Malawi CSO’s lament bad governance: Stick to Jan 13 demo

Civil Society Organisations in Malawi have expressed their displeasure over what they described as bad governance of the state that is leading to the prevailing economic challenges and that their planned January 13 anti-government demonstrations will go ahead.

CSO leaders addressinga news conference

CSO leaders addressinga news conference

In a statement endorsed by 20 leading Civil Society Organisations working in the realm of human rights, governance, health and HIV/AIDS in Malawi, the CSOs indicate that they are concerned with the “dwindling state of governance” saying there is black of separation of powers, abuse and manipulation of public resources which are meant to serve the interest of Malawian people.

The groups also cited high cost of living, nepotism, security lapses, absence of decisive leadership, the untold story about scarcity of essential drugs and demotivated work staff in the public health sector, growing incidence of strikes as some of the reasons they will go on the streets to protest

The CSOs also expressed concerned with  “impression created by NAC over disbursement of HIV/AIDS related funds for purposes that have nothing to do with HIV and AIDS, the deplorable conditions in the education sector and continued lack of transparency and accountability in the mining sector”.

The statement was read at a news conference held at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe  Friday, 2  January 2015 by Timothy Mtambo (executive director, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation), Dorothy Ngoma (President, Nurses Organisation of Malawi),  Hebrews Miasmal (human rights defender), Macdonald Sembereka (executive director, Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with HIV and AIDS), Reinford Mwangonde (executive director, Citizen for Justice Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with HIV and AIDS) on behalf of 20 CSOs.

The CSOs note that Malawians are concerned with the state of governance as evidenced by the failure to abide by the fundamental principles of separation of powers.

“The executive arm of government has continued to exercise authority which undermines the other arms of government. The judiciary’s strike is a shining example of how the executive is failing to promote harmony with other arms of government, and this has serious implications on access to justice by the citizens,” the CSOs stated

On the current public reforms being championed by government, the 20 CSOs observe that the reforms have not been inclusive enough and overlooked the existing legislation.

They also observe of the growing nepotism in the current government.

“Malawians are concerned with gross nepotistic appointments into various public, statutory, Foreign Service and advisory portfolios which are largely based on promoting the interests of a particular grouping or affiliation. It’s our view these tendency have potential to divide Malawians and derail national development,” reads the statement.

On the electoral reforms, the groups said  free, fair and credible elections will not be achieved by the current state of laws and mechanisms of administering elections in Malawi.


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Wizeman Paul


Vimbundi No;84,Ur more ignorant about many things which happened sometime back.In times of Kamuzu,ask JZU Tembo who was state Minister by then,he will tell u the truth.And other pple who were in the govt.that time.Kamuzu did not want,but akulu awo insisted kuti aku Mpoto apite kumpoto,aku Mwera kumwera.Zidawoneka kuti masukulu ambiri adasafala kambakoti adalibe aphunzitsi ambiri.Wanena kuti pa company iliyonse bwana amapezeka kuti ndiwa ku mpoto,sazisankha okha,koma amchita kuwasankha pa ma interview.For ur information in relation with ur IGNORANCE,in those days in th Dpt.of Surveys,a White man{British}held the interviews,he wanted 4 pple thru out the nation.He unknowingly selected 4 pple… Read more »

Demo is satanic,dialogue is divine


Its unfortunate that someone commented that now all pple in the south want to be identified with a lomwe group. Something is wrong.

Chipoya LJ

the dogs barcks but the caravan keeps on going. the DPP Government is moving on while others are busy with their motives. bakuwani you JB sympathisers.
All in all, GOD BLESS MALAWI!.


Tumbukas know that they will never rule by winning an election hence the whining. Let them spark the fire. They will regret one day when we legitimate winners shall be tired of their nosence. To the rest of Malawians (except tumbukas), all I can say is open your eyes and see the plot these northerners are up to. They are the archtects of tribalism that’s why Kamuzu sent them packing. Go and check personnel in companies where a head is a tumbuka and report back. See beyond noses my non-tumbuka friends. Notice their grin.

Atupele Keba

Please do not waste time with demonstrations. Those occupying Kamuzu State House are so oblivious of what is happening in the country and are not cabale of beginning to compreshend the issues you raise. Think about how you can help your country move forward inspite of those holiding the reigns of power.

osakwiya Phiri

Ine ndifuseko amabungwe mukachita ma demo so what will happen thereafter? what will change? mwachitako ma demo angapo tandiwuzaniko zipatso zolozeka zimene tinaphulapo


So long Malawi is in this system of government will remain poor for another 50 years. We need to change the system of government in Malawi for it to move forward. A sector of Malawians do understand things while a large sector do not. This why when someone checks the government some people say, ndi mutumbuka, that way Malawi will be poorer and poorer because we give room for politicians to abuse their positions. let us try federal type of government.

Tsamba Likagwa

Munagulitsa ndege ife pheee. Munagulitsa chimanga ife phee. Munapanga cashgate ife pheee. No demo olo imodzi. ndiye wina aziti nfweee, nfwee. Lero limenelo eeti. Thank APM because he is a true democrat.

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