Let God alone fight our battles

Many times in the Bible, we have seen how God fought for His Children in times they thought they were defeated by the enemy. In most cases, God gave instructions that needed to be followed just to make sure that they were fully dependent on Him alone. “You shall not need to fight in this battle: Set yourselves, stand you still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you” (II Chronicles 20:17).jesus bible

Failure to depend on God has resulted in people fighting battles that are worth to live to God. The result has always been failure because we are praying asking God to fight for us yet we are also trying in our own capacity to help God. The bible does not say anywhere that God requires us to help Him when dealing with situations, and that is why the Bible repeats over and over to live everything to God. In short; “God does not need our help in any capacity”.

If you look at the time the Children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea, they thought that the Egyptians who were a big army got too close and thought they were all going to die. It is in these times that our Self is completely gone that God is able to intervene so that His power must be seen.

The war of Jericho fell when the Children of Israel, in obedience marched seven times around it as instructed by God. The truth here is that God did not need the children of Israel to march seven times for the walls of Jericho to fall down. It was actually to teach them trust, and dependence on Him and not anything else.

Up to now, many are still marching around particular obstacles when the Lord has not said to do so. This is fighting battles that do not belong to us and fighting in your own capacity which will never please God. Many have come close to the point where God would intervene in their situations but just before this is done, fear has gripped the hearts and lives of God’s children giving the enemy an opportunity to continue keeping them in bondage.

Let us live all the situations in the hands of God, believing that He will be able to fight for us if we just completely surrender. All we can do is continue to read the scriptures, praise, and worship God all the time. The power of God is supernatural, beyond our comprehension that He is able to do anything that we ask believing that only Him can do (Psalm 18:13-15).

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6 years ago

Reminds me of Hezekia as he fought Sennacharib King of Syria

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