Malawi police say Esther Gondwe died of drug overdose at lodge

A 38-year-old socialite, Esther Gondwe  has died of alleged drug abuse, police have confirmed.

Esther Gondwe: Died of drug abuse

Police found these drugs which the woman was injecting herself

Gondwe who hailed from Malungu Village, T/A Kyungu in Karonga died on Tuesday at Larchevoir Lodge in Blantyre

Both Blantyre Police Public Relations Officer Sub-Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi and Lodge Manager where the incident happened James Mwenefumbo confirmed the sad development.

“The deceased was with her boyfriend Lusungu Mwaungulu 39, who works with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Lilongwe at the time of her death in Blantyre.

“The two had allegedly met on Monday and had been drinking beers together in various entertainment joints within the city. On the fateful Tuesday morning, the two booked in at the said lodge where they slept after a busy night out,” Nkhwazi explained.

It is claimed that the deceased woke up during the night to visit the toilet where she fell down and was discovered by her boyfriend at around14:45 hrs.

The matter was reported to Manase Police Station who later took her to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospitall where postmoterm conducted on Wednesday revealed that she died of drug overdose.

The police went further for a search at Gondwe’s house situated at Sunnyside.

Over 381 used tubes pethadine Hydrochloride and five syringes were found in her bedroom.

Meanwhile, Police have warned Malawians against drugs and alcohol abuse.

“Drug and Alcohol abuse is very dangerous to human beings therefore it is everyone’s responsility to avoid drug and alcohol abuse” said Sub’Inspector Nkhwazi.

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This Esther girl has been bad news from time immemorial. She arrived at Chanco around 1998/99 already a spoiled and wasted brat. Ma gorrila pa campus osayamba. Hule ophunzira. She had an elder sister, Mirium and a brother (was weeded later) who were a complete opposite of her–very prayerful. The family may not admit, but her death is good riddance, she was an embarrassment to a rather very respected and prayerful family. After college, all she has been doing is fooling around and abusing alcohol and drugs. Akapume, akanatiphera ambiri


My fellow Malawians , i dont see the reason why we are busy promoting tribalism, lets unite and stand to end poverty and ignorance ,MHSRIP


Is Esther Gondwe not tumbuka?
Is Lusungu Mwaungulu not tumbuka?
Is Augustus Nkhwazi the police PRO not tumbuka?
Is James Mwenenefumbo the lodge manager not tumbuka?

Mtumbuka wokhala ku Lilongwe kupita ku Bt osatenga hule la chilomwe koma kukasaka hule lachitumbuka. Kusakasakanso lodge yachitumbuka mpaka kuipeza. Kukatenganso wa sipoli wa chitumbuka!

Mumaitha atumbuka!!!!!

ananveruwa akumalowa

mphoto ya u chimo ndi chani? ndati ndichani? nonse mundiyankhe tsopano iyeyo amazipopera ma drugs onsewo amafuna akhale chi predator ,chi bounse , bwanji bola ukanati usabadwire kuno ukanabadwira ku INDONESIAukanakhala utanyongedwa ndi RODRIGO DUTETE kapena ku mexico ukanakhala uli ndi zima ma fia ,komaso musamangoti chirichonse RIP EEEEE RIP ZOPUSAZO ,pamenepo wasiyana chani ndi otayamimba opusa ameneyo .


See the nature of the issue and consider the befitting comments. Some of the comments we are reading here are unmalawian.
May her soul rest in peace. May God comfort the bereaved family.


What is “Malawian ” you idiot ?


One thing about chewas is that they don’t have hatred for any tribe in this country. Often when you hear the word “Mtumbuka” mentioned mockingly just know that its someone from the Southern region. I am saying the truth and I mean it. The central region stands between North and South, we interact with people from these two regions without any problem. However, we are always surprised to see the kind of animosity that is there between tribes in the North and those in the South. Its very shocking…….

O\' Dala

Ine ndi mchewa wa pa phata ndipo ndimadana ndi atumbuka ndi ahlomwe!
Atumbuka ndi amene anayambitsa nepotism polembana ntchito, ahlomwe have joined them pochita khalidwe loipa limeneli.


According to the Report munthuyu sanafe ndi Drug Abuse koma kugwa. let us report things correctly. Anthu onse amagwawa do we say because of njala etc?


There’s definitely a SMOKING GUN in this whole story. The deceased went to bathroom at night but the boyfriend claims to only have discovered the dead body at 14:45hrs. So the boyfriend didn’t wake up till almost 3 o’clock the following afternoon? He wasn’t surprised his mate was NOT around on the bed ALL that time???
What kind of forensic toxicology tests would give results within the stated period of time? Two-three days? Bwinobwino’tu????

che nnungu

Am equally confused. May we put these times right

felix chikakuda

Chilungamo Chopanda nzeru ichi. SMOKING GUN??? Anthuwatu anabwera kumowa 5:AM after binge drinking. Kumafunsa??

Bruno Moyo

Ndiye atabwera at 5 am the woman visited the toilet at night. Which night was this?

Bruno Moyo

Something is wrong I agree with you. When she visited the toilet the male friend must have been asleep. So who knows what time she visited the toilet? Who has come up with the idea that she visited the toilet at night?If she visited the toilet at night was the friend asleep up to 1445 hrs? The fact that the woman was a drug addict mustn’t overshadow certain facts. More needs to be done to get to the truth.


Lusungu Duster Mwaungulu its high time you start investing your cash other than spending it in booze and prostitute.


another serious issue here is WHO supplied her with the drugs.for what ever reasons,she chose to be on drugs.BUT someone was clearly benefiting and feeding her habit.who knows how many others they may be supplying.that’s what the police should really be looking into.even journalists .dont just report whats in whatsapp groups find the people behind the scenes as well. may her soul finally be at peace


Esther wandifoola. Tisamapite chonchi. Chimavuta ndi chani koma? Uwuse mu mtendere

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