Malawi’s flagship newspaper pushes for probe into illegal water tariffs hike

Malawi’s flagship newspaper the Daily Times is calling for thorough investigations to fish out officials at the country’s water boards who ordered the secret and illegal hike of water tariffs by about 15 percent without the knowledge of consumers.

Mwanamvekha: it is unprocedural and illegal

The Daily Times published a story about the illegal and secret hike of water tariffs by the country’s water boards which was violation the Consumer Protection Act.

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Water Development Joseph Mwanamvekha told Parliament that government has stopped the increase describing it as illegal after Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mapuyu North, Horace Chipuwa, queried government on the matter.

“It was worrisome to understand that at a time when government claims that inflation has gone down, water boards have decided to increase the tariffs without notifying their customers,” Chipuwa said.

In his response, Mwanamvekha Said:“I checked with what is happening on the ground and found out that indeed they have increased [the tariffs]. But it is unprocedural and illegal because the Water Works Act and Consumer Protection Act are clear in terms of procedures that need to be followed.

“We have directed that that increment should be reversed immediately, but that issue will still be looked at because of other fundamentals like cash flow in water boards”.

The paper says in its editorial comment that the revelation has forced the Ministry of Agriculture to immediately order the water broads to immediately reverse the inhumane decision.

“The truth is that without the revelation by the Daily Times, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Development could not come in to bail out the cheated Malawians. Now, the question we should ask is: What other bills are Malawians paying unknowingly?

“Water boards are surely led by learned people who understand the Consumers Protection Act and they knew and happy that they were cheating Malawians. It is such people who have created misery for Malawians and they must not be tolerated.”

The paper says for three months consumers have been unknowing victims of some crooked and clandestine decision by the water boards and that the water boards new they were duping their customers and gleefully continued that for three good months

“The decision to reverse that criminal decision is not enough. It must not end there. Malawians need not only an apology but they must be given back all the money stolen from them through this inhumane act. And again, we need to know all the minds behind that cheating scheme and implementation.”

The paper also recalls incidents that happened weeks ago when the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services shocked Malawians when they imposed hefty fees and fines which attracted a public uproar “until ashamed of its own inconsiderate action, the directorate suspended the decision”.

“…All we are saying is that Malawians must not be taken for granted. This must stop,” The paper concludes.

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zamuxolo ngalo

bwampini must resign just like his old friend of a fool in zimbabwe. life to malawians has become unbearable under his stupid leadership!!!!! sanganame kuti samadziwa za ma tariff hike a water board, it was actually his directive!!! toothless and clueless old fool!!!!!!!

The authorities will not always get away with all the mess and misery they are causing to innocent Malawians. A time will come when people will say enough is enough and out of the blues God will send us a Saviour as has been in Zimbabwe. It is incomprehensible that these idiots cannot learn a lesson from other people’s mistakes.. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that Malawians don’t know you are doing – not long from now that these people in authority will pay a heavy price for theft. Nobody knows how, where and when Mugabe and the… Read more »
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Fake Petros

Zomwe akuyankhula Mwanamveka apapa ndithu ndizomvekadi kwa mwana weniweni. Can it be true really that the whole government full of qualified accountants and economist was not aware about this clandestine at all? This SMACKS an element of not only foolish deceit but conspiracy to steal by high level authorities.
Unless these DDP THUGS really think we, Malawians, are all indeed dunderheads, as they often put it.
Otherwise such an explanation can only come from a pathological liar, a thief or conman. Simply it does not make sense at all.

Lewis Mponda

This is day light robbery guys…….but why Malawi…???

A Chiaale

So, what next? Are they going to give back all the money they collected illegally?

A Chiaale

So, what next? Are they going to back all the money they collected illegally?


So will I get the refund for the the purchase of water I made yesterday for the prepaid meter and I was told that the indeed it is increased by 15%.

Joe M

Don`t cheat us that the water boards did that on their own. It was arranged and agreed so that you should make more contributions to DPP. You were thinking that you are very smart and that no one will discover that. Mbava matchona inu, you came back to Malawi to finish us but what you should know is that chouluka chimauluka koma tsiku limodzi chimadzatela. Kukama yoonda anthu opanda chisoni inu, Princes of thieves!!!!!


The right thing for the person in charge of the LLWB is to resign. This is the same as thievery. The LLWB also know that air in the water system causes water meters to spin faster thereby causing consumers to pay approx 30% more on their water bills. This is very convenient for the water board to do nothing about as it brings more revenue for nothing. The water board should have installed air relief valves prior to every meter in effected areas. Disgusting that we are being taken for granted

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