Illegal Chinese workers swarm Lilongwe at Golden Peacock

Some illegal Chinese workers are still working at  Golden Peacock in the capital Lilongwe without the blessings of the Department of Immigration which denied them working permits for several times.

Chinese docked for ivory smuggling  , Axin Shang, left, and  acquitted suspect Mark Nyirenda,  (Photo © Charles Mkoka)

Chinese docked for ivory smuggling , Axin Shang, left, and acquitted suspect Mark Nyirenda, (Photo © Charles Mkoka)

Nyasa Times investigations has revealed that Golden Peacock management is still keeping the workers in their managerial positions despite the Immigration Department advice that the group has exceeded the maximum number of five expatriates as required by law.

Golden Peacock has different entities among them Sogecoa Golden Shopping Mall and Sogecoa Hotel in Lilongwe.

One of such workers is Lin Wenweni who is also known as Chen Li.

At first, the company had applied that Wenwen as an expatriate is working under the shopping mall but Nyasa Times investigation has found that she is working as a Sales and marketing manager at the hotel.

According to a department of Immigration letter reference number 104733 dated March 24, 2015 the department felt that it will no longer give TEPs to more expatriates at the hotel.

“I am writing to notify you that the department of immigration has regrettably noted the increased number of expatriates against the maximum number of five.

“In light of these findings the department will no longer entertain any new applicant and it will also scrutinize all renewals in order to minimise the number of expatriates in line with our laws,” reads part of the letter signed by a Mr FT Nyirenda for the Chief Immigration Officer.

It adds: “In View of the above information most positions are now supposed to be taken over by the Malawians that were understudying them per the countries laws.”

Not relenting, Golden Peacock through Jennifer Li on March 30, 2015 insisted that Weniweni be given the permit.

“Miss Weniweni is a go between Sogecoa management and the shopping mall which consists of 76 shops and consists of 40 tenants and she ensures correct information flow on the lease agreements and other binding documentation between the parties.

“She is well versed in providing system wide Chinese/English translation services in order to facilitate communication,” reads the letter.

Apart from Wenwen, other expatriates include a Liu who is working as a chef and Jerson who is a restaurant manager.

When contacted by Nyasa Times, Wenwen who confirmed as working with the hotel and not the shopping mall said handed the phone to her immediate boss who refused to identify herself and said she could not comment unless she is told the source of the information.

In September last year, the Lilongwe Magistrate court convicted a Chinese expatriate working at Golden Peacock for Ivory trafficking and ordered for his deportation.

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Why does the corrupt immigration department leave the Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis who lie everyday in the papers classified ads that they have lost passports? Do you investigate at the borders they claim to have entered Malawi through if their records show that they have visas? Everyday a different mwenye claims to have lost a passport. zimaonekeratu kuti ndizabodza. When they report stolen passport investigate them and send them home


Is wenweni (Chen Li) a man or a woman? please nyasatimes be clear in your she instead of he.

billy phiri
The fundamental problem for Malawi is that laws are only put in place just for the country to be seen to be in alignment with other civilized countries in the world. There is always no genuine operation of laws in most sectors, let alone capacity and mechanism for enforcement. Where a little may be seen to be done on the surface, it is underpinned by corruption to the benefit of a few individuals. If you look around the region or the continent, let alone beyond, the way Malawi conducts its affairs in all sectors is unique to the country. Even… Read more »

What is it that China gets from Malawi if it is not business opportunities. MWATUMIDWA NDI NDANI A NYASATIMES? Muwauze ngati akufuna maudindo kumeneko alemba mmadzi


Leave the Chinese alone, kodi the Pakistanis ndi ma Indians mukuwaopa? After all amwenye are tilling our daughers and impregnating them alot, yes the same pakistanis who come as visitors but end up tilling.

mc donald vumu

ndale za kumalawi,ukawona akukangana just know pakufuka moto.sasamala za anthu.osangololerana bwanji?

Richard Abdul

Amalawi tinazolowera nkhwangwa ili mkhosi ndipamene timaliza wisulo. mulinawo cholinga posawathamangitsa. tikukuwonanitu.

Why is Immigration Department negotiating with illegal immigrants? These guys should be deported. They are in Malawi illegally. Go to RSA and see how illegal immigrants including Malawians are treated. They are not even given time to take their belongings. Can Immigration Department be serious? Just deport these illegal Chinese immigrants. Also change the law to start fining companies that flout immigration laws. Why is Malawi so soft on this? We need seriousness! As I read Nyasa Times, I see the photo of President Mutharika with words “Days of doing business as usual are long gone” Sorry Mr President, they… Read more »
Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma
Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma

nthawi ya MCP kunalibe zibwana izi

Mayi a Buledi

Comment: Olemekezeka, pressurise boma to stop this nonsense nanga ana athu atani?

wagwidwa ndi mfiti

I would imagine myself in their country n I guess by now they could have deported me back home, so why hesitaiting to throw them back. Mukudikila akudyeseni chibanzi zithele pomwepo.

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