Malawi police sweep unroadworth vehicles, motorcycles

Malawi Police in Lilongwe have impounded 55 vehicles and 36 motorcycles in a sweep to get rid the roads of unroadworthy vehicles for owners to get vehicle covers

Unroadworthy cars
Unroadworthy motorcycles

Traffic police officers have since charged owners of the vehicles and motorcycles with various charges for contravening various traffic offences.

The exercise comes as a move to curb the growing trend in which some individuals are operating their cars as taxis.

The operation was made in various ranks within the city which also led to the confiscation of 36 kabaza motorcycles.

Deputy publicist for Lilongwe Police Station, Foster Benjamin said the exercise seeks to bring sanity to the city.

“The bikes were seized since they were not registered and in some instances found carrying more than one passenger.

“Some kabaza operators were also found without licences, leading to the seizure,” said Benjamin.

Police say Prime Insurance Company offered to provide insurance cover to kabaza operators at a low cost provided they are in groups or cooperatives.

Meanwhile, police continue to remind individuals to follow protocol in line with traffic rules and regulations or face the law.

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nafundo zalo
nafundo zalo
3 years ago

a polisi omweo dzana amalandila ziphuphu kudutsitsa magalimoto osaenela kukhala panseu. dzana limenelo lija timangoona mapolisi kulemera kwa 3 months kugula ma minibus 4 etc. ku immigration mma boarder mu nde kulemereratu . I mean in 5 months munthu kuneneperatu mpaka kuyamba kudzola mafuta oyeretsa.
Zibwezi mbwee .pano ena akumwa ma ARV Dzana eish.
komatu coseco munthu watha zaka 20 ali mu upolisi omweo koma nta njiga yopalasa kukanika kugula akuifuna koma ndalama analibe. lelo ali pa position yomweyo koma
ma minibus
nyumba ya plan yabwino
ma bottle store awili.

Opel Kadett
3 years ago

The vehicles and bikes are not fit on the roads which are not fit for the cars. The citizens must protest against the bad conditions of the roads. There’s a levy on fuels for the roads. We must do something. Chilinde to area 23. Kaliyeke. Area 49 and area 25. Go to Gulliver and new Shire. You call those roads or trenches? Is the government not ashamed to be ruling such a country. It’s a blessing in disguise that a judge was involved in an accident on the same poor roads. They will rule in favour of anyone suing the… Read more »

Charles M
Charles M
3 years ago
Reply to  Opel Kadett

The problem is that the taxation system is not working correctly and fairly. The rich do not pay sufficient amount of taxes and continue to amass wealth unchecked. While the poor continue to languish and feel the pressure of increases in prices of fuel and commodities. The government should increase the amount of taxes that can be paid by the rich people who make above a certain amount of money (businesses and landlords). That revenue should then be used for infrastructure development – roads, hospitals, schools. Malawi cannot forever be dependent of foreign aid and donations.

Last edited 3 years ago by Charles M
A Vide
A Vide
3 years ago

INE: Inu a police, kodi chifukwa chani magalimoto a kwa Manje mmangowayang’ana.

POLICE: Chifukwa ma minibus athu opanda misonkho amayendanso kwa Manje konko.

John chidongo
3 years ago

Awagwirawa analibe ndalama zowapatsa ndani sawadziwa ma incompetent, Salvage under trained police in Malawi. For how will those cars be there? Kuombola kwake kukhala kotani? Azizikonzera pomwepo ndiye kuitenga? Then ikatero poti it’s un roadworth basi sidzayendanso panseu kapena you the police you will keep on kukawa ndalama zao. Almost all the cars there they roadworthy how many cars are you gonna grab them. Making the bush police stations worse with dzala la magalimoto. The mortuary is much better than those police station. Clean up your place first then go for cleaning those cars. Tiziti mukugwira ntchito za zii.

Stepson Jr.
3 years ago

Just burn them. All of them.

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