MP calls Minister Fabiano ‘sitting phwii’ amidst Malawi education crisis: ‘Resign!’

Members of Parliament (MPs) from the opposition benches on Tuesday took to task Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr Emmanuel Fabiano for not being in control of the affairs in his ministry as the country is facing education crisis.

Minister of Education Science and Technology Dr.Emmanuel Fabiano: Under fire

Malawi teachers in public primary and secondary schools over leave grants and other issues and there is failure to resolving the dispute over the closure of Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi for six months.

Fabiano is on record telling parliament that the matter is the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development and not Education.

During the parliamentary sitting on Tuesday, Fabiano was not responding to most of the questions by MPs on education, leaving it to Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe to responding.

This sparked an avalanche of criticism from opposition members of Parliament.

“The Minister of Education is sitting phwii,” said a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dedza North West MP Alekeni Menyani.

But deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje ruled the MP “out of order” saying the use of words “sitting phwii” were unparliamentary and asked him to withdraw.

The MP obliged: “I have withdrawn the earlier statement am rephrasing.”

He then said: “Is it in order for Minister of Education to be in active or sitting phee while the Minister of Finance is attempting to help him.”

The opposition legislature told the House that Fabiano was “bust easting a sandwich” and showing no remorse to the education crisis.

“Has he resigned? I f he has resigned let him announce,” he said.

But deputy speaker said “government is collective responsibility” hence the Finance Minister helping Fabiano answer questions.

Salima North-West MP Jessie Kabwila (MMCP), who championed the fight for academic freedom, called for resignation of Fabiano, saying government was failing to resolve the education crisis.

Fabiano, who previously denied responsibility on the impasse of Chanco- where he served as vice chancellor before joining politics – saying it was responsibility of Unima Council, defended himself saying there will be a stakeholders meeting on Friday.

Critics argue that for all his experience and learning, having served in various capacities in the University of Malawi, Fabiano should not have been giving the nation laissez-faire attitude on such a crucial matter requiring serious attention.

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10 thoughts on “MP calls Minister Fabiano ‘sitting phwii’ amidst Malawi education crisis: ‘Resign!’”

  1. KL says:

    Koma ndale zimapusitsadi ndithu. Is this the same brilliant Dr. Fabiano, a renown Chemistry Researcher, who, when Chanco was closed soon after taking a sabbatical from the job of Chanco Principal to do some Cassava chemical research, was deeply saddened and said the he could never have let Chanco close if he was still principal? Mmmmm, how times change!

  2. sazilala mbuno says:

    yet the chansala was in the UK emulating oxford students pocoka kosaina dhilu ya nutrition=chaponda
    agriculture= tractor gate.
    mitu yao ikugwila???????????????? za mapwala ao ife ai. dikani muone.
    150 BILLION= ma personal projects ali kale in place kudikila ndalamazi zikatela.
    KKK body gadi wa madam amatanipo pambali mamuna akulandila plaque? pls musamapange zinthu zoti azingotiseka azungu. mutaona pa … munve ma kape inu. zozionela kuukulu zovuta

  3. kaitano says:

    This is where my beloved mother land is going, everything will be down and gone for ever, This Government should not forget that it is making history about Education in Malawi, believe me, no one from Malawi will be getting any work out side, because Malawi will be on a map of stupid ignorant people because of this Government of to day, i can see our children’s rights has been interrupted through well educated people because their children are out side the country enjoying our sweat. Mr Fabion is saying Ministry of Labor is responsible of this, and the Minister of Labor said, osagwira ntchito asadye and the law must be implemented on that, this is total madness,are we going to make laws because the Government has failed to meet peoples needs? why is it that some laws are good to the people while other people are not good to the laws? Young men and women of to day, take it in your heart that what is happening now with this Government is to make sure that all is belonging to them,[these so called olamula] and i repeat that!!!! ali ndi mwana agwiritse. Education is a key to success and every Malawian has a right to Education. You can hate me the way you want, but this is the truth.
    God bless Malawi.

  4. chembwiye says:

    pamenepa bola asamunda koma izzi ndiye ayi

  5. wakikikiki says:

    zoyamwila izi , abwana anapanga chimozizi ali pa undunawu ,nde mmati afabi angapange chani?

  6. Kamdakoma na Chaleza says:

    It’s unfair to blame minister of education for what’s going on in the ministry of education. Can you not see that the real cause of problems in Malawi (not only in education) is the so-called president of your country? When Goodall was answering questions for education ministry, he was not helping the minister of education – he was helping his boss! Those who voted for this president and this ruling party did Malawi a huge deservice and injustice. Malawi has collapsed totally because of the party governing it and it’s president. If you blame any other element of the ruling clique you’re missing the point; the man at the helm, the man at Sanjika or State House, the man called president is the whole reason for Malawi’s woes-and there’re so may woes wobbling this country to its knees.

  7. alungwana says:

    Iiii koma abale!!! His boss failed and here he is. Failing and failing. Muli a low abwana but time is being wasted here.

  8. ephrahim says:

    We are not learning from history! Why should Fabiano do more then his boss, not to long ago?- Sitting farts!

  9. sam says:

    Primary Schools prematurely closed, Secondary Schools not active, University of malawi’s CHANCO closed. No Public Govt School Operating! Could we confidently say we have a government in Malawi. Or is it the law of the jungle. BOMA ilo lyolyolyo

  10. Stevie Kwada says:

    If the minister is failing to mobilise resources for the construction of a perimeter fence around Chiradzulu Secondary School, can he he afford to sort out issues concerning the whole ministry of education?

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