Alick Mwenda, Mussa Ajibu, Isaac Chilemba, and Chimwemwe Chiotcha.

The top female boxers are Agnes Mitmaukanena and Anisha Bashir. In 2016, it was reported that only 3 percent of people living in Malawi had paid TV access. Malawians find Boxing entertaining, exciting, and energetic. Just the thought of getting to watch their favorite boxers battle it out in the ring brings excitement to the very young and old.

Dancing And Singing

Music and dance are essential to Malawians. Dances are performed by both male and female Malawians. Males perform visekese and chimtali while females perform gule wa mkulu and ingoma. Young Malawians have been drawn to foreign musical artists from the western world.

It is not unusual for Malawians to hum songs while they work and play. Music offers an outlet to all Malawians. They offer hope when times are tough, which is most of the time for most of the locals.


Many Malawians do not have much leisure time. They spend most of their time working and farming. Malawi is a poor country where food shortages are notorious. Farming is all some Malawian families have to rely on for food. Unlike America, Canada, and Europe, many of the locals do not have access to public food banks. Only people living in Malawi’s epicenters can access public food banks.

Malawian farmers have permission to sell their tobacco and cotton crops to different countries. So, farming is even more important than ever before to the Malawians.

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2 years ago

Who wrote this ?!!!

Pathako Panjuchi
2 years ago

You need to check your facts before you publish your stories. Where did you get the info. that only 14 % use internet. You think we are still living in 1962 where reporters like you would just publish lies with no facts. Go to hell!

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