Chakwera and Mia hopeful MCP gaining ground in South: ‘Malawians have a simple choice in 2019 to reject scandalous govt’

Thousands of opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) supporters on Saturday converged at Balaka Primary School grounds where its president Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera was addressing a rally alongside seasoned politicians who included Sidik Mia, Ken Kandodo , Wakuda Kamanga, Halima Saudi, and scores of MCP Members of Parliament.

Front line MCP troops at Balaka rally

Mia speaking at the rally

Hijab wearing Muslim women attended the rally

Speaking during the rally, Chakwera started by welcoming scores of people who had joined the party  in the South and Eastern Region.

He said the large crowds in the south is a vote for “hope” and that MCP is making inroads in the south.

Chakwera beamoned high  corruption levels in the country,  saying DPP is the ruling a “scandalous government.”

He said: “The corruption levels among DPP  top officials have reached a critical stage.”

MCP President said  corruption in DPP government is now in a state of “national crisis.”

“We demand to see justice in all the identified ‘gates’, abuses of government offices and see that the Constitution is adhered to with no one being above the law.

“Malawians lets demand not to be and remain the poorest of all nations, fellow Malawians we need to draw a line and say ‘Enough is Enough’,” said Chakwera.

Speaking earlier , Mia accused the DPP led government for the poor policies governing the nation.

Mia gave an example of poor prices of different crops such as soya beans , maize, cotton, and other crops .

“Voters are seeking for a credible alternative in leadership and that’s  Chakwera,” said Mia.

“MCP is the alternative to the politics of despair and division,” he added in an interview with Nyasa Times.

Mia said: “What happens next is difficult to predict, but one thing is certain. The people have declared their willingness to begin constructing a new Malawi and MCP is today the name of this popular desire for a new beginning.”

During the rally MCP MCP Vice President, Richard Msowoya , who is also Speaker of Parliament. did not attend the rally.



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Mr. Msowoya you have written paragraphs and paragraphs just to reply to a few wise statements in which I tried to school your medulla that Mia is not an Arab. You claim to know the history of Malawi yet you fail to find the origin of our own citizens in the Lower shire. I once asked you to atleast spare one week and come to your beloved country to see things on the ground. If you did, you would find the truth that people like Mia, Issa the MP, Halima Daudi are not Arabs but pure Malawians. I would like… Read more »
winston msowoya


Citizen weniweni

Please forgive Mr Winton Msowoya today I have understood why comment like this he is too OLD to adopt to changes. KUNO VINTHU VILIKUSINTHA. We can not be crying for Atti , Yatuta, Dunduzu mpaka liti? Zinachitika Kamuzu anapepetsa ,ife kuno kumudzi Tinakhululuka. We have Dr D D Phiri Wankulu koma wazeru Zomanga. Mkapanga comment please be constructive not with grudges of 1983 or just stop contributing because you are not helpeful to the Nation

winston msowoya
Satana,Iam not sure whether you are a stable and an upright person,because what you have written on me is purely bunkum and personal vendetta from a deranged tribalist without border.I still vehemently accentuate that Mia being an Arab Muslim,can not rule us in our own continent and our birth-land beloved mother Malawi,that will never happen in our life-time,if you are on the line of receiving PETRO-DOLLAR to mortgate our beloved mother Malawi,you are a lost lamb.We chased the British colonisers only to be colonised by Arab Muslims? Satana,you think that an Arab Muslim Mia is more important than Richard Msowoya… Read more »
winston msowoya
Wapsa Tonola,I have no time to waste with untutored punk because nobody will judge who is a fool.Mia is not a Yao,Tumbuka,Lomwe the list goes on.Obama is a Luo from a Luo father in Kenya and his mother is a white American,do you see the diffence you uneducated fool? From which tribe is Mia from in Malawi? Marcus Garvey once said Africa for Africans,India for Indians,Europe fo Europeans so on and so forth.Have you heard that an African is an MP OR Vice President in an Arab land in the Middle East? Do you know that Africans/Blacks are treated like… Read more »
It is well known to every keen political follower that MCP cannot make it into government even if they use the most powerful juju in the southern part of Africa. That aside I don’t ascribe to Msowoya reasons that MCP should not be allowed to rule Malawi because of Mia being a muslim. Let me pump sense in Msowoya’s medulla oblongata that our constitution does not bar any religion vying for any political post. Msowoya does not know anything about the history of Africa let alone southern part of it otherwise he could not make such a silly mistake that… Read more »

No wonder your name is Santana, Judas!! Thinking like a devil


Kukonzekera kulowa m’boma tsopano. Chakwera yemweyo basi. Balaka yayankhula.


revolution can’t be stopped. enough is enough.


2019 ikuchedwa,, achakwela alowe mboma.. enanu muzingofunilatu dziko lokakhala popeza 2019 ikukhaulitsani heavy..Chakwela yemweyo woYYeeeeeeeeeee

Wapsa tonola
Hopefully winstone msowoya you know nothing about world leadership and politics had it been you have knowledge on politics u would never comment like that.Mia is not foreigner he is Malawian same as you are ,all Malawian tribes came from other countries of Congo ,Mozambique, south Africa and the like….Go to south Africa you will see people of different colour in front line of politics, in Zambia Michael Sata chose Zambian of Europe origin to be his VP and he performed excellently may be u was too younger that time..Did u know Barack Obama the former President o U S… Read more »

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