Malawi Islamic body attacks police over arrest of Muslims dubbed ‘Boko Haram’

Malawi police has come under attack over arrest of Muslims who hacked and terrorized villagers  who encroached the land believed to belong to an Islamic institution known as Blantyre Islamic mission at Chadzunda area.

Muslims  feel victimised

Muslims feel victimised

A grouping of Muslims hacked and terrorized the villagers on Friday  as a way of forcing the them to vacate the disputed land. In a bid to stop such terrorist acts police in Blantyre moved in and arrested several Muslims.

Reacting to the arrest, General Secretary for the Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom, Hassan Chimwala has condemned the police action, describing it as unprofessional.

In a strong-worded and emotional statement made available to Nyasa Times, Chimwala says it is unfair for police to arrest Muslims alone who are reacting in self-defense leaving scot-free the villagers who started terrorizing Muslims on their own land.

“In 2010 some Muslim officials were badly beaten up when they were protecting their land at Blantyre Islamic Mission but no-body was arrested in connection to that saga.

“And this time some Muslims were also victimized earlier in the week to the extent of being hacked as they were still trying to protect the same land which even the ministry of lands officials say it belong to the institution. The victims are still battling with their life in hospitals, but no one has been arrested,” says Chimwala.

Chimwala says he is also deeply concerned with the conduct on the police  when some Muslims went to the land on Friday trying to liaise with the villagers on how they should settle the matter.

“The police officers went there and arrested all the Muslims while calling them Boko Haram, and those who victimized and hacked Muslims were left free.

“What type of police officers are we having in this country. Do they teach them racism when conducting their trainings? Do they know who Boko Haram are? Where is justice going? Is the law only applying to Muslims?” queries Chimwala.

Boko Haram militant Islamist group has caused havoc in Africa’s most populous country through a wave of bombings, assassinations and now abductions.

. It was declared a terrorist group by the US in 2013, and is infamous for its use of Sharia law – publishing theft with amputations for example.

Chimwala said Malawi muslims are not party to the  Boko Haram and is  reminding Malawians that “unprofessionalism of police officers has contributed to causes of civil war in some countries.”

He is asking the authorities to follow up the issue way back from 2010 “and all who did this should face the law.”

Chimwala says his organization is strongly condemning some media houses in the country which are claiming that those who went to protect their land are terrorists.

“This is bringing confusion in the country which would eventually lead to riots.”

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omar james

the police be careful we will be back and ull see bcz we muslims we dnt fear anything

ntondo mwala

Koma apolisi ena ndimawadabwa ndipo sindikhutira ndi magwiridwe awo antchito chifukwa amagwira ntchito ngati sanaphunzitsidwe kagwiridwe ka ntchito yawoyo as a result zipwilikiti zimangochulukira. I descibe them unprofessional police officers because of because of performing below standards.




No gud


Asilamu amawonjeza.


apolisi akulephera kuthetsa umbavha koma kulimbana ndianthu wamba


Not gud to call all muslims or to asociate them with bokohalam esh that group its too bad and if it can happen that they are here in malawi esh mbola kweleko

It is a pity that people wish to contribute on issues not from the perspective of knowledge but rather from deep rooted prejudices stemming out from their years of continuous and deliberate indoctrination from their religious leaders. Do you know the origins of terrorism? You will be shocked if you had studied terrorism yourselves! Do you even know what it means? If you know then how could you ignorantly say that all terrorists are muslims? Are u telling me that the world terrorism was not there before Islam? It is politically right that issues involving Malawians should be dealt with… Read more »
Lhendus mbendera

Ilove motherland malawi plz take care

This is a deliberate provocation on Muslims,may be you just hear about these wars!! and you want to insinuate them.Muslims will not take it lying down at the end of it all,we will all end up losers. I know Christians from their teachings they are taught to hate Islam but mind you Islam was the first Religion to be introduced in Malawi.And some of the people who call themselves Christians were born from Muslim Families and others have married each others family,so if war erupts it will be brother,brother or sister,sister type of war which it will be very difficult… Read more »

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