MCP says Malawi economy on life support despite inflation rate down to 8.3%

Malawi  economy remains on “life support” and has deteriorated despite government projecting  a rosy picture,  opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  member of parliament for Lilongwe North, Patricia Mkanda has said.

MCP parliamentarians consulting in the House.-Photo by Govati Nyirenda, Mana

In response to President Peter Mutharika’s speech during the opening of the 47 session of parliament, the Lilongwe North MP said  the country’s economy is in the doldrums and that extreme measures will be required to address the “ depressing” situation for Malawians.

President Mutharika in his address cited the decline in inflation and interest rates as an indication of economic stability.

But  Mkanda said  the President  failed to mention the real GDP (growth domestic product) growth in the past two years which on average were below 2.5 percent.

Mutharika only cited a projection of 5.5 percent, whose realisation has already been threatened by the unprecedented power shortages and low farm produce prices.

“Malawi economy is on life supporting machine,” said Mkanda.

She said with the impoverished state, more Malawians are being driven out of the country as “ economic refugees”  in foreign countries mostly  South Africa.

The MCP legislator said instead of  claiming  economic stability, government need a well-conceived, timely, resolute and consistent policy response to precarious situation.

She  said it is good for the President and the leadership to find new ways of improving the country’s economy as the current interventions have failed the country

Leader of opposition and MCP president Lazarous Chakwera  also said while the President struts about reductions in the digits of the economy’s inflation and interest rates, Malawians are wrestling monthly with serious reductions in the digits and value of their income and revenue.

“Despite the debatable claims that the stability of the currency proves that all is well, one undebatable sign that Malawians are earning less and less is the fact that the Malawi Revenue Authority which collects taxes on what Malawians are earning in real terms missed its targets two months in a row, July and August 2017,” he said.

“And when you look at the situation with our young people, the picture is quite grim and explains why our earning power as a nation is deteriorating. Young people cannot earn an income if they are not employed, but not only are millions of them unable to find jobs, but so many who had jobs are being laid off by companies that are downsizing to survive President Mutharika’s business-killing economy, such as construction companies that have stopped hiring in the wake of a severe cement shortage on the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, figures from the National Statistical Office (NSO) show that Malawi’s year-on-year inflation rate for October 2017 has dropped by 0.1 percentage points to 8.3 percent from the previous month’s 8.4 percent.

The minimal drop could be a reflection of the increase in non-food inflation by 0.1 percentage points to 11.7 percent in October from the previous month’s 11.6 percent, according to NSO.

This shows that the drop in food inflation by 0.3 percentage points from 5.1 percent to 4.8 percent did not have an impact on the drop of inflation in October.

Food has a huge weight at 50.1 percent in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure that examines the weighted average price of a basket of consumer goods and services.


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Wapsa tonola

Mayi walankhula zogwira mtima…… Koma image iyi Ndiya Juliana Lunguzi


Economy iyenda bwino bwanji ngati anthu akumanga nyumba Ku Lilongwe Ku Maula ya Ndalama zankhaninkhani koma komwe atenga ndalamazo sikukudziwika. Economy iyenda bwino bwanji ngati anthu akutenga magalimoto a chipani nkupatsa ana awo, azipongozi awo pomwe anthu Omwe akuyendetsa chipani nkumayenda pansi.
Government, please do what has happened Ku Cambodia where the main opposition party has been outlawed because of their policy of revolt as Chakwera is preaching in Malawi.
Congratulations Mr Speaker Pokana kuvomereza zauchitsilu zomwe analankhula Chakwera mu parliament. Iyeyo ngati anataika m’manja mwa Mulungu asapangitse parliament yonse kutaika. Bravo Mr Speaker, keep it up!!!!


Business ndi Mulopwana ndinu Mbuzi za anthu mukanatenga zinthu zikuyenda mukutanthauzanji? Kapena Mai Anu ndi aja akumavina kusonkhano kuti azilandira ma K50 eti? Mbuzi za anthu komaso ndinu otembeleledwa ana a prince of thieves kkkkkk

Malemba Folo

Mulopwana is wombwambwana indeed. I wonder if you stay in Malawi. Stupid people like you should be ashamed of such sloppy thinking. I really wonder if your head has brain or is just a container full of shit

Joe M

Low inflation is characterized with low or stable prices of commodities but why is it the that the prices are going up in Malawi with manufacturers citing high costs of production?????

wa mchaya

Am not coming back soon


alephera a pitala


Ukuteta, Its only IMF and World Bank can ascertain your views but contrary to that, their reports says Malawi is doing well. Tisiye Nsanje amalawi. Ndizowona tikuwufunitsitsa mpandowo koma nthawi yathu sinakwane


Cement from mk6, 000 to mk12, 000.
Ndiye muziti inflation yatsika


Nanga anthu angadye Cement????


So kwaiwe zinthu zili bwino? You must be a dunderhead lomwe who thinks if he has eaten everybody else has


Just argue without mentioning my tribe please? Put your facts leave lhomwe out of this. U think alhomwe onse zawo Zili bwino Kapena ukuona ngati anthu osauka ndi mtundu wako okha? Or u think lhomwe are not worthy leaders?


There is nothing positive that will come from the Tambala Wakuda Party of darkness and killing. We who stay abroad appreciate the way the economy is managed and the inflation rate which has stabilized for long


Doing well what you fool? Do you stay in Malawi and see how stinking and suffering people have become?

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