Malawi govt announces bold expenditure controls

Government has announced bold expenditure control measures, which include an immediate order to stop recruitments and restrictions of top civil servants to travel in business class of aeroplanes.

Muhara: Issues the directives

According to a circular signed by chief secretary to the government Lloyd Mhura, the expenditure control measures are with immediate effect.

Others include an order that all government vehicles be parked on weekends; the government will stop giving allowances to officials who go for full board workshops.

However, this is not the first time that the government has come up with such cost effective measures which are in most cases largely ignored by some civil servants including top civil servants.

National budget watchdog, the Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) executive director Dalitso Kubalasa welcomed the move but urged the government to walk the talk.

“It is always better late than never. This is the right decision. The government should ensure that this is done,” said Kubalasa.

Some commentators have said the government is very extravagant as its cabinet ministers travel in very expensive vehicles when the country is one of the poorest in the world.

“It is interesting to see the president travel in a convoy of very expensive vehicles to see very poor people,” commented one Malawian on Facebook.

The World Bank and IMF accuse the government of having a bloated civil service, most of the public officers are political appointees yet critical ministries of Health and Education lack trained personnel.

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PSs, Ministers, Directors and accountants smoke it. These people have a word “kusungunula”. This is the fuel allocated to them in cards which they exchange for cash at filling stations. Call it fuel gate.


What is so ironical is that this government is putting “control measures” to budget lines with the least fiscal expenditure.
At the same time Goodall and Nankhumwa are busy kugawa ndalama K4 billion ku parliament akuti ya “unplanned” chitukoko???
How much is an allowance for a junior worker in civil service? My FOOT!!!
Zongonamiza a Malawi, probably DPP is trying to save money for obvious reasons. LOOT &DEVOUR more!!!
Matchona MBAVA awa!!!

Its smokes and mirrors and optical illusions ahead of the general elections. Kunamiza anthu kuti DPP is serious about financial controls and cost reductions. There so many blunders that are exposing the DPP to prove their incompetence, uncaring attitude and corruption in their blood (which would require a big dialysis machine to clean it up). Unfortunately for us and if we are not careful DPP will be voted back in once again. Here is what we can do to ensure change of guard from elders to the young with vibrant new vision with energy for implementation. The few educated populace… Read more »
Failed Government

Some govt ministries and depts remain perpetually understaffed such as health, education ACB among many others. Moreover, govt remains the largest employer on the land. This is an indication that this government has no clue how to create employment and as such will aggravate the already high unemployment rate.

Your time is up guys. 2019 forward we would want new policies that must make this country favourable for all of us.


Za ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mukunamiza ndaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pamenepa?

Too late and too useless to Malawians!! Anthu tavutika kale ndiye kumati nyong’onyong’onyong’onyong’onyong’onyong’onyong’onyong’o zamkutuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Good move but very late anthu aba kale zambiri especially directors and ministers. Komanso make sure kuti mukhwimitse lamuloli. I think mukupangira campaign yanuyi however its about time civil servants stop abusing the funds


Expenditure controls amid the 4bn that is just lying somewhere ? Again where are the msb sales proceeds?

Why are there so money vehicles for 20 ministries (3000 vehicles). Why are there so many vehicles allocated to officials (706 vehicles). OPC should extend Moto Vehicle allowances to allow officers buy their own cars with maintenance plan. Reduce daily allowances by 50% and you’ll have the desired effect (and a change in behaviour). There is a lot of reckless and costly business travel by govt officials, just to collect allowances. OPC should never have made duty travel that lucrative. Follow the Rwanda example and you’ll save MK10billion pa of the MK17 billion you’re currently spending. Cut number of vehicles,… Read more »

In fact no one in government wants to implement the lunch allowances. Amafuna dala azitapa ma night allowances over flimsy and unnecessary trips. Even look at the fuel allocations amabwana. So obscene. No wonder anyamata akungosungunula fuel ndikumamwela olo kupasa zibwenzi. I mean how does this happen kuti mpaka munthu kumapanga retire ali ndi fuel allocation in millions of Keachas?? Theres so much extravagance

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