Mgumano wa Mang’anja na Sena group launched: Mutharika says cultural interaction promotes unity

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has commended the formation of the Ngumano wa Sena na Mangánja cultural grouping saying such groups promote oneness.

President Mutharika congratulates Paramount Chief Lundu

Mutharika made the remarks Saturday when he attended the launch of the Mgumano wa Sena na Mang’anja Cultural Grouping at Paramount Chief Lundu’s Mbewe wa Mitengo Headquarters in Chikwawa District.

In his speech, Mutharika advised the grouping to refrain from various negative cultural beliefs that hinder development and spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

“As much as we appreciate establishment of several cultural groupings in the country, let’s all remember that we are one as Malawians and as we participate in these groupings let’s put development issues forward,” said Mutharika.

Minister of Culture, Civic Education and Community Development Cecilia Chazama commended the president for putting into effect the 2015 National Cultural Policy that has seen a lot of tribes forming their cultural groupings.

Chazama said the cultural groupings promote unity and commended Mgumano wa Mang’anja na Sena for enhancing various developmental activities ranging from food security, education as well as observing self dependency and participation towards development initiatives.

Taking his turn, Mgumano wa Mang’anja na Sena Board of Trustees Chairperson Owen Chomanika said the coming together of the two tribes shows appreciation for cultural diversity and co-existence among tribes.

He thanked the State President and all those that took part in supporting the event.

The launched cultural grouping that involves both Senas and Mang’anjas especially in the twin districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje was established in 2010.

Meanwhile, President Mutharika has called on all Malawians to observe a week of prayer from October 22 regarding the blood sucking rumors that have rocked the southern part of the country.

“The only way to defeat Satan, who could be the source of this, is by calling for God’s intervention so that peace is restored in the country,” said Mutharika adding that after three to four weeks of monitoring what was happening, no tangible results have been found.

Moreover, he said even medical practitioners have not found any evidence regarding the bloodsuckers.

The President said the prayers can be held in various places in the country be it in homes, churches, mosques and any place where people are comfortable.




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Mopiya Mulupare
I am one who has several times protested that the Mang’anja are not the Chewa. And I repeat they are not. I am happy, very happy indeed that Lundu and the Sena have formed their tribal grouping. Woyamilkila is wrong and he got his history wrong too. The Chewa and Mang’anja indeed came from DRC but were not one. The Chewa picked the Mang’anja on their way. As a gesture and for harmonious travel together they established a relationship to cement a bond along their long way to Nyasaland. The Chewa have a tendancy of calling everyone they meet and… Read more »
You Chewas from the Central Region leave us alone. You are arrogant, self-centred, egocentric and you name it. You never consider Nyanjas and Mang’anjas from the Southern Region as part of your tribe in everything you do. Look at you Malawi Chefo committee, it is only full of Chewas from the Central Region. You always look down upon Chief Lungu at every given opportunity. Most of you have publicly declared that he is not a true Chewa chief. When you hold meetings you do not include Mang’anjas and Nyanjas, it is always Chewas from the Central Region. Imagine even considering… Read more »
Kent Y.G. Mphepo
Woyamikila, you are right. Politics has been at the center of most of these things. Actually, politicians from both the ruling and opposition parties tend to influence what happens about the Lundu chieftaincy – God forbid! Like I already said above, political interference dates back to the colonial rule when the whites wanted to divide up the Chewa people so they can easily control them. They actually erased this chieftaincy until 1969 when Dr. Banda restored it and made Lundu Paramount Chief. What you now see the DPP government doing is the same thing. They are trying to separate Lundu… Read more »

Perhaps someone should find out the educational qualifications of all the arrested people and that will throw some light on how to proceed in alleviating such problems in the long term.

Kent Y.G. Mphepo
Countrymen, Lundu was a great nephew of Kalonga Chidzonzi the last one in a series of Great Chewa Kings (Kalongas) who brought the Chewa people from the modern day DRC to Dzalanyama, Lilongwe. Lundu’s mother was Kaphwiti the daughter of Nyangu Sazamanja the senior sister to Kalonga Chidzonzi. From Dzalanyama, Changamire, a brother to Lundu, trecked to Ntcheu up to the 1800s when the Ngonis operating from Domwe in Mozambique pushed them to Mwanza (e.g. Kanduku) and across the Mozambiquan boarder where many of the Changamire stalk are found today. From Dzalanyama Lundu and his brothersTengani and Undi and Mpinganjira… Read more »
Isaac Phiri

Thanks so much Mr Y.G. Mphepo for your historical account. Some of us hated and dropped history as a subject at secondary school and now i very much appreciate its significance.

God help me
I am sure these groupings will only result into increased tribalism in this country rather than unity. Why is it that all of a sudden every tribe wants to preserve their culture? where was all this in the past and what is the motivation amongst these tribal groupings? Instead of having one group called Malawi we are having so many separate groups in the guise of culture preservation or what ever their purposes are… we have lost touch of the meaningful groupings we should be forming to develop our country. I would rather have groups formed with the purpose of… Read more »

Blame MCP and Dr Banda for this.

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