MCP refuses to be drawn into DPP ‘squabbles’

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) main challenger in the 2019 general election, the Malawi Congress Party, has refused to comment on the infamous Hurricane Callista currently hitting the political rival which is threatening has sharply divided the 13-year old party.

Mkaka: You don’t shine brighter as a candle by putting off another candle

Writing on his Facebook page, deputy secretary general of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Eisenhower Mkaka said the party is just watching political events unfolding in the blue camp at a distance.

“Last week, I was asked by a journalist to comment on the pandemonium in DPP. I refused. You don’t shine brighter as a candle by putting off another candle,” said Mkaka.

The DPP has been sharply divided in two distinct factions, with one, led by former First Lady Callista Mutharika, demanding that President Peter Mutharika paves way for vice president Saulos Chilima, saying Mutharika was aging  to continue ruling.

The Mutharika camp describes Chilima as a baby, saying he is inexperienced, immature and not exposed for such a high office job.

The party vice president George Chaponda has since declared Mutharika would go unopposed in the primary elections during the convention.

On the other hand, the MCP is facing its own political turmoil and the party convention which was slated for this month has been put on hold waiting a court ruling.

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Watematema Mutu

Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani, learn to be sober when articulating issues. You seem to be venomiously agitated with what is happening inside the camp you dont belong to. It is almost like a dog which is not allowed into a party but is able to peep through a small hole to see how other dogs are chewing and shallowing apetising pieces of meat. Usova mphwanga sunati!


Ungachotse bwanji chisotso mndiso lawina pamene iwe chako chili mmaso mwako. Hope all makanjas kangw’ingw’is, kapololis, kwakwases will stop poking their nose in other parties affairs. If you have nothing go kudambwe anthu akolola mukamange virombo . If you don’t respect other tribes we will not respect yours .

Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani

We all know how tribalistic Lomwes or Ngulungus are. They are the worst selfish people ever seen. These people wouldn’t for sure want someone outside the Ngolongoliwa belt to take over. Did you see how Chaponda shamelessly came from his thieves hide out to defend fell Ngolongoliwa old Muthalika? The Jeff wa Jeffs and Ntaba are asshole lickers. This aside, this feud has nothing to do with MCP or party with good reputation. Only dead udf can comment.


Tapita kundabwe inu akakupatseni mtambo.

Kwataine Kachindamoto Wa Kwa Dzida
Kwataine Kachindamoto Wa Kwa Dzida

The truth is that you appear to shine even brighter if you put off the other candle. Mkaka is wrong


Brighter than what if there is nothing to compare with.. Sorry sir Nkaka is right


Callister iscnot small in rhe dpp butvMrs Bingu Wa Munthalika a wifecthe late founder of the party therefore she isva bona fide owner of the party not a brother uf not titengelana ke court or registrar of companies apo biiii ngati Chilima u continue blocking him ndakwiya nanu makamaka vilombo

Wise approach and words from bwana Mkaka. The Tripartite Elections next year will probably be one of the highly contested elections since 1994. Bearing in mind that DPP won with 36% versus MCP 28% (with 50 and 48 MPs/parliamentary seats respectively). That was very close call. It would then be in the best interest of both the DPP and MCP to resolve their internal issues with urgency, otherwise they will both be losers. Malawians will look kindly to the party that is able to govern its own party effectively by dealing with internal squabbles decisively without having to seek relief… Read more »

Amene mukulimbana ndi MCP pa nkhani ya DPP zingokuvutani. Mmalo moti mukonze zovuta zanuzo muli busy kulimbana ndi MCP? You will be shocked posachedwapa. Nkhani ya Chilima siinayambe ikubwera ndipo sindikudziwa ngati mutalimbe. Ndiye poti ndinu anthu amakani tikuonerani.

Andy Kachikho

Kumvetsetsa nkhani ndibwino kusiya ndikuyankhula zinthu zopanda pake i

The seer

And I quote, ‘ You don’t shine brighter as a candle by putting off another candle’. End of quote.
Wise words…

Chatinkha wa DPP

CHAPONDA and other thieves supporting OLD muthalika

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